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The Future of Memory

A mobile powered revolution

2011 MiShow,Inc

In the past memory was for the wealthy




Now the technology is available

But we cant afford the time

to saveto organizeto findto publishto remember

So still we forget

When was I last here?What was I doing?

Or never realize what we have forgotten

And the stories we do save lose meaning

whos that?what year?

where?how old was he?

But in the next 5 years humanity will change how we

save organize find publish remember our life stories

This is the future of memory

It will change how you see your life

You will capture memories every day

Your life beyond the special events

Daily moments make your life special

You will save meaning and context

Jack and Henry playing at home, share in Facebook

10/5/08 2:56 PMHomePeople: Jack, HenryAction: Playing

Jack and Henry playing at home, share in Facebook

You will always have access to your memories

Stored and backed-up in the cloud

Reachable from any web based device

You will find memories with a search

When was I here?

When did I see her?

Who else was there?

Your stories will entertain you every day

in a mobile memory streamas eBooks

In stunning formats

Your memory stream will
change with your context

This day in your history

This place in your life

Your stories will appear in eBooks




Your stories will have meaning and context

Whos Arabella? When did I see her? Wheres Home?

Your stories will be hyperlinked

A LexiconA Whos whoAn Atlas

Your stories will include shared memories contributed by friends and family

Becoming a rich tapestry of interwoven threads

And your memories will weave into their stories

Your memories will arrange themselves to reveal new meaning

Your stories will publish in one click

From your days events

From a search

From your MOBILE

You will see your life in new dimensions

A 15 memory book about Eating reveals the richness of your life

Birthday, Christening, Easter

22 relatives and 4 friends

7 years, all 4 seasons

Food: cake, orange, asparagus, banana

4 restaurants, 3 people's homes

4 states, 6 cities


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