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upsc iod mains question current affairs civil services discussions




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Que. What do you know about TEMPORA program?

Ans=> TEMPORA program-- This petition demands a debate in Parliament to examine the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme. recent revelations about GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme UK citizens are facing the greatest threat to their civil liberties in this country's history. Indiscriminate surveillance is being collected on the populace on a massive scale with no public mandate. if this system is allowed to exist at all at the very least it should have a mandate from both the public and parliament - with external accountability and auditing.

Que. What is Super Moon?

Ans => Super Moon- A super full moon occurs when the moons closest approach to the Earth (lunar perigee) coincides with the phase of full moon. When this happens the moon may seem bigger and brighter.The moon's position furthest away from Earth is called apogee while its closest approach to Earth is referred to as perigee.The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.

Que. What is Smart Mine Field Application and how is it helpful?

Ans => Smart Mine Field Application- Engineers from the Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) have developed a Smart Mine Field application.. Mines are usually placed in several locations at a strategic site and left there for long. Sometimes, owing to rain or for some other reason, their location shift. With the help of this application which proposes to fit all mines used by the Indian Army with radio frequency tags, the detection of the friendly mines will become easier by using a computer or even a tablet. This will be easier than using a metal detector.

Que . What are Kupffer Cells?

Ans=> liver kupffer cell- Kupffer cells are the major macrophage population of the body that has direct contact with the blood. They are found in the vascular sinuses, attached to the outer surface of endothelial cells and together with those cells and fat-forming Ito cells, they form a major non-parenchymal component of the liver. The Kupffer cells would be exposed to toxic components, including bacterial endotoxns, arriving in the portal blood.

Que. What is HEVC?

Ans => - HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding.new video codec will compress video files to half the size possible using the most- efficient current encoding format, MPEG-4.. , HEVC will be used to compress video with 4K resolution and possibly eventually 8K resolution so it can be efficiently delivered.MPEG 2 codec that most cable-TV companies still employ.

Que. What is Tianhe-2?

Ans => Tianhe-2-- world's fastest computer.. can perform 33,860 trillion calculations a second..Tianhe-2 was built by China's National University of Defence Technology in Guangzhou.. packed more than 3.1 billion Intel Xeon E5-2692 cores. It also leverages Intel's many-core Xeon Phi coprocessors to help speed up performance.

Que. What is Citrus Greening?

Ans => Citrus Greening-- Citrus greening, also called Huanglongbing or yellow dragon disease, is one of the more serious diseases of citrus. This bacterial disease is thought to have originated in China in the early 1900s. The disease is primarily spread by two species of psyllid insects. The bacteria itself is not harmful to humans but the disease has harmed trees in asia, africa, brazil etc

Que. Sochi Olympics is a feather in Putin's cap but it may lead to increase in global tensions ...Discuss

Ans => Deterioration of the relation between the world economic giants is the sign of further instilling of tensions in other countries. In my view the grand success of Sochi Olympics really made a position of Russia on Global platform but because of the accession of Crimea, many other countries defended its presentation in game events and further it lead to increase the tension.=> G-8 countries have started sidelining Russia; they are not worried let it be the G-7 itself.They blame Russia for violation of the European treaty and accession of Cremea is at least never been justified.Anti-Russian forces are seeking a high diplomatic ambitions by let Russia down and being maligned in International platform.This act of malignation won't work out if it start getting even a petty of glory.=> The worry of diplomacy here curtails the Sochi Olympic success. Those nations aren't even favouring any kind of effort which highlights Russia in the acts like the meets and favours for an effective diplomacy. Hence, let the Russian Seclusion work-out,Sochi Olympics may be called a part tension-probe diplomacy making the tensions and concerns grow deeper and deeper.=> The main objective of Politics is to rule, while the main objective of Olympics is to Strive together towards getting better. After all, Sports and Politics never mix. Also, the country/venue for the winter Olympics was pre-determined, that has got nothing to do with diplomatic relations with the G-8 summit or the Crimean issue.

Que. Indian Diaspora in Canada ? (5 marks )

Ans => They are the people belongings to Indian descent/culture.They nearly constitute 3.4 %(50% sikhs,30% Hindus and rest others) of total Population of Canada.=> Initial migrants were veteran british soldiers, went there in search of some easy life as it is difficut to survive in India due to heavy taxation system and Zamndari.=> Now they are more developed as compared to localities, their average income is 20% more to national one, technology, mathematics, engg. field are primarily represented by Indians in Universities.=> Also the Govt.,Cabinet support them for their Linguistic,Cultural and Indian Sculptures market.=> Upon attaining the Independence of India in 1947, the immigrants also won the right to vote their, now among the few MP`s in their cabinet

Que. The only power that can stop the Chinese Juggernaut is China itself ...Elaborate

=> china fastest and presently second bigest economy some say it will surpass us in cming decade or so...but not true bcause it is getting internally torn due to corruption curtailing undamental rights, lack of chcks and balances on arbitrary use of power due to one party rule....rural urban hiatus widening.... restricted frredom on land acquisition and child bearing...islamic fundamentalism...water and resourcestarved northern region...so issues of governance r there which may prove serious hurdles in china becoming global hegemonic power

Que. International Criminal Court is White mans burden ....Do u agree??

=> the ICC has no supremacy since it has been established by a treaty and the former tribunals have been ordained by the security council of UN charter. the members of the UN are bound to carry out the decisions of the security council relating to maintenance of international peace and security.=> under the rules of international law,states have to exercise jurisdiction over nationals of the states, if they r widin it territorial jurisdiction. but under the present statute, nationals of third states come wthin the jurisdiction of ICC when they are reffered to it.=> as the US have vehemently opposed ths provision because its nationals can be charged with crimes resulting from forcible interventions abroad or lawful peace keeping operations.we can consider a recent example i.e the commission of war crimes and human rights violations by the US forces in iraq.=> ICC's working criticised by many countries including india and some african countries....a careful look at history of ICC will tell that most of cases being investigated or prosecutions completed relate to africa which have been past colonies of european powers ...and now they want to still hav their influence by prosecuting heads of these states and install governments friendly to themFr that u shud knw what is the so called White Mans burden ...nd is it working in this neo colonial era thru instrument like ICC ...nd put fwd ur pointwhite man's burden - "The supposed or presumed responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to non-white people..

Que. BRICS is a novel intiative but the seeds of failure lies in the idea of BRICKS .....Do u agree ? Comment !

=> BRICS is the global groupng of countries ,, brazil ,, russia ,, india , china and south africa ,, mainly economic... => BRICKS is a proposed inclusion by Goldman Sachs..which includes South Korea as one component .=> Korea wasn't added initially to the BRIC countries because at the time BRIC was formed Korea was considered already developed.=> South Korea is one of the worlds most developed countries and including it in a list of developing countries like BRICS cannot be justified.=> It has very high Human Development Index than most other developed countries. It has a significantly higher Growth Environment Score (Goldman Sachs' way of measuring the long-term sustainability of growth) than all of the BRICS nations=> Also it has a small population size compared to the problems faced due to overpopulation by the BRICS nations. So if South Korea is added to the list then it won't show much interest in the affairs of the functioning of BRICS because most of the problems faced by BRICS countries are not a problem for it.=> Also economists have put forth a new acronym MIST Mexico Indonesia South Korea Turkey. As these countries have similar financial conditions and developmental goals.=> The members of BRICS have approx same economic background hence they understand problems faced by each other but introduction of korea which is a highly developed country will lead to problems as it may try to come up as an elder brother in the group and the problema faced by the rest of the countries would not be a problem for korea