I wonder if we can grow vegetable in2

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  • 1. I wonder if we can grow vegetable in our garden? By Kajin, Hunter and Hayden

2. What vegetables dont we want to grow? 3. What vegetables do we WANT to grow?

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4. Who do we ask? We asked Carl at Palmers Garden World.

  • What vegetables can grow in our garden?
  • We told him the ones we wanted to have.

5. Vegetable that will grow ingarden

  • Carl said. We cant plant things now because it is too cold.This is what we can plant later on: -
  • PumpkinsSeptember
  • potatoesOctober
  • PeanutsNovember
  • TomatoesNovember

6. We found our pictures, cut them out and then took photos of them. Whaea Cathie showed us how to put the pictures onto our power point. Then we shared doing the writing. 7. 8.

  • So we are looking forward to the warmer weather when we can plant out our chosen vegetables!!