Human Security Act of 2007 Protect life, liberty, and property from acts of terrorism. Condemn terrorism as inimical and dangerous to the national security.

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Slide 2 Human Security Act of 2007 Protect life, liberty, and property from acts of terrorism. Condemn terrorism as inimical and dangerous to the national security of the country and to the welfare of the people. Terrorism is a crime against the Filipino people, against humanity, and against the law of nations. NATIONAL POLICY AN ACT TO SECURE THE STATE AND PROTECT OUR PEOPLE FROM TERRORISM Slide 3 STRATEGIES Non-Government/ Industry Sector COUNTER TERRORISM ENTERPRISE VS BEFOREDURINGAFTER ProactiveResponseFollow-On Public-private partnership. Counter terrorism enterprise. Inter-agency coordination. Inter-faith dialogues. Information campaigns. International engagements. Target hardening. Slide 4 remains fully committed to international conventions and initiatives against terrorism U.N. Conventions and Protocols; ACCT/ACPOA on CT participates in endeavors designed to strengthen international cooperation 7 th ASEM Conference on Counter Terrorism ASEAN Regional Forum on Biological Threat Reduction International Workshops of National Counter-Terrorism Focal Points prevent, deter and respond to terrorism in accordance with the UN Charter and international law, with full respect for human rights. Slide 5 Seminar on Securing Remittance and Cross Border Payments from Terrorist Use (Indonesia) Seminar on Protection of Cyberspace from Terrorist Use and Attacks (Korea) Workshop on Aviation Security (Viet Nam) Food Defense Pilot Project (United States) complementary to the Philippine project entitled Capacity-Building Training on Food Safety Risk Communication for APEC Developing Economies Workshop on Detecting and Deterring Cash Couriering and Bulk Cash Smuggling (Australia) Workshop on Regulating the Non-Profit Organization Sector (Australia) CTTF PROJECTS SUPPORTED Slide 6 enhanced international and regional counter-terrorism cooperation through information sharing, tightening of immigration and border control Philippine Border Management and Coast Watch South Project combating terrorist financing and terrorist use of media, particularly the internet. Support to the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) Slide 7 promotion of a culture of peace through inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogues and peace education SNAMMM law enforcement efforts to deny extremist groups from making use of the internet for propaganda, fund-generation and recruitment activities; support for cultural and educational exchanges with prestigious universities in the Middle East that send scholars to the Philippines who encourage moderation in Islam and the renunciation of violence and terrorism. Slide 8 Our dream is a safer and better tomorrow for the next generation. Good day and Mabuhay.


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