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I feel great pleasure for the completion of this project. At the very outset I would express my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to personnel who helped me during the collection of data and gave me rare and valuable guidance for the preparation of this report. I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to my project guide Mr. ANKUR CHAWLA (TERRITORY SALES MANAGER ) for assistance, motivation, and being a continual source of encouragement for me. I am thankful to my project guide Mr. SURENDRE MANKASH for his timely guidance, cooperation and encouragement. I also express my gratitude towards my parents and sincere thanks to my friends, well wishers for their encouragement and kind co-operation to complete this report.


I, SANDEEP SINGH BHATIA of PGDBM (2009-11) studying at IMM (INSTITUTE OF MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT), NEW DELHI, solemnly declare that the project work titled- MARKET RESEARCH ON WATER PURIFIER was carried out by me at HINDUSTAN UNILEVER, in partial fulfillment of the MBA program me. This program me was undertaken as a part of academic curriculum according to the University rules and norms and by no commercial interest and motives.



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PARTICULARS Introduction To Market Research Introduction Key Players in the market Scope of Market Research Introduction To The Company Company Profile Brief about Pureit How To Achieve 100% Manning How to recruit Sources of recruitment How to keep employees happy Comparative Analysis Research & Analysis Sample Questionnaire Graphs & Pie-charts FINDINGS OF THE PROJECT & RECOMMENDATIONS BIBLOGRAPHY

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1 Market Research 1 Introduction:

Usually it is said that if marketing would be a train, then market research would be the locomotive. In other words, market research should ideally be the starting point of any marketing exercise. Conducting any marketing exercise - be it related to pricing, promotion or distribution of a product or service, without researching the potential market is as sensible as setting out to sells and in the Sahara Desert. Market research provides the answers to all the questions that generally occupy the minds of marketers, at every stage of the marketing process.

Growth Trends in Market Research

India, fastest growing market research industry in the world, with growth rates at around 31 % (2006-07). China is a distant second growing at 20 %. The size of the industry if of 595 crore, but the industry is growing rapidly with a lot of business coming from overseas. The business coming from overseas from overseas involves lot of outsourcing as cost advantages are enormous. The processing of data is almost 50% cheaper in India than in developed countries. The outsourcing business amounts to almost for the 8 % industry and this figure is doubling in value every year. Key Players in Market Research Dun Bradstreet (D&B) Information Resource Incorporation NPD Group Information A .C. Nielsen India Pvt. Ltd. Maritz Research NFO Research Incorporation ICMR (Indian Council of Market Research) IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau)

2 Scope of Market Research

Many people think that marketing research is just a consumer survey, asking consumers about certain product or services. Though consumer research is an integral part of marketing research, the latter is quite a pervasive activity, covering the various types of marketing problems that confront the marketing manager. There are various discussion confined to the market research which are as follows. Product Research Sales Research Customer Research Pricing Research Advertising Research



Date of Establishment Revenue Market Cap

Management Details

Business Operation Background


Company Secretary Bankers Auditors

1933 4275.18 ( USD in Millions ) 591452.8929621 ( Rs. in Millions ) Hindustan Lever House,165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai-400020, Maharashtra www.hll.com Chairperson - Harish Manwani MD - Nitin Paranjpe Directors - A Narayan, Ashok K Gupta, C K Prahalad, D S Parekh, D Sundaram, Dhaval Buch, Douglas Baillie, Gopal Vittal, Harish Manwani, Nitin Paranjpe, Pradeep Banerjee, R A Mashelkar, S Ramadorai Household & Personal Products Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is the largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, a leader in home & personal care products and foods & beverages. HUL's brands are spread across 20 distinct consumer categories, touching lives of every 2 out of 3 Indian.It has employee strength over 15000 & 1200 managers. It has created widespread network through its 2000 suppliers & associaties.There 75 Total Income - Rs. 208102.045 Million ( year ending Mar 2009) Net Profit - Rs. 25007.057 Million ( year ending Mar 2009) Ashok K Gupta Lovelock & Lewes

4 Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company. HLL's brands like Lifebuoy, Lux, Surf Excel, Rin, Wheel, Fair & Lovely, Pond's, Sunsilk, Clinic, Pepsodent, Close-up, Lakme, Brooke Bond, Kissan, Knorr-Annapurna, Kwality Wall's are household names across the country and span a host of categories, such as soaps, detergents, personal products, tea, coffee, branded staples, ice cream and culinary products. These products are manufactured over 40 factories across India and the associated operations involve over 2,000 suppliers and associates. Hindustan Lever Limited's distribution network comprises about 4,000 redistribution stockiest, covering 6.3 million retail outlets reaching the entire urban population, and about 250 million rural consumers. HLL is also one of India's largest exporters. It has been recognized as a Golden Super Star Trading House by the Government of India. Presently, HLL has over 16,000 employees including over 1,200 managers. Its mission is to "add vitality to life." The Anglo-Dutch company Unilever owns a majority stake in Hindustan Lever Limited. In the late 19th and early 20th century Unilever used to export its products to India. This process began in 1888 with the export of Sunlight soap, which was followed by Lifebuoy in 1895 and other famous brands like Pears, Lux and Vim soon after. In 1931, Unilever set up its first Indian subsidiary, Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company, followed by Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited (1935). The three companies were merged in November 1956 and the new entity that came into existence after merger was called as Hindustan Lever Limited. HLL offered 10% of its equity to the Indian public, and it was the first among the foreign subsidiaries to do so. Currently, Unilever holds 51.55% equity in the company while the rest of the shareholding is distributed among about 380,000 individual shareholders and financial institutions. Brooke Bond entered Indian market in 1900 and in 1903 it launched Red Label tea in the country. In 1912, Brooke Bond & Co. India Limited was formed. Unilever acquired Brooke Bond through an international acquisition. Similarly, Lipton's link with India date back to 1898. Unilever acquired Lipton in 1972 and in 1977 Lipton Tea (India) Limited was incorporated. Pond's (India) had been in Indian market since 1947. It joined the Unilever ranks through an international acquisition of Chesebrough Pond's USA in 1986.

5 The liberalization of Indian economy in 1991 and subsequent removal of the regulatory framework allowed HLL to explore every single product and opportunity segment, without any constraints on production capacity. The 1990s witnessed a string of crucial mergers, acquisitions and alliances. In 1992, the erstwhile Brooke Bond acquired Kothari General Foods, with significant interests in Instant Coffee. In 1993, it acquired the Kissan business from the UB Group and the Dollops Ice-cream business from Cadbury India. In one of the most talked about events of India's corporate history, the erstwhile Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO) merged with HLL, effective from April 1, 1993. In July 1993, Brooke Bond India and Lipton India merged to form Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited (BBLIL). Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited launched Wall's range of Frozen Desserts in 1994 and by the end of the year, HLL entered into a strategic alliance with the Kwality Ice cream Group families. BBLIL merged with HLL, with effect from January 1, 1996. HLL has also set up a subsidiary in Nepal, Nepal Lever Limited (NLL). The NLL factory manufactures HLL's products like Soaps, Detergents and Personal Products both for the domestic market and exports to India. In January 2000, as part of its divestment strategy, the government decided to award 74 per cent equity in Modern Foods to HLL. In 2002, HLL acquired the government's remaining stake in Modern Foods. In February 2007, the company has been renamed to "Hindustan Unilever Limited" to strike the optimum balance between maintaining the heritage of the Company and the future benefits and synergies of global alignment with the corporate name of "Unilever" .

6 Corporate Purpose Our purpose in unilever is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services which raise the quality of life . Our deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world are our unparalleled inheritance and the foundation for our future growth. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local customers a truly multi-local multinational. Our long term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, to working together effectively and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously. We believe that to succeed requires the highest standards of corporate behavior towards our employes, consumers and the societies and world in which we live. This is unlivers road to sustainable, profitable growth for our business and long term value creation for our shareholders and employees.


BRIEF ABOUT PUREIT Pureit a water purifier designed and developed to provide AS SAFE AS BOILED WATER. PERFORMANCE Pureit removes visible dirt, kills all harmful viruses and bacteria, removes parasites and pesticide impurities giving you water that is AS SAFE AS BOILED WATER.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES -Great sensorial clear, odour-free water: removes organics, pesticides, suspended matter (turbidity). -Anytime, anywhere performance: works -without electricity -without piped water


-Convenience No hassles of boiling, No maintenance Costs like plumbing -Cost Rs.1/- for every 4 Liters of water. The Technology - Chlorination of water is a known fact and is used as a worldwide phenomenon by municipal corporations for supply of potable water. - It kills all bacteria and viruses in water.

Pureit is a water purifier made by Hindustan Unilever. It is sold in India. Pureit is claimed to meet the E.P.A. germ kill criteria but it has not been substantiated whether actual EPA Guide Protocol has been used. There are doubts whether PureIt actually meets the germ kill critria under the actual EPA Guide Protocol. Moreover, during a legal battle in Mumbai High Court in 2009, some evidence was presented that the chlorine tablet used in PureIt is not approved by EPA (under EPA Registration requirements for chemical disinfectants under United States FIFRA laws) for in-home water purifiers, and therefore, the use of 'EPA' in PureIt's marketing literature was argued to be misleading. EPA registration requires proving that the chemical poses no risks to public, animal or aquatic life in the proposed end-use format, such as an in-home water purifier like PureIt. No further information is available as the case was settled out of court


Purification Mechanism A Pureit consists of four stages of purification: a MICRO FIBRE MESH'(MFM), a COMPACT CARBON TRAP (CCT), a 'GERM KILL PROCESSOR'(Chlorine cartridge) and a POLISHER. The microfibre mesh is a sieve, which filters out visible dirt. The compact carbon trap removes parasites and pesticides. The germ kill processor which contains a form of chlorine, which removes bacterial and viral content. The polisher improves smell and clarity of water and removes the residual form of chlorine from the water. Hindustan Unilever collectively calls these parts the germkill battery kit or the battery Pureit form and specifications Pureit is a self-contained water purifier. It has dimensions (H X W X D) of 61 X 29 X 26 cm, and weighs 4.1 kg. The Germkill battery kit purifies 1,500 litres of water at 25 C in moderately humid conditions. Its expiry date is 2 years from manufacture and comes with an end of life indicator. The plastic parts and the Germkill battery kit are made using food safe, nontoxic, engineering-grade materials.


History Pureit was initially launched by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. in the southern Indian city of Chennai in 2005. The brand was rolled out across India in phases, with full national presence having been established in the first half of 2008. Claims Pureit claims complete protection from water-borne diseases caused by germs. Pureit claims to be 'As Safe As Boiled Water'. This is also their tag line. Pureit website claims it meets E.P.A. germ kill criteria, though it has not been adequately substantiated. Institutions that have tested Pureit Pureit has been tested by numerous institutions around the globe. Medical institutions SRL Ranbaxy Clinical Reference Laboratories, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Apollo Hospitals


Scientific institutions Indian Public Health Association, Kolkata. Institute of Public Health Engineers, Kolkata. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata. Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Karnataka. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. International institutions London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Laboratory, Glasgow, UK.

12 How To Achieve 100% Manning In Hindustan Unilever (Pure It)



What Is Recruitment? Or How Hindustan Uni Le ver Will Employee Its Sales Force?

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm. For some components of the recruitment process, mid- and large-size organizations often retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the process to recruitment agencies.

The recruitment industry has five main types of agencies: employment agencies, recruitment websites and job search engines, "headhunters" for executive and professional recruitment, niche agencies which specialize in a particular area of staffing and in-house recruitment. The stages in recruitment include sourcing candidates by advertising or other methods, and screening and selecting potential candidates using tests or interviews.


What Are The Sources From Which The Company Can Recruit Their Potential Sales Force?

Some Schemes Organised By Hindustan Unilever For Achieving 100% Manning And Employee Satisfaction

Sambandh Programme By Pure It1. Earn Rs 1000/- for referring a friend 2. No limit on referral number 3. Both the referring depute and referred depute has to be active .

15 4. All PWE are eligible for this reward 5. Rs 500 on selection of every referral

Following Are the Certain Measures As Per My Finding That Company Can Undertake To Achieve Their Objective

In light of todays economic landscape, its more important than ever for companies to have happy and productive employees. When employees are loyal and engaged in the company, profits are higher. Conversely, when people feel unmotivated or undervalued, the company suffers. Additionally, studies show that engaged employees miss less work, perform better, and are more supportive of changes and willing to make them happen. But keeping employees happy in any economy is hard work. Why? Because happiness is, primarily, an inside job. In other words, happiness comes from within a person. However, friends, family and employment can add to or detract from someones happiness level. So if the workplace is stressful and/or painful things are happening, such as back-stabbing and gossiping, employees production goes down.

16 Happy employees are also satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. They like themselves and what they do, and they find satisfaction from their work a sense that what they do is important and meaningful. Such feelings reduce stress, which is a major factor of productivity. In order to make your workplace one where happiness and productivity thrive, consider the following guidelines. Be a good employer: A good employer is one who sets clear expectations to employees, including what is to be done, when it is to be done by, and where it goes after they complete their responsibilities. Within these expectations, you need to set clear boundaries demonstrate healthy leadership and provide sound direction. This means spelling out rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. While you can usually accomplish this by creating a comprehensive employee manual, a good employer or manager will also use the personal touch by talking with employees in group and one-on-one settings. Whatever expectations you set, make sure they are consistent with all employees. Include such things as clocking in early, break times, lunch hours, etc. For example, is it acceptable to clock in early and leave work early? Are breaks mandatory? Will an employee be docked if they consistently take too long for lunch? The more issues and expectations you outline, the fewer problems arise, which leads to productive workers. Help employees to feel valued: Be encouraging to your employees and offer praise when appropriate. Thank employees for doing a good job and let them know that you value them. Should something go wrong or someone makes a mistake, dont punish the person. Rather, talk to the person; teach the correct procedures, and offer encouragement and further teaching when needed. Remember that punishing people only makes things worse in that the employee may become angry and bitter and may want to sabotage their work to get back at the company. If errors continue after correction, then you may need to evaluate that person to make sure he or she is a good fit for the job. As an employer, you have an excellent opportunity to make a difference in your employees lives. This may mean a smile, asking how their family is, or asking about their interests or problems. If you sense that someone is depressed, help that person get the necessary resources, as employees with depression have higher absenteeism, increased health problems, and

17 decreased performance. Remember that we are all humans working together to get through life. We need to care about each other to get the best results.

Create a productive atmosphere: The physical layout of the office is important to maximizing productivity. People need enough room to work, the correct supplies/materials, and a comfortable and pleasant environment. Make sure all equipment is designed ergonomically so that it positively motivates workers by helping them with their needs to do the work. Ecotherapy is another element of a productive environment. Some factors of ecotherapy include:y

Make sure the environment has live green plants. People feel better about themselves, their jobs, and the work they perform when they feel a connection to nature around them. In fact, workers who are near plants or windows report significantly higher job, boss, and co-worker satisfaction than those without. They also report being happier. If live plants are not an option, pictures or murals of outdoor scenes have some benefit. Give employees healthy air to breathe. Indoor air pollution is a serious problem in buildings. Change air filters regularly, and if appropriate, allow employees to keep their windows open. Utilize real sunlight when possible. If offices or workspaces dont have window access, install full spectrum or plant light bulbs in all fixtures, including overhead florescent lights. Offer healthy food choices in the cafeteria or break room. Healthy food helps people think better, improves mood, and increases energy levels. Do a healthy food challenge at work to encourage people to eat better. Also, have a restaurant bring in healthy food occasionally for a catered lunch. Allow employees to personalize their work space, within reason. We all need a place to call our own. Make the workplace family friendly. Life balance is a major stressor for people. Therefore, allow workers to take time off for school events or to stay home with mildly ill children without using sick or vacation days. If possible, offer child care near or on premise. Research has shown the employer can subsidize the care because it saves so much






18 money from decreased absenteeism. Offer 13 weeks of maternity leave and also some paternity leave, and have elder care resources and referral services and/or dependent care assistance plans in place.

Get people involved: Create a comprehensive employee manual that is clear and simply written. In it include procedures for handling every imaginable scenario, including family emergencies. Ask employees for their ideas for the manual so they feel a sense of ownership with the company. Additionally, help employees feel involved by having regular meetings where everyone can voice their opinions and concerns. This has an added benefit in that the company can gain valuable information about products and concerns that will hurt the bottom line. Also, host special employee events where the family can be involved, such as picnics, fairs, workshops, etc. The more sense of family you can create, the more productive people will be. Finally, have a designated charity where people can donate both money and time. This helps each person to see the larger picture. Research indicates that people feel better and have better lives when they volunteer. It also helps the companys bottom line by increasing employees performance and demonstrating to the community that the company cares. Keep Em Happy; Keep Em Working: When workers feel that they are a dynamic and essential part of the team, they are more productive and willing to go the extra mile for their customers and co-workers. Therefore, give praise openly, set goals appropriate to the work, and always take your employees needs seriously. By respecting and listening to your staff, youll be giving them the motivational push they need to stay loyal and committed to the companys goals. And when you have a happy and productive workforce that is eager to contribute, your company can weather any economic storm




IMAGE MODEL PRICE MACHINE FEATURES Type of Water Purifier Storage Capacity (Litres) METHODS OF PURIFICATION Purification Stages Pre-Filter Purification Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Candle-Filter Purification Ultra-Violet Purification Reverse Osmosis Other Methods MAKE AND PHYSICAL FEATURES Material of Body Colours Available POWER REQUIREMENT Power Required Power Consumption (Overall) (Watts) Power Consumption (UV Lamp) (Watts DIMENSIONS Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Kgs) AFTER SALES SERVICE Warranty Period (Years) Help line no Turnaround Time Charges 302 302 540 3.2 / 1Yr 39883333 24-48 hrs If out of warranty Lifetime 9223600600 24 hrs flat No charges 290 260 610 6.1 N-A N-A N-A N-A N-A N-A ABS Plastic White-Blue Foodgrade ABS Plastic Royal Blue Burgandy 4 Yes Yes No No No Active Disinfectant / Special Carbon 4 Yes Yes No No No Germkill Processor and Unique Polisher Storage 13 ltrs Storage 18 ltrs AQUASURE Rs 2990/PURE-IT Rs 2000/-


MARKET RESEARCH QUESTIONARE OBJECTIVE: To do a in-depth survey of water purifiers available in the market and to arm you with the information with which you can select the best water purifier device suitable for your home. 1. Do you use any kind of water purifier at home? o Yes o No 2. If yes, which purifier do you use? o Aquaguard or Aquasure o Pureit o Kent water purifier o Philips o Whirlpool pura fresh o others 3. Does your water purifier give as safe as boiled water? o Yes o No o Dont Know 4. Does the water purifier ensure that water is not wasted while purifying? o Yes o No o Dont know 5. Does it remove pesticide impurities from drinking water? o Yes o No o Dont know 6. Does your water purifier consume more electricity? o Less than 25 watts o More than 25 watts o Dont know

21 7. How frequently do you need to change the candle in your purifier ? o Once every year o Twice every year o More than mentioned 8. Does your purifier provide facility to drain out stagnant water? o Yes o No o Cant say 9. Does the water after purification taste good, is odorless, and looks clear? o Yes o No o Dont know 10. What technique does your water purifier uses? o Ultra violet (UV) o Reverse Osmosis (RO) o E-boiling 11. What price do you think is appropriate for a water purifier? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? o Yes o No o Exceptional 13. Does your water purifier comes with warranty if yes how much? o One Year o Three Year o More than above 14. Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purifiers? o Road shows(Kiosk) o TV Commercial o Visual Merchandising o Direct Marketing

22 15. Where do you prefer to buy a water purifier from? o Retail Outlets o Franchisee dealers o Direct Marketing (Doorstep) 16. While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? o Price o Health o Both Price & Health

Name: Age : Sex:M/F Address: Occupation: Contact No (R): (O): (Mob):


Do you use any kind of water purifier at home? o Yes o No

Number of people using water purifieryes no




24 If yes, which purifier do you use? o Aquaguard or Aquasure o Pureit o Kent water purifier o Philips o Whirlpool pura fresh o Others

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Aquaguard or Aquasure Pureit Kent Water Purifier Philips Whirlpool others

Does the water purifier ensure that water is not wasted while purifying? o Yes o No o Dont know

25Yes No Don't Know


50% 45%

Does your water purifier consume more electricity? o Less than 25 watts o More than 25 watts o Dont know

Less than 25 watts More than 25 watts Don't Know

26 How frequently do you need to change the candle in your purifier? o 3 months o 6months o Once in a year o More than a year

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 3Months 6 Months Once in Year More than year Pure-It Aquasure

Comment on the price of your water purifier? y Affordable y High y Should be Revised


Should be Revised 9%

Affordable 20%

High 71%


27 Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? o Yes o No o Exceptional

After Sale ServiceExceptional 10%

Yes 35%

No 55%


Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purifiers? o Road shows(Kiosk) o TV Commercial o Visual Merchandising o Direct Marketing


Marketing ActivityDirect Marketing 18% Visual Merchandising 7% TV Commercial 60% Road Shows(Kiosk) 15%

. Where do you prefer to buy a water purifier from? o Retail Outlets o Franchisee dealers o Direct Marketing (Doorstep)

Preffered Buying Place

Direct Marketing 45%

Retail Outlet 25%

Franchisee dealers 30%

. While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? o Price o Health & Safety o Both


Buying PreferencePrice 25% Both Price & Health 35%

Health 40%


30 HINDUSTAN UNI LEVER PURE IT QUESIONAIRRE Consumer Perceptual Mapping Name:- _________________________ Address: _________________________ _________________________ Q1. Do you own any HUL product ? Q2. Have you heard about pureit? Q3. Where you did heard about the product? ( ) TV commercial ( ) Newspaper print ads ( ) In shop branding ( ) Friends references ( ) Walk in shop

Q4. Criteria considered for Purchase? ( ) Price ( ) Technology ( ) Aesthetics ( ) Brand name Q5. How often do you use the product? ( ) Daily ( ) 3 times a week ( ) Once a week ( ) One a month Q6.Overall how satisfied is you with the product? ( ) Very satisfied ( ) Somewhat satisfied ( ) Unsatisfied.

31 Q7. How will you rate our product Compared to other products of (Philips, Kent, aquasure? ( ) Much better ( ) Better ( ) Same ( ) Worst. Q8. Will you recommend the product? ( ) Yes ( ) NO

Q9. How satisfied are you with customer service received? ( ) Very Satisfied ( ) Satisfied ( ) Neutral ( ) Dis satisfied ( ) Very dissatisfied. Q10. Would you like to be update by pureit by ( ) New Product ( ) Health, Hygiene & Safety Periodicals Q11. Suggestions on ( ) Product Design ( ) Technology ( ) Service ( ) Pricing.

SURVEY DONE ON SAMPLE SIZE OF 100 PEOPLE Only the results necessary for the survey are tabulated

32 Do you own any PURE IT (If yes, Which Product)

PureitYes 30%

No 70%

. Where you did heard about the product? ( ( ( ( ( ) TV commercial ) Newspaper print ads ) Doctor Clinics ) Friends references ) Walk in shop


15% 10% 10% 5%

TV Commercial Newspaper Print Doctor Clinic's Ads

Friend 's References

Walk in shops


33 Q.Criteria considered for Purchase? ( ) Price ( ) Technology ( ) Aesthetics ( ) Brand name

What Is important?Price Technology Aesthetics Brand Name


40% 5%



How will you rate our product Compared to other products of (Philips, Kent, aquasure? ( ) Much better ( ) Better ( ) Same ( ) Worst.


RatingWorst(Service) 10% Much Better 15%

Same 35%

Better 40%


How satisfied are you with customer service received? ( ) Very Satisfied ( ) Satisfied ( ) Neutral ( ) Dis satisfied ( ) Very dissatisfied.

Customer ServiesVery Dissatisfied Very Satisfied 5% 5%

Dis Satified 30%

Satisfied 25%

Neutral 35%



As per the survey done following were the findings and recommendations of the survey: Price structure should be revised Customer service is something which company should pay more attention at. All models not available for display in retail outlets and also brouchores should be made available. After Sales service is poor , company need to improve in that area. Company should focus more on brand awareness. Company outlet should be more merchandized, there should be more branding in company outlet. Not to sell Marvella with M05 and Autofile with same sales executive. Companys R&D need to developed a product which even purifies the salt water and make fit for drinking. Make Sales team more presentable add some English spoken PWE. Make some well known face as Brand Ambasdor for pureit.

36 BIBLIOGRAPHY www.pureit.in www.eurekaforbes.com www.customercomplaint.in www.golakindia.com www.icmrindia.org www.compareindia.com Book Reffered : Philip Kotler