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Condensing Gas Water Heating SystemCOMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL HEATERConNX

Input 200 to 800,000 BTU/H Easy use touch screen display Stainless steel heat exchanger Floor or wall mount 8:1 Turndown ratio Cascading option available

Hubbell NX96%Thermal Efficiency96%Thermal Efficiency

The Hubbell NX is a heavy-duty, fully condensing commercial gas water heater coupled with a long lasting cement lined Hubbell storage tank. The Hubbell design achieves a thermal efficiency rating of 96% and isavailable with inputs ranging from 200 800 MBH. The NX series integrates the best of both worlds by combining a high efficiency, high recovery gas water heater with a properly sized cement lined storage tank, reducing energy consumption, short-cycling, and stand-by heat loss.



Hubbell Heater Company | P: 203.378.2659 | F: 203.378.3593 | www.hubbellheaters.com1


Typical NX ConfigurationHigh efficiency gas fired water heater coupled with a Hydrastone cementlined storage tank.

BTU input from 200 to 800 MBH 316L stainless steel heat exchanger Up to 8:1 turndown Numerous venting options BMS integration via open communication protocol Minimal storage required Feature rich interface using touch panel

controller Scale reducing design ASME stamped


Typical NX ConfigurationHigh efficiency gas fired water heater coupled with a Hydrastone cementlined storage tank

Example Shown:Model NX 800,000 BTU shown plumbed to a Hubbell 160 gallon Hydrastone lined storage tank.

Thermal EfficiencySustains initial thermal

efficiency over life span of heater




Low pressure drop

Cascadable up to 8 NX water heatersfor up to 6.4 million BTUs

Innovative floor or tank mountconfiguration provides exceptionalaccess to all components

Increased serviceability Offers the flexibility of multiple BTU

inputs and unlimited storageconfigurations

Hubbell Heater Company | P.O. Box 288 Stratford, CT 06615 | P: 203-378-2659 | 2

How It Works

Advanced Digital Control System 7" color touch screen display Unmatched levels of software

features & customization Three configurable pump outputs User-friendly diagnostic &

troubleshooting functions

ASME Stamped Heat Exchanger withFully Modulating Burner and 8:1 Turndown Input up to 2 kW (8 MBtu/h) Sealed combustion technology ASME certified 316L stainless steel

heat exchanger Modular or cascading options available

Water Re-circulation Pump High capacity output Low power consumption Quiet operation

Hydrastone Lined TankA seamless 1/2" thick cement liningis impervious to adverse water conditionsand is proven to be the most effectivemethod of preventing tank failure due to corrosion.

Polyurethane Foam InsulationExceeds the requirements ofANSI/ASHRAE standards forenergy efficiency and heat loss.

Venting Options NX 200, 300 & 400

venting (Top) NX 500, 600,700 & 800

venting (Back)

The Hubbell NX gas water heating system offers a state-of-the-art modulating combustion system with innovative floor andwall-mount configurations, providing exceptional access to all components. The NX can be integrated with Hubbells long lasting cement lined storage tank, giving you a product built for demanding commercial/industrial applications. The NX advanced digital control system and spark ignition with dual electrodes and high-output transformer, provides unparalleled ignitions. Hubbells 316L stainless steel, ASME certified heat exchanger with fully modulating burner is integrated into a high-quality cabinet with corrosion resistant clear coat finish, making the Hubbell NX best in class.

Hot Water Outlet

Model NX Standard Features

Model NX Optional Equipment




High efficiency burner

Category 4 venting(PVC, Polypropylene)

Sealed combustion

Alarm contacts

Flow switch (Models NX500-800)

Field convertible to Propane 200 to 500 MBH Warranty: 5 Year NX / 10 Year Hubbell Hydrastone Storage Tank

Integrally mounted storage tank (specify Model NXT)

BMS communication interface

Fully packaged system (with pumps and skid base)

Wall mounting (available up to 400 MBH)

Flow switch (Models NX200-400)

Heater to tank circulating pump (ship loose)

Air inlet filter kit

Fully modulating up to 8:1 turn down

Color touch screen

Up to 8 units cascading

Gas pressure required 4 -10 W.C.

Optional Equipment

Hubbell Heater Company | P.O. Box 288 Stratford, CT 06615 | P: 203-378-2659 | www.hubbellheaters.com3



A Cabinet Width (inches) 17"

B Cabinet Height (inches) 29.5" 36" 43" 37"

C Cabinet Depth (inches) 18.5" 21.5" 24" 32.5" 47.5" 63.5"

Minimum Pump GPM 16 24 32 40 48 56 64

Restriction Head Loss @ Min Flow 16 16 20 25 23 19 25

Recovery Rating @ 100 RiseF (GPH) 229 317 460 576 691 806 922

Operating Weight (lbs) 125 180 225 320 380 475

Mounting Options Wall or Floor Mount Floor Mount Only

Minimum Storage Tank Required (gallons) 40 60 80 100 120 140 160

Notes: 1. Listed input and output ratings are at minimum vent lengths at sea level. Numbers will be lower with longer venting and/or altitudes greater than 2000 feet. 2. Based on standard test procedures prescribed by the U.S. Department of Energy Electrical rating 120V/ Phase / 60Hz / 12A



Hubbell Heater Company | P.O. Box 288 Stratford, CT 06615 | P: 203-378-2659 | 4

Overall Dimensions-Storage TanksActual StorageCapacity (Gallons)

40 65 80 120 160 200 250 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1250

Vertical Dimensions(Inches) A

20 26 28 28 30 34 40 40 46 52 52 52 52 52 52 58

Vertical Dimensions(Inches) B

59 28 55 75 81 82 74 88 85 82 95 107 119 132 145 149

Inlet Outlet Sizing (NPT) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Approx. ShippingWeight (Lbs.)

240 310 700 900 1250 1700 1820 2180 2700 3225 3650 4000 4300 4800 5200 5600

Note: All dimensions are approximate and subject to change. Please reference the submittal drawing for actual dimensions. The tank selections above areshown for convenience. A full selection of storage capacities is available.



Hubbell Cement Lined Storage Tank

Storage Tank Options

Hubbell storage tank water heaters incorporate a variety of features not found with other conventional tanks, making them better suited to resist the highly corrosive effects of hot water. Our superior storage vessels can be customized for any application, water type, or area classification. They are manufactured with a specially formulated and protective Hydrastone cement lining, along with non-ferrous threaded tank openings. These combined elements ensure a reliable source of hot water from a storage tank that is built to last.

ASME and Non-ASME Storage Tanks6 - 5000 Gallon Capacity

Hubbell Heater Company | P.O. Box 288 Stratford, CT 06615 | P: 203-378-2659 | www.hubbellheaters.com5

Cold Water In

Cold Water In

Hot Water Out

Hot Water Out

Recirculation Return (Optional)

Recirculation Return (Optional)

Back Flow Preventer(Per Local Codes)

Back Flow Preventer (Per Local Codes)




Circulating Pump

Mixing Valve (Optional)

NX Series Gas Water Heater

NX Series Gas Water Heater

Cement Lined Storage Tank

Cement Lined Storage Tank

Mixing Valve (Optional)

Two(2) Hubbell NX water heaters piped to a single Hubbell Hydrastone cementlined hot water storage tank. Up to eight(8) water heaters can be piped in common. Please consult chart on page 2 for minimum storage requirements.

Two(2) Hubbell NX water heaters piped to two(2) Hubbell Hydrastone cement lined hot water storage tanks. Up to eight(8) water heaters can be piped in common and any number domestic hot water storage tanks may be utilized. Please consult chart on page 2 for minimum storage requirements.

NX Piping Layouts

The Hubbell NX can be configured in several ways, making it the perfect water heater for any application. The NX can be manifolded with up to eight units or 6.4 million BTUs, and can be offered as a complete turn key system, including pumps, storage tank(s) and pre-piped manifold. It can also be sold as heater ONLY to replace an existing heater. The graphic below demonstrates our most common configurations, although Hubbell can design and build a system to meet nearly any footprint or demand requirement. Hubbell has been supplying packaged systems for over 50 years and would love the opportunity to assist in designing the perfect packaged system for your next water heating application.

Model NXTStand Alone System

The Hubbell NXT is a complete stand alone package assembled at the factory and ready for systemintegration and installation.

Skid-Based System

Package SystemTurn-Key System



The Hubbell NX skid based system is ready to plumb to exsiting storage tanks, including piping and pump systems.

The Hubbell integrated system is a complete turn-keypackage that includes our Hydrastone cement