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HSE Specification - HSE Training

Petroleum Development Oman LLC

Revision: 2.4

November 2015

Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.

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Health, Safety and Environment Specification

HSE Training

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November 2015




HSE, Training, Courses

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February 2012

Ian Bowen

Corporate Adviser, HSE Training & Competence

Minor typographical amendments on Pages 11, 62, 64,66, 112, 169 and 186


January 2015

Abdulla Al Brumy

Corporate HSE Learning Lead

Revised pre-requisites for Level 1 & 2 Courses


August 2015

Abdulla Al Brumy

Corporate HSE Learning Lead

Revised the learning ladder, added course creation and amended it to reflect the new HSE training courses

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August 2015

Abdulla Al Brumy

Corporate HSE Learning Lead

Corrections including removal of all scaffolding courses as Scaffolding competency is covered in SP1257


November 2015

Abdulla Al Brumy

Corporate HSE Learning Lead

Inclusion of new HSE Leadership Courses

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PR 1172 Part II

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1.0 Introduction7

1.1Purpose and Ohbjectives7

1.2Scope and Applicability7

1.3Review and Improvement7


2.0Compliance Requirements8


2.2Attendance Classification8

2.3Competency and Course Levels8

2.4Course Delegate categories9

2.5 Creation and Revision of HSE Courses....................................................................................................11

2.6HSE Competency Process11

15Appendix A Level 1 HSE Training Courses and Assessments.

(ORTNS) HSE ORIENTATION course for Non Supervisory Staff15

(ORTS) HSE ORIENTATION course for Supervisory Staff17

(H2S) H2S Awareness and Escape course18

(H2SR) H2S Awareness and Escape scheduled Recertification20

(SCBA) Self-contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Rescue course22

(SCBAR) SCBA & Confined Space Rescue scheduled Recertification24

(AHAF) AHA Heartsaver 1st Aid, CPR & AED Foundation course26

(AHAR) AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED scheduled Recertification28

(FLOP) Forklift Truck Operator course30

(FLOPR) Forklift Truck Operator scheduled Reassessment32

(HIAB) Self-Loader Crane Operator course33

(HIABR) Self-Loader Crane Operator scheduled Reassessment35

(MCOP) Mobile Crane Operator course37

(MCOPR) Mobile Crane Operator scheduled Reassessment39

(MEWP) Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operator Course41

(MEWPR) Mobile Elevating Work Platform operator, scheduled Reassessment43

(OTCO) Overhead Travelling Crane Operator course45

(OTCOR) Overhead Travelling Crane Operator scheduled Reassessment47

(RNB) Riggers and Banksman course49

(RNBR) Riggers and Banksman scheduled Reassessment51

(SBTO) Side Boom Tractor Operator course53

(SBTOR) Side Boom Tractor Operator scheduled Reassessment55

(CHA) Chemical Hazard DEALING WITH THE RISK course57

(CHAR) Chemical Hazard DEALING WITH THE RISK course reassessment59

(EA) Environmental AWARENESS COurse61

(FW) Fire Warden course62

(HRA) Health Risk Assessment course63

(NORMA) Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Awareness course64

Appendix B Level 2 HSE Courses and Assessments65

(AGT) Authorised Gas Tester course65

(AGTR) Authorised Gas Tester scheduled Recertification68

(HII) HSE Incident Investigation course70

(PSO) Process Safety YOUR ROLE TO PLAY course72

(PTWH) Permit to Work Holders course74

(PTWHR) Permit to Work Holders scheduled Recertification76

(PTWS) Permit to Work Signatories course78

(PTWSR) Permit to Work Signatories scheduled Recertification80

(PTWA) Permit to Work Auditors course82

(PTWAR) Permit to Work Auditors scheduled Recertification83

(HSELFS) HSE Leadership for Front line supervisors84

(HSELFSR) HSE Leadership refresher for front line supervisors85

(HSELM) HSE Leadership for non front line supervisors and managers86

(HSELMR) HSE Leadership refresher for non fron tline supervisors and managers87

(HSELPDOC) HSE Leadership Pdo Coastal management88

(SLE) Safety Leadership for Executives89

(SLOT) Supervisor Lifting Operations Training course90

(CHAS)Chemical handling for Supervisors91

(NORMS) Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material for Supervisors course93

(NORMSR) NORM for Supervisors scheduled Reassessment95

Appendix c Level 3 HSE courses97

(IOSHM) IOSH Managing Safely course97

(NEBCCS) NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction health & safety course98

(NEBEMC) Level 3 NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management course100

(NEBEMD) Level 5 NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management course102

(NEBHSA) NEBOSH Health & Safety at work qualification course104

(NEBHSC) NEBOSH International Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health course106

108(NEBHSD) Level 6 NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health course

110(NEBHW ) NEBOSH Certificate in Management of Health & Well-being at work course

111(NEBTOGS) NEBOSH International Tech. Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety course

113(NVQ3LDA) NVQ Level 3 Award in Learning & Development

114(NVQ3LDC) NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Learning & Development

115(NVQ3OSH) NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Safety & Health

(NVQ3VAA) NVQ Level 3 Vocational Assessor Award117

(NVQ4LDD) NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Learning & Development119

(NVQ4VAC) NVQ Level 4 Vocational Assessor Certificate course120

(NVQ5HSD) NVQ Level 5 Diploma in occupational health & safety121

(TPB) Tripod Beta Practitioner123

Appendix d - Defensive Driving (HSE) Courses and Assessments124

(DD01) Defensive Driving, Light Vehicles, Blacktop Roads124

(DD02) Defensive Driving, Heavy Vehicles, Blacktop Roads126

(DD03) Defensive Driving, Graded Roads128

(DD04) Defensive Driving, Bulk Tankers, Light & Heavy course130

(DD05) Defensive Driving, Buses, Light & Heavy course132

(DD06) Defensive Driving, Recertification134

(DD07) Defensive Driving, PDO staff families, blacktop roads137

(DD08) Defensive Driving, Ambulance Drivers139

(DD09) Defensive Driving, F&RS Emergency Vehicle driver141

(SJM) Safe Journey Manager course143

(SJMR) Safe Journey Manager scheduled Reassessment145

Appendix E Technical References- Courses and Assessments in SP 1157147

Table A1 Company Reference documents147

Table A2 Publicly Available Reference documents150



1.1Purpose and Objectives

PDO needs to ensure its entire wo