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How YOU can make a difference. Recycling Electronics. Stacy Anagnostopoulos. Why recycle your electronics?. Because if you dont this is what will happen. Prevent land from becoming a landfill. Limited amount of landfill space left. Computers Laptops Printers Televisions Radios - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>How YOU can make a differenceStacy AnagnostopoulosRecycling Electronics</p> <p>Most people do not realize how important it is to recycle their old electronics. Rather than irresponsibly throwing out your old computers, it is better to understand how easy it is to recycle them. For my Sustainability project I have researched ways of recycling old and used electronics.1Why recycle your electronics?Because if you dont this is what will happen</p> <p>Instead of throwing out your used electronics and having them end up in a landfill, consider all of your other options before taking the easy way out. The responsible way of getting rid of your old computers, cell phones, IPods and other electronics is by recycling or donating them.2Prevent land from becoming a landfillLimited amount of landfill space left</p> <p>Prevent land from becoming a landfillMany places on the planet are running out of landfill spaceIn 1987, Mobro, a barge carrying more than 3,000 tons of garbage, became a symbol of scarce landfill when it hauled trash up and down the east coast of North America from New York to Belize for several months looking for a place to offload its trash. If people do not start recycling more, the amount of land on our planet will continue to decrease.</p> <p>At this rate, more and more natural lands are turning into landfills. Before we know it there will not be enough land to even hold the about of garbage disposed every day. This is the time to take action and realize the consequences of not recycling. 3What to do with your old:</p> <p>ComputersLaptopsPrintersTelevisionsRadiosClocksCellphonesIpodsEtc.</p> <p>You can reuse, donate or RECYCLE them! Recycling saves energy! </p> <p>Recycling saves natural resources! Recycling saves money! </p> <p>I will be one to admit that I did not know much about recycling electronics before this project. Now that I have a better understanding, I know how important it is to not throw out these materials in an irresponsible way. 4Great Recycling Opportunity!SUNY Fredonia is holding its second annual Earth Week Campus and Community Household Electronic Recycling Day!</p> <p>Date: Saturday, April 25th 2010Time: 9am to 1pmLocation: Chautauqua County Fair Grounds</p> <p>This is a great chance for members of the Fredonia community and Fredonia students and faculty to actively take part in Green week. This is a event run by the university and it is free of charge. There will be volunteers to assist people take there used electronic items from their cars. Last year, this event was a huge success! More than 29,000 pounds of materials were collected.5Recycle your Dell for FREE!Dell customers can bring their used PCs and electronics to any Staples store</p> <p>1,500 Staples stored in the United States!</p> <p>Drop off at the customer service desk</p> <p>Free for Dell customers, $10 fee for anyone else</p> <p>FedEx can come to your home and pick up your used electronics for you </p> <p>Dell has partnered with Staples so now all Dell customers have the option of bringing there old computer, printer, monitor and other electrical devices to any of the 1,500 Staples store located in the United States. The best part is that this process is completely free for Dell customers and very easy to do. At your local Staples store you may drop off your old electronics at the customer service desk. For anyone wants to recycle an electronic of another brand besides Dell, there is a $10 per piece recycling fee. Dell has also partnered with FedEx. If it there is not a Staples store located near you, another option for Dell consumers is to have FedEx come and pick up your used electronics at your own home for no charge.6How you can donate your old computersThe National Christina Foundation (NCF)A computer recycling charityProvides people with disabilities and financial problem with a computerVisit the National Christina Foundation website to donate your used PC online</p> <p>Another option is to donate your used computers to the National Christina Foundation. Dell has also partnered with the National Christina Foundation (NCF). The organization accepts used computers dropped off at any local NCF location. The NCF provides computers to non profit organizations and school all over the United States. These computers are given to people with disabilities and financial problems. The reason why this program is such a success is that it is able to provide people with electronic devices that they are not able to afford. There is never a charge to donors or recipients. Participants who donate to the foundation receive tax deductible for the year. Shipping costs are also tax deductible under a positive impact on the environment and sustainability efforts7</p>