How to Recover a Corrupt or Deleted Images Photos (jpeg, png) From Digital Camera

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Have you accidentally deleted or lost your JPG or PNG files from your digital camera. If "Yes" the find out the easiest and simple way to recover deleted photos from Digital camera. More Information -


<ul><li><p>How to Recover </p><p>A Corrupt or </p><p>Deleted </p><p>Images/Photos </p><p>(jpeg, png) </p><p>From Digital </p><p>Camera? </p></li><li><p>Nowadays digital photography are very popular among the professional photographer and as well as </p><p>among the normal users due to its portability and clarity. In Digital camera photos are stored in the </p><p>memory card of the camera and you can instantly see the preview of your captured image. Digital </p><p>camera provides many easy and time saving to use functionality by so one can easily capture their </p><p>images easily with great image quality. </p><p>But along with many facilities digital photos can easily gets corrupt or deleted, and if this type of </p><p>situation occurs then your all precious captured images get inaccessible. It is very difficult situation for </p><p>the user, while it is not always possible to recover their corrupted or deleted images. Digital photo </p><p>recovery is always depends on the scenario of deletion or corruption so sometime complete recovery </p><p>is not possible. </p><p>Sometime images can be repaired if the corruption is small; to repair those types of corrupted photo </p><p>user need to-rename the file name manually in Windows Explorer. You can also open any general image </p><p>files by using Windows Paint application. But these methods are not able to repair all types of </p><p>corruption. If you are unable to fix any corrupted images by applying the given methods then it is sure </p><p>the images are deeply corrupted and to fix this type of corruption you can apply any third-party photo </p><p>recovery program to repair your corrupted images. Digital images can get corrupted easily because of </p><p>improper use such as unexpected pulling out the storage media (memory card, hard drive etc), Power </p><p>failure, virus attack, unintentionally formatting memory card etc. </p></li><li><p>Common JPEG and PNG (.png) File Deletion or Corruption </p><p>Scenario/Reasons </p><p> Due to improper system shut down. </p><p> Accidently delectation of images </p><p> Due to power failure stored photos get corrupted or </p><p>damaged </p><p> Accidently formatting the storage device such as memory </p><p>card, disk drive etc which contains image files. </p><p> Corruption of storage media such as hard drive, memory </p><p>card, USB drive etc. </p><p> Photos of memory card can get corrupted due to any virus </p><p>attack </p><p> Improper use of camera can also corrupt the memory card </p><p>of the camera </p><p> Power related problems of camera can corrupt the inserted </p><p>SD card were all photos are stored. </p><p> System shut down during the photo transfer process </p><p>between memory card and camera can also affect the SD </p><p>card and corrupt it. </p><p> Due to any internal error of camera </p></li><li><p>How to Repair and Recover Corrupt/Deleted Images </p><p>1 - Rename the Image File </p><p>Step 1- Open the Windows Explorer by Pressing "Windows + E" button together. </p><p>Step 2- Go to the location where your corrupted image files are stored. </p><p>Step 3- Right-click on the image file, and select "Rename" option, enter any different name for the </p><p>file and then press "Enter" button to save the change. </p><p>Step 4- Now right-click on the file, select "Open With" and then select any program to open the </p><p>image. </p><p>2 - Try to Open With MS Paint Application </p><p>Step 1- Press the "Windows" button from keyboard to open the Start screen of windows, type </p><p>"Paint" (without the quotations) and click "Paint" from the search results. </p><p>Step 2- Click on the "File" menu, and then click on "Open." </p><p>Step 3- Give the path where the corrupted JPEG file is stored. </p><p>Step 4- Select the image, and click on the "Open" button. If the image opens properly in Paint, then </p><p>your file is most probably not corrupted. Now save the file and try to open it with another program. </p></li><li><p>Camera Photo Recovery Tool To Restore Deleted Photos from Digital Camera </p><p>If you are unable to retrieve deleted images by applying the </p><p>above given methods or unable to apply the methods due to </p><p>whatever reason then you can also apply any third party </p><p>Digital Camera Photo Recovery Tool. This tool is very </p><p>powerful photo recovery software and can able to recover all </p><p>types of images from any storage media such as pen drive, </p><p>memory card or any other storage media. This tool is very </p><p>easy to use so that any can operate this tool and recover </p><p>delete/corrupted images easily. </p><p> Features of Picture Recovery Software </p><p> This tool supports more than 12 different file formats for recovery. </p><p> This tool is able to rescues multimedia files from memory cards, external hard drives, digital </p><p>cameras, USB drives, laptop or desktops. </p><p> By using this tool you can also able to add File Headers </p><p> This tool is able to scan large storage media up to 2TB. </p><p> You can also see the preview of recoverable images. </p><p>For More info visit: </p></li></ul>