How to Create an Android Application

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  • 7/30/2019 How to Create an Android Application


    Step 1: Accessing the application that allows the creation of Android applications.

    First of all, find a program that allows create android programs. There are a lot of programs,

    and in this case we will use App inventor, an easy program to develop an application.

    Visit,and download the Appinventor by clicking Invent andsynchronize your Google account. After logging in, allow Google to share your e-mail account

    with MIT App Inventor Experimental.

    It is important to know that you will need Java support to execute MIT App Inventor. If you

    dont have Java, install it for free from its official page. (

    After clicking allow, the MIT App Inventor will appear.

    Now you are ready to start using the program environment.
  • 7/30/2019 How to Create an Android Application


    Step 2: Learn the basics of creating applications.

    To create the Hello World application we will click on New. Then, name the project (for

    example HelloWorld).

    Now, in the visual editor (our IDE, like Visual Basic, C, C++, etc). Click on Button and drag it tothe screen.

    To change the name, select it on the right and click Rename. After that, you can change the

    name (for example btn1). Now, on the right, in the text, write Hello World, and the screen will


    Go to objects menu and click on Other Stuffto add a Notifier and name itAlert.

    Step 3: Learning to use the visual code editor.

    To edit the objects code, click on Open the Blocks Editor. Download the Java file (.JNLP

    extension) and execute it. The program will open and the following screen will appear.

  • 7/30/2019 How to Create an Android Application


    Click on My Blocks and the objects of the application will appear. Click on btn1 and click Add

    Event on the screen (

    After that, click Alert and add alert.ShowAlertinside the button and click Event.

    Now, write the text that you want to show as the alert. To do it, click a white area on thescreen and click on Text and Text again. A new object will appear. Put it in the alert socket.

    Rename it by clicking on Text and write This is your first app!.

    The following should appear:

    To test the application, click on New Emulator. When the emulator is loaded, click on the

    default emulator (emulator-5554).

    Briefly wait until the application is sent to the emulator. Then, if you click on the button, we

    you see the following alert:

    This is a very simple program, but you can add a lot of things and make a complex application.

    Step 4: Compile the application.

    To compile the application and use it in a cellular device or in the market, return to the objects

    visual editor website.

    Click on Package phone->Download to this computer. Wait a moment until Google creates the

    application. Then, Google will present a downloadable file. Accept it and an .apk file will

    appear (HelloWorld.apk).

  • 7/30/2019 How to Create an Android Application


    Step 5: Edit the application to be supported by the Android market.

    To use AppToMarket, a program which edits the application by adding a certificate and

    modifying the internal .xml to achieve a recognizable extension, download it in .

    This program is created by Java, and there will not any compatibility problem. Execute

    AppToMarket.jar and the following window will appear.

    When all the fields are filled, click on Generate. Then, click on Browse, select HelloWorld.apk

    and click Decompile. In features, select the 1st version. Click on One Click Convert.

    Two new files will appear. To upload the application to the market you will need


    Step 6: Register in the Android market.

    To upload your application, register in the Android market

    (https:/ and pay $25.
  • 7/30/2019 How to Create an Android Application


    Step 7: Post the application.

    Complete the form:

    1. An uploader to upload the file.2. Screen captures of the program. (320x480, 480x800, 480x854,1280x800 in JPG or PNG)3. Icon of the application.4. Language the program uses.5. Copyright protection.6. Content rating.7. Prizes.8. Contact information and e-mail.9. Accept the CLUF and which is subject to U.S laws.