How To Become A Better Photographer Using Film Cameras.

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  • How To Become A Better Photographer Using Film Cameras.Keith S. Black

    Taking part in the awesome world of photography art is fun and you can create a lot of memories. Photography at times, can be a painful experience as well. I'm going to provide you with a few tips to help you become a better photographer

    Indoor shots-In the age of digital photography there are those that use film. If you're taking shots inside be sure to use a film roll that has a speed of ISO 400. Sometimes you may get a good indoor shot but the image turns out to be blurry.

    The solution to this is to ensure the you use the auto focus on your camera. The purpose of doing this is it prevents you from the need to concentrate on taking the sharpest picture possible but instead it lets the camera do all of the work.

    Using A Flash- Cameras come with flashes for a reason. They are to be used especially when taking indoor shots. If your images turn out poor, usually that comes from poor lighting. Use a flash to prevent your images from coming out dark.

    Even when there is good lighting, indoor photography needs to use a flash. My advice would be for you to take double shots just to test things. Take a shot with the flash and one without the flash. Before you do anything, make sure your camera batteries are fully charged.

    Using a flash sucks a lot of power from the batteries. If you take a shot and the flash does not flicker when when you take the shot, you know it's time for new batteries.

    No Glare Images- Have you ever taken photos and the images came out with a glare? This is a result of the flash reflecting off of the mirror and another shiny surface. Try to avoid taking shots in front of shiny surfaces.

    Focus first, shot second- Get your shot framed and focused before you hit the shutter button. Pay close attention to the pictures frame and try not to cut the top of he persons head off. Whatever you do please be sure your hands are free from holding any other items such as keys or cell phones. Holding other items can result in your lens being blocked.

    Outdoor shots- Your film should be ISO 100, assuming you'll be taking shots in the day time. If so, be sure to not have people pose when they are facing the sun.

  • If you follow my simple tips, you'll notice your images turning out much better and in the process you'll become a better photographer. Your local library has many good books about taking basic pictures. My suggestion would be to get a book or 2 on the subject and learn a few beginners techniques.