how props are used to enhance storytelling. Suggest how teachers can select and make useful props for storytelling

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QUESTION 10BY:NASYAHIDA & SYAQILDiscuss how props are used to enhance storytelling. Suggest how teachers can select and make useful props for storytelling.

How props are used to enhance STThey can make a point concrete. Eg: the props will make the subject more concrete than simply pictured in words.They can have an emotional impact.Eg: storyteller can move the props according to the emotion he/she wants to convey in the story.They can be effective metaphors.Eg: props as a metaphore to represent characters, objects or the theme of the story. They focus the audiences attention and interest.Eg: When a storyteller use props, the rhythm of the storytelling is changed and the audience will more interested to watch and to listen the story.They are memorable. Eg: the audience will easily memorise the characters and understand the story easily with the aid of props.

Selection of props percussion instrumentsMake use of percussion instruments to set a beat either in the background or for special emphasis of sound effect. Use a variety of drums for the stories with repetitive phrases. The beat of a drum can intensify the moodClap or click fingers in unison for call and response using an instrument or having everyone sing along with an instrument.

Selection of props puppetsFinger puppet, puppet stick, etc

Reasons use puppets: They give color, texture and dimension to story characters and actions.A puppet can make the story come alive for children the same way pictures in books do, and provide visual clues to the storys meaning while presenting the tale in a new way.Puppets can add dialogue to a story and provide opportunities for audience interaction, creating a multi-dimensional experience.Puppets can be a bridge for a storyteller to connect with hard-to-reach audiences.

Selection of props big picture bookless words, or no words at all in the bookbig, colourful and interesting illustration.manageable, easy to hold.

How to make props useful for STMake use of props to introduce yourself as the storyteller. adopt a storytelling symbol that identifies with you in particular or carry a special banner or sign announcing who you are. You can also wear the character clothes, scarves, or even paint your face to resemble the characters in the story.

Make use of props to bring understanding of the storythe props represent the characters, object, story background and the sound effect that aid to understand the story