How many different types of painting do you know?

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Text of How many different types of painting do you know?

  • How many different types of painting do you know?

  • still life paintingoil painting

  • watercolour paintingacrylic painting

  • portraitlandscape

  • Read the article about types of painting in Part A and fill in the chart below.

  • Types of paintingDescriptionwatercolourdone with colours that need to be mixed with wateroil paintingpainted with thick colour that is mixed with oilacrylic paintthick like oil paint but dries more quicklycharcoal drawingpictures drawn with charcoalportraitfor peoplelandscapefor viewsstill lifefor objects

  • The colours of the objects?rose

  • cherry lemon olive green sea green

  • lavender chocolate . lime

  • except, except for, except+, besides, apart from, in addition (to), The museum is open daily except Mondays. ,They look very similar except that one is a little taller.,

  • Do you play any other sports besides(=in addition to) football and basketball? ? Apart from the salary , its not a bad job. ,

  • I know nothing about the young lady_____she is from Beijing. (2000) except B. except for C. except that D. besides

  • 4. draw: verb [I or T] drew, drawn to make a picture of something or someone with a pencil or pen: Draw a line at the bottom of the page.(2) to move in a particular direction, especially in a vehicle: The train slowly drew into the station/drew in.

  • draw near/close, etc. to become nearer in space or time: As she drew closer I realized that I knew her. ,draw to a close/an end to gradually finish: draw attention to attract attention or interest: Does he wear those ridiculous clothes to draw attention? ?

  • draw a conclusion draw sth. up (PREPARE) phrasal verb Ive drawn up a list of candidates that Id like to interview.