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  1. 1. Getting a lean waist is the key to the aesthetic appeal of your body.Free reports for a limited time at,
  2. 2. When new trainees, mainly males, seek to find out how do you get lean they are oftenconfused as to what a true naturally lean physique is versus the information they mayhave garnered from magazines and other sources, a key consideration to keep in mind isthat a lot of these physiques are drug enhanced and not really achievable to the everydaytraineeSo to cover the basics when we are talking about getting lean we mean losing body fatand building/ shaping the underlying musculature.There are a few benchmarks we can use to measure a true naturally lean physique, notewe are referring here mostly to male trainees, as this is a situation that they typically face,which is what your body weight can really be vs. being lean at the same time vs. whatyou see in the magazines, which is different for females who tend towards the oppositeend of the spectrum and typically want to sacrifice any weight even if this included leanbody mass (which you dont want to lose!)Martin Brennan at lean gains talks about the natural limit he has seen, which can becalculated by, Height (in cm)-100 = Bodyweight in kg with approx. 8% body fat (visibleabs)Matt Marshall at tried and true fitness has done research on bodybuilders from the early1900s when drugs werent in use and has calculated that these individuals possessedabout 3lbs/inch in height to equate to a lean
  3. 3. So a 6ft (182cm) male could expect to be 82kg, 98kg would represent the peak leanweights achieved by bodybuilders of drug free eras. In comparison to recent recordholding Mr Olympia bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman who at 1.8m weighed approx.135kg!!!So where does that leave a lot of aspiring trainees these days when trying to equate thephysiques and body weights they see on professional bodybuilders to what they canachieve? Its leaves them up the creak, because for 99% of them it wont be achievableas they are not using drugs and dont have the extraordinary genetics, yet the routinespublished by the magazines in line with what these pros do is what a lot of traineesfollow, in an attempt to achieve these results and so are doomed to failureBut it doesnt have to be so, the great aesthetic appeal of a true lean physique, bothmale and female, is a lean waist, for women this enhances the hour glass figure whilefor males a lean physique can truly enhance the aesthetic appeal as it can add the effectof size to your chest and arms, and hence the v taper look, whereas if you werefocusing solely on body weight in attempt to look like a pro you could be sporting acouple more inches on your chest and half an inch on your arms but your waist couldalso be 6-7+inches wider also.
  4. 4. The classic Greek proportions of a male have a waist to chest ratio of 70%-75%,invariably to measure up to these dimensions you are going to more in line with thebody weights setout in the initial calculations, its interesting to note also that a lot ofprofessional bodybuilders these days fail to meet this ratio even when fully flexed, andwhen not fully flexed, well you have all seen those pictures of distended guts due toexcessive drug taking, so who wants to look like that?So when looking at how do you get lean a lot of male trainees would be better placedto focus on their waist to chest ratio rather than what there absolute weight is on thescale, and to achieve this level of dimensional perfection is probably more attainablethan you may realise, real natural trainees only need to spend 1-2 days in the gym perweek max to build and strengthen the required musculature and the body fat situationis a case of proper nutrition that delivers food to your blood stream in a fashion so asto avoid insulin spikes and allows the body fat to be burned off through your normaleveryday activities.Emma Rasmussen is a women who is concerned and bemused with themisconceptions out there about how do you get lean, its simple a process and shouldgrow you mentally to new levels, check out more free reports atwww.howdoyougetlean.comFind out more with our free course to get