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    MeramecYou may take general education classes toward this degree at any of our campuses or education centers.

    Horticulture is the art and science of growing plants. The horticulture program at

    St. Louis Community College focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for careers

    in ornamental horticulture including landscape and garden design, greenhouse

    management, nursery production, turf and golf course management and landscape

    management. In this intensive, comprehensive program, students receive broad training

    in the plant sciences including: plant identification, propagation, plant physiology, pest

    and disease management and soil science. Students may also receive training in the art

    of horticulture by enrolling in landscape design courses.



    The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Horticulture is a 66-credit-hour program, comprised of 27 credit hours of general studies and 39 credit hours of horticulture-specific classes. Students may choose to pursue a Certificate of Proficiency, which can be earned by completing 39 credit hours of horticulture coursework, without general studies courses. In either case, students can specialize in one of four disciplines: Turfgrass Management, Landscape Design, Plant Production and Marketing, or Landscape Management. Students can select courses from each of these areas for training in general horticulture. Day and evening classes are offered to accommodate working students and busy professionals.

    This unique program combines classroom and hands-on learning in state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories and greenhouses. The 78-acre Meramec campus features numerous gardens and plant collections that serve as unique living laboratories. In addition, the college enjoys a close working relationship with the world-renowned Missouri Botanical

    Garden, providing our students with expert instruction and enhanced networking opportunities.


    Graduates of the horticulture program are well-prepared for green industry careers. Some examples might include a horticulturist at a botanical garden, groundskeeper at a zoological park, a turf management professional at a municipal park, a landscape expert employed by a landscape construction company, a nursery or a garden center. Other professional options included greenhouse or nursery grower, landscape designer, golf course manager and retail garden specialist.

    Graduates of this program may transfer and pursue their four-year degree at any college or university offering a bachelor degree in horticulture.


    As the horticulture business recovers from the cyclical effects of the 2007-2008 recession, graduates in green industries will

    continue to move forward. The industry continues to evolve, and those who have the drive and interest in horticulture will ba able to take advantage of this burgeoning industry and the new positions that may be created.

    Individual salaries vary by the geographic location, the extent of the horticulturists education and experience, and the type and size of the employer.


    Currently, district residents pay $88 per credit hour. Additional fees apply to some programs and courses. For more information, please call the Meramec Admissions/Registration office.


    Paul Roberts, MSAssociate Professor Horticulture Program Coordinatorproberts@stlcc.edu314-984-7714

    HORTICULTUREAssociate in Applied Science Certificate of Proficiency

  • Forest Park Meramec WildwoodFlorissant Valley

    CURRICULUM AAS CPCourse Number Course Title Credit Hours Credit Hours

    I. Career General Education__ ENG:100 Career English (or) __ ENG:101 College Composition I 3__ COM:101 Oral Communication I 3__ CHM:109 Chemistry for Environmental Careers I 4__ MTH:140 Intermediate Algebra 3__ PSY:200 General Psychology 3__ XXX:xxx Missouri State Requirement 3 Total General Education Credit Hours: 19

    II. Physical Education Activity 2

    III. Area of Concentration Select 6-7 credits from:__ ACC:100 Applied Accounting (or) __ ACC:110 Financial Accounting 3-4__ BLW:101 Business Law I 3__ BUS:101 Small Business Management 3__ MGT:101 Introduction to Supervision 3__ MKT:104 Principles of Selling 3 Total Area of Concentration Credit Hours: 6-7Horticulture Core__ HRT:101 Introductory Horticulture (or)__ BIO:124 General Botany I 4 4__ HRT:102 Soils 3 3__ HRT:105 Cooperative Horticulture I 1 1__ HRT:206 Ornamental Plants Trees and Vines 3 3__ HRT:207 Ornamental Plants Shrubs and Evergreens 3 3__ HRT:230 Ornamental Plants Herbaceous Perennials 3 3__ HRT:214 Grounds Management 3 3__ HRT:227 Plant Pest Management 4 4 Total Horticulture Core Credit Hours: 24 24

    Horticulture Options Select one option:Turfgrass Management__ HRT:201 Turfgrass Management 3 3__ HRT:240 Golf Course Management 3 3__ HRT:220 Landscape Irrigation 3 3 Landscape Design__ HRT:104 Landscape Design I 3 3__ HRT:217 Landscape Design II 3 3__ HRT:218 Landscape Design III 3 3 Plant Production and Marketing __ HRT:103 Plant Propagation 3 3__ HRT:205 Nursery and Garden Center Practices 3 3__ HRT:241 Greenhouse Management 3 3 Landscape Management__ HRT:201 Turfgrass Management 3 3__ HRT:220 Landscape Irrigation 3 3__ HRT:242 Urban Tree Management 3 3 Total Horticulture Options Credit Hours: 9 9

    IV. Horticulture Electives__ HRT:245 Special Applications in Landscape Design 3 3__ HRT:235 Annuals and Ornamental Grasses 3 3

    Total Horticulture Electives Credit Hours: 3-6 3-6

    Total Credits for Program: 63-67 36-39

    HORTICULTUREAssociate in Applied Science Certificate of Proficiency


    GETTING STARTED AT STLCC1) Apply for Admission Online, by mail/fax or in person at

    any campus.

    2) Apply for Financial Aid Apply for grants, scholarships, loans or


    3) Complete Assessment You may need to complete an

    assessment for placement in the proper level courses.

    4) Get Advised Meet with an advisor or career counselor.

    Attend a College Registration/Enrollment Workshop (CREW).

    5) Get Connected Access your MySTLCC ID and set up a

    secure password. Activate your student e-mail and log in to Banner Self-Service.

    6) Register for Classes Online, in person or via mail/fax.

    7) Pay for Classes Payment plan option is available.

    8) Prepare for Class Purchase books, attend New Student

    Success Orientation and get your STLCC OneCard student photo ID.

    Visit www.stlcc.edu/Get_Startedfor details and important links.

    Non-discrimination Statement

    St. Louis Community College is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities in its admissions, educational programs, activities and employment regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran and shall take action necessary to ensure non-discrimination.

    Accommodations Statement

    St. Louis Community College is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If you have accommodation needs, please call the Access office at the campus where you are registering at least six weeks prior to the start of class to request accommodations. Documentation of disability may be required.

    September 2011


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