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  • 1. Escaping Through Art AlyssaMarch 1, 2013Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core

2. Art Helps SurvivorsAfter HurricaneKatrina, childrensuffered emotionallyand environmentally. 3. Recovery Art therapy has been a method of recovery for many children. 4. Art Therapy Can help people expressthemselves Can help people developmentally, socially, andemotionally. 5. Art is a Language Art therapy is a technique that can help people express feelings and experiences that they cannot express with words. 6. Children not able to speak or do not likeconfrontation can use art as an outlet. 7. . Art therapy creates abridge betweenimagination andfeelings 8. Development People can use art as a method of mental,social, and emotional development. 9. Mental DevelopmentHas art helped you mentally?yes no10% 90%Data obtained from self generated survey. Click Here to Take Survey Now! 10. Emotional Development16When engaging Art can be an outlet14in art, you feel12joyful.for people dealing10 8 while struggles andWhen engaging 6in art you feelcalm can help lift the 4 2 spirits of those in 0When engagingin art you feel need of emotionalexcited help. Data obtained from self generated survey.Click Here to Take Survey Now! 11. Art therapy iscommonly used toovercome sadness andgain strength. 12. Group art therapy is a great way to strengthenrelationships and can contribute to socialdevelopment. 13. Art Expression Art is another language used to express feelings and develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. 14. Art HealsIn conclusion, art canbe a method of healingfor the mind, heart, andbody. 15. Work Cited American Art Therapy Association." n.d.americanartassociation.org. 30 January 2013. Art and design." n.d. NYTimes.com. 30 January 2013. Bruno, Stephanie. "Art therapy express." n.d. artherapyexpress.org.5 February 2013 . "Learning Disabilities and The Arts." n.d. National Center ForLearning Disabilities. 6 February 2013. Winter 2009." n.d. berkeley.edu. 30 January 2013. 16. Thank You AlyssaMarch 1, 2013Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core