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A tragic story about the making mistakes in life and trying to move forward from them.Two police officers discover an underground office for the London Board for Internal Executions; a former committee for assassinations in London. Upon going through records, they discover the file of a man responsible for the murders of 1888 in Whitechapel and the genuine reason behind them.The story is based loosely on the Jack The Ripper stories, but takes away from what we know and tries to answer the questions that remain unanswered. Inspired by theories of Ripperologists, the story combines a number of theories with a theory of my own.

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  • 2ACT ONE

    The present day. An office in London with eight desks. They all appear to have been left tidily, as if the previous occupants were in no hurry to leave. The room looks as though it has been untouched for quite a while.

    +Enter Josh & Fredrick

    JOSHHere it is.

    FREDRICKWell, you werent joking when you said it hadnt been used in quite a while.

    JOSHIts been over a hundred years.

    FREDRICKHow did we not know it was here?

    JOSHThe builders discovered it when they were trying to re-tarmac some of the road, when they stumbled across it. One of the builders fell in and sustained minor injuries.

    FREDRICKThis is just incredible. Makes you wonder why they would want to put something like this underneath such sketchy grounds.

    JOSHI thought itd be idyllic to put it next to the travel hub.

    FREDRICKAnyway, why did you bring me here?

    JOSHSir, look at what was on the door?

    FREDRICKYes, I saw it. The London Board for Internal Executions. So?

  • 3

    JOSHWe found a file that may be of some interest to you.

    Josh grabs a folder off a desk and hands it to Fredrick. Fredrick reluctantly takes it, not taking him seriously.

    FREDRICK(Reading) Conrad George, occupation Indian Herb doctor, criminal record, blah, blah, blah. Is there some point youre trying to make here?

    JOSHKeep reading.

    FREDRICKGrounds for Admission, the murder of a prostitute on Durward Street. Seen by Agent DSM. So what, weve found a possible tourist attraction?

    JOSHNo, weve found Jack The Ripper.

    Fredrick hands the file back to Josh.

    FREDRICKOh, look, Im not going to sit here and listen to your childish theories about potentially finding a killer, for goodness sake.

    JOSHSir! Please, just hear me out.

    Josh hands Fredrick the file. Fredrick does not take it.

    FREDRICKWhy havent you reported this to the police?

    JOSHBecause I need someone whos an established cop to put it forward for me.


    Oh and dont tell me, this is where I come in?


    FREDRICKAnd what makes you think Im actually going to do it?

    JOSHBecause youre more determined than any of us to find this guy.

    Fredrick opens the file.

    FREDRICKNot a word of this to anyone until I decide what to do.

    Fredrick begins reading.

    FREDRICK1st September 1888. Eight oclock PM. George Conrad, an American Doctor has been involuntarily admitted to the board to assist us in Project Clean Street. We brought him to the Whitechapel base site and when questioned, the mark had the following to say:

    +Enter George & Men

    Seven men burst in, dragging Conrad violently and begin questioning him. Conrad is an American man, the rest are British.

    DEREKGood evening Mr. George.

    CONRADWho the hell are you?

    They stage talk.


    The mark refused to answer simple questions relating to his personal circumstance, choosing instead to ask silly questions about the group before he had signed any of the revenant contracts.

    DEREKYou my friend need to answer our questions or youre going to find yourself with one hell of a problem.

    JOHNHow about you just start with your name.

    CONRADDont you already know my name?

    DEREKYes, but we need to know if we can trust you or not.


    FREDRICKThe mark began introducing himself. All members of the board had previously memorised his personal details and were able to come to the judgement that he was making an attempt to give us false information.

    DEREKLet me tell you something. If theres one thing in this world I cant stand, amongst other things of course, its a prostitute and a liar. You my friend are a liar. You have lied to us.


  • 6DEREK

    Look, we have all, we know all. Be straight with us. Do you know why youre here.

    FREDRICKThe mark replied: Yes.


    It was an accident.

    DEREKThats not what the police said.

    CONRADShe threw herself at me, I acted in self defence.

    DEREKLook, we arent here to try and clear your name. Were here to offer you a potential lifeline.

    CONRADI dont understand.

    DEREKWe form the London Board for Internal Executions. We take local matters into our own hands and dispose of them.

    CONRADWhy me?

    DEREKYou killed a prostitute and you were ready to live with it. Youre perfect material.

    CONRADBut I couldnt do that as a job.

    DEREKIf you dont, well report you to the police and ensure you end up rotting in a prison.

    CONRADWhat would I have to do?

  • 7DEREK

    Well, as you can imagine, were short staffed. Were in the middle of a big project, that being Project Green Streets.

    CONRADWhat does that entail?

    JOHNWhitechapels streets are littered with prostitutes. The obvious thing to do with litter is to clean it. Thats where we come in.

    CONRADAnd how would you clean this litter.

    DEREKBy dramatically killing them.

    CONRADKilling all prostitutes?

    JOHNNo! Killing them dramatically. Ensuring its front page news, then all the other prostitutes become too scared to cruise looking for business.

    CONRADHow long have you been planning this?

    DEREKLonger than you could ever imagine.

    CONRADAnd if I say no, my life is over?

    DEREKOver like a bullet in the back of the brain.

    FREDRICKThe mark agreed to come on board without second thought.

  • 8DEREK

    Right welcome aboard. This here is the board. Stewart Johnson, Martin Alcott, Francis OConnor, Ronan Thatcher, James Thomas-St. Marlo, John Monroe and Im Derek Smith. You have six hours to pack everything you own and move to our agreed hotel. You will be living in hotels from now on, so be minimalistic. No clutter, no luxuries. Only whats necessary. Ronan will meet you at the hotel and help you get settled in, from then on youre on your own. You begin your first day of work here tomorrow.

    FREDRICKWe informed the mark that he would be participating in his induction project on his first night. The escape leaflet was handed to him and given to read. We have solid grounds to believe he did read the leaflet. He returned the next morning for work.

    -Exit All (Exc. Josh & Fredrick)


    FREDRICKLook, Josh its a bit of a long shot isnt it. We have no way of knowing if this is real or not. I think wed be best to leave it.

    JOSHFredI mean Sir. Could you really live with yourself knowing you came this close to uncovering the man responsible for all those deaths and didnt follow through?

    Fredrick sits down. Josh smiles and sits with him.

    -Exit Fredrick & Josh


  • 9The room is transformed back to what it would have been when it was in use.

    Morning time. The other members of the board are getting on with their day to day activities. Derek is sat at his desk reading a letter, holding it at arms length due to bad eyesight.

    +Enter Conrad

    DEREKAh Conrad, I was worried youd left us then. Lovely to see you.

    CONRADJust for the record, not one inch of me agrees with or enjoys this. I want to make that clear from now.

    DEREKRule number one, keep your mouth shut. If in doubt, my friend, leave it out. Its probably best unsaid.

    CONRADRight, is there anything else I should know?

    DEREKYes. Im not a huge fan of attitude, sass or sarcasm. My sense of humour will run very dry should you test me on those factors. Do I make myself clear?

    CONRADVery much so.

    DEREKGood. This here will be your desk. You might wanna give it a little scrub, its been quite a while since someone used it. We begin work tonight with your initiation.


    DEREKExactly what I said.

  • 10

    CONRADI wasnt aware theres an initiation.

    DEREKIts nothing personal, its just so we know if a. we can trust you and b. we need to put a bullet in the back of your head before you blab to anyone. Right, gentlemen, gather round please.

    All gather round a blackboard.

    DEREKTonight is our new agents initiation task. This project will be called BR09. That stands for Bank Robbery number nine.

    CONRADYouve made more than one bank robbery in the past?

    DEREKMr. George, we have made numerous bank robberies in the past, as we have had to initiate new members like yourself.

    CONRADDid you have to do it?

    All roll eyes.

    DEREKIm an ex-bank robber. Thats the skill I use to run this board. So, for the record No. I havent been initiated.

    CONRADBut shouldnt you -

    DEREKIf I were you, Id stop talking.

    Beat. Derek illustrates the following on the blackboard.

    DEREKSo, the target bank is the bank near Scotland Yard.

  • 11DEREK

    The vaults are in the basement. Thats our target, to get in there and grab as much money as possible. Agent Conrad you will be the one to lead the robbery. Some members of the board will be posing as members of staff in the bank. Your goal is to do it without anyone knowing. Cause as little fuss at possible. Thats the ultimate goal. Do I make myself clear?

    ALL (EXC. DEREK)Yes.

    DEREKGood. Agent Conrad, your instructions are to enter the bank. Go over to desk two. The codeword is Id like to pay this cheque in please. Sorry about the stain.

    CONRADMore of a code sentence.

    Derek gives Conrad a look. C