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  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000: Available. Agile. Automated.

    The Challenge

    Todays data center operations are labor intensive and often prevent IT teams from moving quickly enough to keep pace with changing needs of busi-ness. Typical data centers with infrastructure silos built around specific applications or technologies limit agility. Organizations are challenged to main-tain IT operating expenses, support a new breed of applications at cloud scale and navigate through in-frastructure complexities. They must manage fewer, if any, maintenance windows to perform required changes or technology refreshes.






    The SolutionIT executives must enable an IT-accelerated business to win in tomorrows information- centric world: one that exploits information without being overwhelmed by data or held back by slow IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, IT requires Continuous Cloud Infrastructure solutions that deliver continuous operations, data center extensibility and auto-mated management.

    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000Hitachi is delivering the industrys best com-bination of enterprise-ready software-defined storage, advanced global storage virtualiza-tion, and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware. This combination enables contin-uous operations, self-managing policy-driven management, and agile IT that todays new breed of cloud applications demands. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000) with Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) is the next generation of enterprise storage from Hitachi. VSP G1000 redefines mission-critical storage virtualization and resets expectations for the data center.

    VSP G1000 HighlightsGlobal storage virtualization enables an always-on infrastructure with enter-prise-wide scalability that provides a complete separation between host and storage. The scalability is independent of connectivity, location, storage system or vendor. Create new storage system and data center extensibility. Provision and manage virtual storage machines with active-active capability1 for volumes up to 100km apart in combination with remote data center replication support.

    Customer-driven nondisruptive migra-tion1 capability enables movement, copy and migration of data between storage sys-tems, including 3rd-party storage systems, without interrupting application access, and local and remote copy relationships.

    Integrated active mirroring2 enables volume extensibility between systems and across sites through the provisioning and manage-ment of active-active volumes up to 100km

    Storage Provider for VMware (VASA).

    vStorage API for Multipathing (VAMP).

    vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP).

    Hitachi Storage Replication Adapter (SRA).

    Microsoft Windows 2012 (including Microsoft Hyper-V) and System Center:

    Microsoft Virtual ShadowCopy Service (VSS) enhances data protection.

    Microsoft Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX).

    Hitachi Infrastructure Adapter for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

    Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft

    Storage Management Provider.

    Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

    Environmentally friendly platform allows for up to 1.9 times more drives per chassis, and lower power consumption, when com-pared to competitive systems to help further your green computing initiatives.

    Native integration with active archiving enables the offload of data from production storage systems to an archive, to reduce capacity and backup requirements.

    Global Virtualization: Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System software is the software foundation for Hitachi global storage virtualization. SVOS provides software-defined storage management and global storage virtual-ization by elevating unified management across new virtual storage machines. Virtual storage machines provide a virtual abstrac-tion of physical storage system resources within a single system, or multiple systems that may be located up to 100km apart. Attached servers and systems see and manage this abstraction as a single device. SVOS supports user-defined workflows

    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 provides the always-available, agile and automated foundation needed for a trusted Continuous Cloud Infrastructure. Powered with Hitachi global storage virtualization, its new software capabilities unlock IT agility and enable the lowest storage TCO.

    apart. Combined with remote data center replication, this mirroring is an ideal solution for critical applications that require zero recovery point and recovery time objectives.

    Active-Active VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster and Microsoft Hyper-V stretched cluster site pro-tection3. When combined with VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster or a Microsoft stretched Hyper-V cluster, a virtual infrastructure is created. This infra-structure ensures fault tolerance from both planned and unplanned outage.

    Unified storage with enterprise scal-ability allows administrators to centrally manage large pools of storage across all virtualized internal and external storage pools, whether deployed for SAN, NAS or object storage. Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) provides a common management framework with a unified dashboard view of block, file and object consumers. Organizations using HCS have been able to reduce their operating expenses 20%-40% through consolidated management.

    Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage offers a patented data-center-class design and rack-optimized form factor that delivers more than 600TB per system. It supports a sustained performance of 100,000 8K I/O per second, per device, with low and con-sistent response time.

    Server virtualization integration with leading virtual server platforms gives you end-to-end visibility from an individual virtual machine to the storage logical unit and protects large-scale multivendor environments.


    Storage Manager for VMware vCenter.

    vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI).

    1Separately licensed feature. 2Active mirroring is enabled by the Hitachi global-active device feature, a separately licensed feature. 3Requires the Hitachi global-active device feature.

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    for nondisruptive data migration between storage tiers and between virtualized phys-ical systems and across data centers. This mobility reduces the cost of management, improves performance and enables seam-less fault-tolerant availability of the virtual storage machine.

    Unified Management: Hitachi Command Suite Hitachi Command Suite, an integrated soft-ware management suite, provides advanced data and storage management that stream-lines and centralizes all administrative operations under a common management framework. HCS covers all key functional management areas, such as configuration, performance, analytics mobility and rep-lication to simplify all management tasks while facilitating future automation. HCS improves administration, operations, provi-sioning, performance and resilience for all Hitachi storage environments. By enabling efficient management practices for virtual-ized storage and servers, organizations can effectively manage their IT infrastructure with limited staff resources while building a sustainable foundation for future growth. With new levels of usability, workflow, scal-ability and integration, HCS combined with the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family (VSP and VSP G1000) provides break-through efficiencies. Together, they enable IT organizations to fully leverage leading Hitachi global storage virtualization.

    VSP G1000 Exclusive CapabilitiesExternal SAN storage virtualization extends the useful life of existing assets by allowing legacy devices to transpar-ently inherit new functionality from VSP G1000 and SVOS. This capability signifi-cantly reduces migration pains, costs and risk when moving from legacy Hitachi or 3rd-party devices. Supports dynamic tiering of storage capacity (internal and/or external capacity) and nondisruptive data migration between tiers and between vendors.

    Fully redundant architecture ensures no single point of failure and support for online hardware upgrades, hot preventive maintenance and proactive drive sparing. Designed for use in environments demand-ing 100% uptime, the system has a 100%

    Innovation is the engine of change, and information is its fuel. Innovate intelligently

    to lead your market, grow your company, and change the world. Manage your

    information with Hitachi Data Systems.

    data availability warranty. Nondisruptive microcode upgrades are completed without affecting application quality of service.

    Extreme, proven scalability outperforms other enterprise-class systems. Powered by 896GB/sec aggregate internal band-width 7th-generation Hi-Star crossbar switch-based architecture, the block storage controllers deliver far in excess of 3,000,000 transactions per second. The system supports up to 8 virtual storage director pairs for large database processing and the highest virtual machine density.

    Hitachi NAS Platform hardware- accelerated network protocols support up to 2GB/sec throughput for sequential workloads and up to 1.2 million NFS opera-tions per second.

    Create up to 8-node Hitachi NAS Platform clusters supporting up to 16PB usable capacity, 256TB file system pools, large single namespace up to maximum capacity, and up to 60,000 concurrent users. Gain the highest usable capacity available in the least rack space.

    Efficient caching makes up to 2TB global cache dynamically accessible by all connected hosts and Hitachi NAS Platform nodes.

    Unmatched multiplatform conn


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