High Energy Cosmic Rays Eli Waxman Weizmann Institute, ISRAEL

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>High Energy Cosmic Rays Eli Waxman Weizmann Institute, ISRAEL Slide 2 Cosmic ray flux and Composition E [GeV] log [dJ/dE] 110 610 E -2.7 E -3 Heavy Nuclei Protons U cr (1GeV)=1 eV/cm 3 Galactic plane enhancement Isotropy Galactic X-Galactic (?) [Blandford &amp; Eichler, Phys. Rep. 87; Axford, ApJS 94; Bird et al. 94; Nagano &amp; Watson, Rev. Mod. Phys. 00; Abu-Zayyad et al. 01] Lighter Slide 3 Composition HiRes/MIAFlys Eye [Abu-Zayyad et al. 01] [Bird et al. 94] Slide 4 Acceleration Problem [K. Arisaka 02] Slide 5 X-Galactic Ultra High Energy p High energy, XG sources exist p (pN) s e s, s UHE p flux Handle on flux, detector size Prime telescope motivation: Identify UHE p source(s) Slide 6 The Data Slide 7 Data- Calibrated at 10 19 eV Slide 8 Model Fly s Eye fit for Galactic heavy ( Implications for telescopes X-Galactic sources of high energy s are out there UHE p flux constrains expected flux ~ 1 km 3 scale required at 1 to 10 3 TeV energies &gt;&gt; 1 km 3 required at &gt;&gt;10 3 TeV ( see J. Bahcall s talk ) </p>


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