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  • Xavtel Communications, Inc. 21 Sabin Street Pawtucket, RI 02860, USA | +1 401-727-1600 | www.xavtel.com

    Celsiusstraat 1 - 2652 XN Lansingerland, Netherlands | +31(0)10 2088690 | europe.sales@xavtel.com

    High-end Audio DSP Processors & Multi-room Sound System








    DEVELOPMENT Building on 30 years’ experience in the development and

    manufacturing of electronics for the audio industry and with a

    development team with massive dedicated and highly experienced

    engineers, Xavtel operates state of the art R&D and manufacturing

    facilities in USA, Europe and Asia. We are able to respond rapidly to

    the demands of our various vertical markets with specific solutions,

    creative innovation and advanced technology. You can rest assured

    that our technology is always cutting-edge with a view to the future.

    Leveraging its expertise in development and manufacturing

    high-end audio products. Xavtel also offers a line of highly

    reliable conference solutions. Xavtel's proprietary extreme fast

    RAPIDO™ Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm achieves excellent

    conferencing audio quality and voice clarity.

    Xavtel is constantly expanding its organization, portfolio and

    geographical presence to achieve "best in class" technology,

    delivery, and customer support.

    At Xavtel innovation never stops. Our mission is to constantly

    develop innovative products that improve on what is currently in

    the market place and delight installer and end-user alike.

  • APPLICATIONS  Shopping Mall, Hotel

     Enterprise Meeting Room

     Education Institution

     Conference Rooms

     Airport, Train Station, etc.

    ...or any other project from "Easy to use" to "Fully networked".

    The OCTO series offers everything your applications need !

    Features OCTO™ Series 04

    Stand-Alone Audio DSP Processor OCTO Jr 06

    Cascadable Audio DSP Processor OCTO Sr 08

    Networkable Audio DSP Processor OCTO Pro 10

    Low-Z Digital Amplifier OL-AMP 11

    Wall-Mount Remote Devices RWD Series 12

    Remote Control Devices RAC5 / RAC8 / URC200 / ANM 14

    Control Software Xavtel Designer Suite 15

    Ordering information OCTO Jr / OL-AMP / RWD Series 16


  • High-end Audio DSP Processors & Multi-room Sound System

    4 Multiroom, Commercial & Teleconferencing

    Direct Parameter Control via Front Panel  6 programmable knobs on OCTO Jr, 8 knobs on OCTO Sr , and a LCD touch screen on OCTO Pro for direct DSP

    parameters control.

     More than one DSP functions can be assigned to a control knob.

     The configuration of control knobs are fully flexible and can be defined as custom value with maximum and

    minimum value (linear, logarithmic, or even anti-log).

     Various DSP function can be pre-programmed on software.

    Proprietary Digital OCTO-Link Card  The digital OCTO-Link card can simultaneously transmit digital audio and control through 2 channel inputs and 2

    channel outputs per port.

     Standard CAT5/CAT6 connection up to 820 ft (250M) and up to 6561 kft ~ 65616 kft (2 km ~ 20 km)via fiber optic.

     Connect to RWD remote devices and OL-AMP Low-Z amplifier.

    VoIP Functions for Teleconferencing  Each OCTO processor includes one channel for VoIP, the OCTO Sr/Pro supports 4CH VoIP card for channel expansion.

     Support AEC web-conferencing using the 4CH analog audio card (for OCTO Sr/Pro).

     Support analog phone using the optional analog phone card with 2 sets of 2 Line or 1 set of 4 Line (for OCTO Sr/Pro).

    Exclusive Software Suite  Each OCTO processor has its exclusive software suite.

     Easy setup using various fixed I/O configuration on OCTO Jr Designer software.

     Enhanced DSP library and functionality such as AGC, A.N.G (Auto Noise ain), PEQ, Feedback, Hi/Lo Pass, message

    player, scheduler, event management, In/Out streaming, SIP/VoIP, volume control etc. via software.

  • 5Multiroom, Commercial & Teleconferencing

    Remote and 3rd Party Control The OCTO processor provides multiple interfaces to connect to remote expansion such as RAC or URC remote controller, and 3rd party control and network paging through DPM, DPM-T5 console, etc. The external devices can also be easily programmed and controlled on the software. The comparison chart below shows the available interfaces each OCTO processor has.

    Configurable I/O Card Slots with Various I/O Cards The OCTO processor provides configurable I/O card slots, and each of them supports different I/O cards as

    the comparison chart shown as below.


    Mini-USB (2.0 version format) 1 - -

    USB 2.0 Port 1 - -

    RS485 1 1 1

    RS232 - 1 1

    Ethernet Port 1 1 2

    Logic I/O 4 CH - -

    Contact Output - 8 CH 8 CH

    Control Input 2 CH 16 CH 16 CH

    Network Standalone DIGILINK XavnetTM

    Relay - 1 1


    Number of Configurable I/O Card Slots

    3 4 6

    Supported I/O Cards

     4 CH Mic/Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Output Card

     2 CH Mic/Line Input and 2 CH Line

    Audio Output Card  2 CH Line Audio Output Card

    (E-slot only)  4 CH In and 4 CH Out OCTO-Link

    Digital Audio I/O Card (E-slot only) * OCTO Jr. has 6 fixed Analog In and 6

    fixed Analog Out

     4 CH Mic/Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Output Card

     4 CH Mic/Line Input Card with AEC

     2 CH Mic/Line Input and 2 CH Line Audio Output Card

     8 CH AES-EBU Digital Audio I/O Card

     8 CH In and 8 CH Out OCTO-Link Digital Audio I/O Card

     4 CH VoIP Digital Audio Duplex Card

     4 CH Telephone Phone Card with 4 Line

     2 CH Telephone Phone Card with 2 Line and 2 Set

     2 Mic/Line Input and 1 CH Telephone Line & Set

  • High-end Audio DSP Processors & Multi-room Sound System

    6 Multiroom, Commercial & Teleconferencing

    OCTO Jr Stand-Alone Audio DSP Processor

    The OCTO Jr is a stand-alone DSP processor which comes with fixed six input and six output analog audio, plus three configurable I/O slots, and E-card slot is for specialty I/O card which can be installed as either 4 channel digital OCTO-Link card or 2 channel analog audio output card. Therefore, the possible configuration of OCTO Jr includes 18x10 I/O, 14x14 I/O and 10x18 I/O by 4 CH OCTO-Link, or 14x8 I/O, 10x14 I/O and 6x16 I/O by 2 CH analog audio output. The OCTO-Link card provides two audio channel inputs and two channel audio outputs to simultaneously transmit bi-directional data communication in digital format; hence a wide variety of digital I/O expansion remote such as Xavtel's RWD-series, and OL- AMP Lo-Z digital amplifier can be connected to OCTO Jr through OCTO-Link for centralized multi-room applications. The connection of OCTO-Link can be easily connect through the standard CAT5/CAT6 or fiber optic cable. The OCTO Jr also comes with a RS485 port and an Ethernet port for 3rd party control, plus 4 CH logic I/O and the 2 CH Control In for further expansion. The OCTO Jr features six programmable knobs, allowing direct control to any DSP function on the front panel. In addition, a USB port located on the front panel supports music and message playing, whilst a mini-USB port located on the rear panel can connect to PC/Laptop for AEC distance conferencingvia Skype, WeChat, WhatsAPP, etc. In order to adhere the 'easy to use’ principle, the pre-defined and fixed configuration allows the system programming on OCTO Jr Designer software without any efforts!

     18x10 I/O, 14x14 I/O and 10x18 I/O by using

    OCTO-Link on E-slot or 14x8 I/O, 10x14 I/O

    and 6x16 I/O by using 2CH analog audio

    output card on E-slot

     Third party control via RS485, Ethernet, 4 CH

    logic I/O and 2 CH control inputs

     6 scalable knobs for direct DSP parameter

    control on the front panel

     USB 2.0 interface for music playing/message


     Mini-USB interface to connect to PC/Laptop for

    remote conferencing by Skype, QQ, WeChat,

    WhatsApp, etc.

     Optional 4 CH digital OCTO-Link card (E-slot

    card only) to connect to OL-AMP, RWD-series,

    DPM, OL-T5, etc. for paging, remote control

     One channel for VoIP

     Integrated AEC function with less tail time

     Standby mode for power saving

     Excellent sound quality (24 bits and 48 KHz


    6 Available Audio I/O Cards:  4 CH Mic/Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Input Card

     4 CH Line Audio Output Card

     2 CH Mic/Line Input and 2 CH Line Audio Output Card

     2 CH Line Audio Output Card (E-slot card only)

     4 CH In and 4 CH Out OCTO-Link Digital Audio I/O Card

    (E-slot card only)

  • 7Multiroom, Commercial & Teleconferencing

    OCTO-Link: 2 CH per port (Audio + Control) via CAT5(Max. 820ft/250m