vy excavators, mini/midi excavato cx, dumpers, dozers and dump truc rs and skidsteers, tele-handlers, hea vators, attachments, transport, speci ant, non-mechanical plant, heavy avators, heavy excavators, mini/m

heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

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Page 1: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers and dump trucks, rollers and skidsteers, tele-handlers, heavy

excavators, attachments, transport, specialist plant, non-mechanical plant, heavy

excavators, heavy excavators, mini/midi

Page 2: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

What To Expect From UsBPH are specialists in operated and self-drive plant and machinery hire, hydraulic attachment hire and sales, as well as repairs and spare parts enabling us to provide you with the tools and equipment required for your sites.

Offering a continual fleet replacement programme to ensure optimal service and reliability, we also have our own mobile engineers to guarantee prompt on-site support at all times.

All of the qualified and highly skilled plant operators at BPH undergo continual training throughout their time with us, keeping abreast of the unrivalled service standard we have built up over the last 40 years.

Heavy Excavators

Mini/Midi Excavators

Technical Specifications


Dumpers, Dozers and Dump Trucks

Rollers and Skidsteers




Specialist Plant

Non-Mechanical Plant

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Page 3: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

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HeavyExcavatorsBPH offer a fleet of heavy excavators ranging

from 13 – 45T including 13 – 22T zero tail swing

machines. They are available as self-drive or

operated, fitted with rear view cameras and

trackers as standard and some are also fitted

with Prolec height and slew restrictors. All

excavators are fitted with dual flow and rotate

circuits to carry any attachment.

Mini/MidiExcavatorsBPH offer a fleet of mini/midi excavators

ranging from 0.8 – 8T. We also supply zero

tail swing excavators enabling operators to

keep within the tightest working area. Our 5T

and 8T excavators are available with extra

hydraulic circuits to enable the use of hydraulic

rotating selector grabs, pulverisers and other

demolition tools.

0845 017 69712 3

Page 4: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

Technical Specifications

JCB 3CXAt present, BPH boast the largest fleet of operated and self-drive hire of Backhoes in Sussex and Surrey.

Ideal for road and site use, the JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader is ideal for your excavator and utility work requirements. For on the road use, our JCB 3CX’s have 40km/h gear boxes and torque lock transmissions, 4 in 1 front buckets and pallet forks.

We also supply wheeled excavators from 8T to 21T. Our fleet is fully road legal and is fitted with the very latest tracker technology, using JCB LIVELINK.

[email protected] 0845 017 69714 5

1.5T 3T 5T 8T 13T 22T 30T

A 2.3 2.4 2.6 2.6 2.9 3.0 3.1

B 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.3 2.7 3.1 3.3

C 3.7 4.3 5.2 6.3 7.6 9.5 10.6

D 3.3 4.3 5.4 6.9 8.7 9.4 10.3

E 3.7 4.4 5.6 7.4 8.8 9.8 11.3

F 2.2 2.5 3.5 4.7 6.0 6.6 8.1*Dimensions should be used as a guide only.

Page 5: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

Dumpers, Dozers & Dump TrucksBPH offer a wide range of operated and self-drive dumpers and dump trucks from 1T skip loaders to 10T, including straight tip and swivel skip models. Road legal dumpers are also available. We also offer a range of dozers and dump trucks from 10T rear tipping to 30T ADT’s.

Rollers, Skidsteers & TrackloadersBPH can offer a full range of rollers. From remote controlled trench rollers to twin drum rollers. We also offer wheeled skidsteers and tracked loaders which excel in all aspects of construction and material handling where ground conditions are adverse.

[email protected] 0845 017 69716 7

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Tele-HandlersBPH Tele-handlers are perfect for almost any task that involves lifting, moving or placing materials. We have a number of JCB tele-handlers available ranging from 4 -17m.

All of our tele-handlers are fitted with the very latest tracker technology using JCB ‘Live Link’.

AttachmentsOur product range at BPH covers almost every application you would need an attachment for your excavator. From hammers to pulverisers, selector grabs to magnets, just to mention a few. We have all of your attachments solutions available on next day delivery. For a full range of attachments available, please visit our website www.bph-uk.com.

[email protected] 0845 017 69718 9

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[email protected] 0845 017 697110 11

TransportBPH run our own fleet of specialised plant

transport, ranging from 7.5 ton beaver tail

lorries to 80 ton low loaders. We are able to

deliver plant throughout the UK, 24 hours a

day. All of our vehicles are Fors compliant and

closely monitored by our hire office with the

use of a satellite tracking system – enabling us

to provide a high level of service and regular

updates on your delivery.

Specialist ApplicationsBPH offer a full range of machinery and

attachments for earth moving, construction

and landscaping, as well as the specialist

applications of demolition, waste management

and snow clearance. With over 40 years

experience in the industry, our team can advise

and provide exactly what you need to complete

the job.

Snow Clearance | We can supply operated snow clearance machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Waste Management | BPH offer 5,8,13, 22 and 30 Ton 360 machines and tele-handlers complete with any attachment to aid your waste management facility.

Page 8: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

[email protected] 0845 017 697112 13

Non Mechanical PlantPallet ForksAvailable for machines between 8 and 24T, the Prodem pallet forks offer self-levelling adjustable forks that flip back for site safety. Pipe ClampsDesigned for lifting and placing horizontal pipes, the large clamping faces give a good grip to prevent unnecessary damage to the pipes being transported.

Bog MatsThe purpose of bog mats is to protect the ground when it is subjected to heavy use or when the ground is unstable such as pond and lake excavation. Without them the quality of the ground can disintegrate, which can lead to long lasting damage.

Page 9: heavy excavators, mini/midi excavators, jcb 3cx, dumpers, dozers

Immediate availabilityof almost any item of plant or attachment.

Market leading productsthat are renowned for their reliability, performance and productivity.

Delivery and transportprovided by our own satellite tracked delivery vehicles.

Contact us today0845 017 [email protected]

Gillmans Industrial EstateNatts Lane, BillingshurstWest Sussex, RH14 9EZ, UK