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Heather James Fine Art - Tony de los Reyes: The Dart Exhibition Catalog


<ul><li><p>Published on the occasion of the exhibition Tony de los Reyes: The Dart </p><p>March 26 - May 29, 2011</p><p>Catalogue designed by Timothy Tompkins</p><p>Heather James Fine Art45188 Portola Avenue</p><p>Palm Desert, California 92260www.heatherjames.com</p></li><li><p>Based on Herman Melvilles 1851 classic Moby-Dick, the title The Dart is from chapter 62 of the book and is also whalemens slang for a harpoon. The Dart is also the title of a life-size black/bronze harpoon which dramatically hangs pointdown from the ceiling in the center of the gallery. A theme that runs throughout the artists work is what the dart implies, which is an incision or cutting through matter due to force of will; transactions that occur through violence. Whether they are the Maori tattoo facial markings in the Cannibal works or the thin white lines radiating from Sunset over a roiling, deep black sea, what is consistent is a manipulation of one type of space by the imposition of another. Among other things, Moby-Dick can be thought of as a meta-narrative that confronts the individuals relationship with nature and its pull on the subconscious. </p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Two of the paintings in the exhibition excerpt passages from the text which illustrate key concerns of both Melville and de los Reyes: There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method. The work communicates such disorder as coming from a disruption of some kind of natural state, which in turn creates a new incarnation of material.De los Reyes paintings are a combination of raw linen, first wet and stained with washes of sumi ink, then later applied with oil. He only uses white and black pigmentsnever mixedwhich conceptually ties to Moby-Dicks forces of structural antagonism and oppositional energies. The dominate surfaces of the paintings are usually very thin, which de los Reyes then interrupts with areas of thick opacity, relating to Melvilles permeating philosophy of dualism inherent in the book. </p><p>5</p></li><li><p>There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method., 2011ink and oil on linen10 x 111 in.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>7</p></li><li><p>7</p></li><li><p>Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian., 2011ink and oil on linen10 x 90 1/2 in.</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>15</p></li><li><p>1851 (3), 2011, ink and oil on linen, 33 1/2 x 56 in.</p><p>16</p></li><li><p>17</p></li><li><p>1851 (4), 2011, ink and oil on linen, 12 x 16 in.</p><p>20</p></li><li><p>21</p></li><li><p>22</p></li><li><p>Sunset (2), 2011, ink and oil on linen, 59 1/8 x 59 1/8 in.</p><p>23</p></li><li><p>The Dart, 2011, bronze and cable, 87 x 5 in.</p><p>26</p></li><li><p>27</p></li><li><p>28</p></li><li><p>Pequod (2), 2011, ink on paper, 26 x 20 1/2 in.</p><p>29</p></li><li><p>Cannibal (3), 2011, ink on paper, 26 x 20 1/2 in.</p><p>32</p></li><li><p>33</p></li><li><p>34</p></li><li><p>Cannibal, 2011, ink and oil on linen, 55 x 45 1/8 in.</p><p>35</p></li><li><p>Starbuck, 2010, bronze, 4 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 4 1/4 in.</p><p>38</p></li><li><p>39</p></li><li><p>42</p></li><li><p>Tony de los ReyesBorn 1960, Los Angeles</p><p>Education:MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CABFA, California State University, Northridge, CA</p><p>Selected solo exhibitions:2011 The Dart, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA2010 Chasing Moby Dick: Selected Works by Tony de los Reyes, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA2009 The Prophet, Howard House, Seattle, WA2008 Ahabs America, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA2007 American Baroque: Ruminations on Moby-Dick, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, CA2006 Or The Whale, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA The Imago Sea, Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ2005 The Sea is the Ghost of the World, Howard House, Seattle, WA The Last Archipelago, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA2004 The Strange Tale of Near and Far, DCKT Contemporary, New York, NY Studying the Strange Tale of Near and Far, Michaels, Santa Monica, CA2003 Ingenious Kingdom, Howard House, Seattle, WA Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ2002 Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA Excepts From The Porcelain Pavilion, Howard House, Seattle, WA2001 rrocococo, Artplace, Los Angeles, CA</p><p>Selected group exhibitions:2010 Lost at Sea, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA2008 Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC In-between Air, Land and Sea, Long Beach City College Art Gallery, Long Beach, CA Weekend Warrior, Nathan Larramendy Gallery, Ojai, CA2007 Mar Vista, Domestic Setting, Los Angeles, CA2006 Major Drawings, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA2005 A Great Mania, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, ID Very Early Pictures, Luckman Fine Arts Gallery at CSULA, Los Angeles, CA Welcome 2 the Jungle, DCKT Contemporary, New York, NY2004 100% Acid Free, curator Micaela Giovanotti, White Columns, New York, NY Landscape, Rena Bransten, San Francisco, CA Fantasticism, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Mail-In, London Street Projects, Los Angeles, CA2003 The Art of Thought, curator: Kim Abeles, Angels Gate, San Pedro, CA 6 Booths in 7 Weeks, film, Grand Central Art Center, Cal State University Fullerton, Santa Ana, CA2002 The Frustrated Landscape, curator: Tyler Stallings, Guggenheim Art Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA Full Nelson Four Performance Festival, Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA Open, curator: Chris Miles, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA Space (+/-) 4, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA2001 Layered Cake, Schomberg Gallery, Santa Monica, CA</p><p>43</p></li><li><p> Wallworks, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA Berlin/L.A. Exchange 2001, Luna International, Berlin, Germany ASU Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Mail Art Exchange, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA2000 Wall Space, Miller Durazo Contemporary Artists Projects, Los Angeles, CA 2nd Annual Short Film and Video Festival, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA Are You Interested?, Smart Gals Production, Los Angeles, CA Taxation, Smart Gals Production, Los Angeles, CA</p><p>Bibliography:M. Duncan, Soul Searching in the U.S.A., Art in America, March 2011R. Hackett, Tony de los Reyes:high seas bobast on a table, Artsjournal, October 5, 2009, ills.J. Graves, Currently Hanging, TheStranger.com, October 5, 2009, ills.K. Newhouse,Tony de los Reyes: Ahabs America, X-Tra, Volume 11, Number 2, Winter 2008: 27-32, ills..S. Mizota, Tony de los Reyes, ArtNews, Volume 107, Number 6, June 2008: 138-139, ill.P. Frank, Falling Together, LA Weekly, Volume 30, No. 21, April 11-17, 2008: 51, ill.R. 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Roth, Tony de los Reyes at Artplace, Artweek, Vol. 32, Issue 7/8, July/August 2001, ills.</p><p>45</p></li><li><p>PO Box 3580 172 Center Street Suite 101 Jackson, WY 83001 307-200-6090</p><p>45188 Portola Avenue Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-346-8926</p><p>www.heatherjames.com</p></li></ul>