HeartCry 71 - Siberia

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  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    I N T H I S I S S U E

    Articles:T H E G R E A T N E E D

    S T R I K I N G T H E B A L A N C E

    T H E G R E A T T R A N S - S I B E R I A N J O U R N E Y

    L E S S O N S F R O M T H E C H U R C H I N R U S S I A

    Reports from the Field:C O O R D I N A T O R ' S R E p O R T - R U S S I A

    S p R E A D I N G T H E G O S p E L I N S I B E R I A

    H O M E L E S S I N S I B E R I A

    Missionary Spotlight:B A K H I D K .

    7 1 A P R - J U N 2 0 1 2 T H A T G O D S N A M E B E G R E A T A M O N G T H E N AT I O N S

  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia



    The Great Need

    The harvest is as plentiful as ever, and the

    workers are as few as ever ............... 4

    Striking the Balance

    Holding a balance between Godssovereignty and our responsibility ..... 6

    The Great Trans-Siberian Journe

    The missionary exploits of Frederick

    William Baedeker through the remote

    areas of Siberia .............................. 8

    Lessons from the Church in Russia

    What can Western Evangelicals learn from

    the persecuted church? ................. 16

    Looking unto the Harvest

    Statistics revealing the great harvest which

    remains in Russia ......................... 21

    Coordinator's Report - Russia

    A report from HeartCry Coordinator

    Holden Barry about his recent trip to

    Belarus and Siberia ....................... 22

    Spreading the Gospel in Siberia

    A letter from Pastor Sergey in Irkutsk,

    Siberia, telling of the hardships of carrying

    the gospel to Siberia ...................... 28

    Homeless in Siberia

    A special report from HeartCry Missionary

    Vladimir Radzihovski in Nizhnevartovsk,

    Siberia ............................................. 32

    Missionar Spotlight

    Bakhid K. is a Kazakh pastor in Northern

    Kazakhstan who is seeking to reach the

    Muslim Kazakhs............................ 34





    Dr Rdrs:

    Th HrtCr Mssr Sct hs w mlddrss. Pls sd ll crrspdc t:

    THe HeaRTCRy MiSSionaRy SoCieTyP.o. Box 3506RaDfoRD, ViRginia 24143

    Thk u

    HeartCry Staff

    We have a ...


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    All of us here at HeartCry hope

    and pray that this Summer Edition of the

    HeartCry magazine nds you growing in

    the grace and knowledge of our Lord andSavior Jesus Christ. We pray that the fullness

    of Gods salvation might be an ever-growing

    reality in you, your family, and your church.

    We also pray that your knowledge might

    increase, so that you might know the will

    of God and live your life in the very center

    of it. We have only one life to live for Him.

    It is a great privilege and stewardship. Let

    us be found faithful.As I write this introduction, the Heart-

    Cry ofce looks more like Grand Central

    Station than a mission ofce. Holden Barry

    has just returned from Siberia, Marc Glass

    has just left for an extended trip to the

    Middle East, and I am headed to Peru for

    one month. With the departure of three

    full-time staff workers over the last year, we

    nd ourselves short-handed, wearing manydifferent hats and running on full-throttle! It

    can be a little exasperating at times, but to

    be poured out for the Lords sake and for

    the sake of His people is an unrelenting joy.

    Please pray that we might be more sensi-

    tive to the Lords direction and not waste

    a moment on detours.

    We praise God that He has just re-

    cently provided a man to take over thework in Asia. In a few months, Brother

    Aaron Pikkarainen and his soon-to-be wife

    Christina will be moving from Minneapolis

    to Radford to join the HeartCry staff. This

    is a tremendous answer to prayer. In fact,

    God has gone beyond all we asked! In an

    upcoming edition, we hope to introduce

    you to this young couple and to the work

    they will be overseeing!We are very excited about this present

    edition of the HeartCry magazine because it

    focuses on a remote area of the world that

    has always been upon our hearts - Siberia.

    Over the last few years, HeartCry stafferHolden Barry has carried a greater and

    greater burden for Siberia, and when God

    began to open the doors, he was more than

    willing to run through them. Over the last

    year or so, Holden has been making contacts

    with men of like faith and practice, and we

    are now poised to advance without reserva-

    tion with the men that God has brought to

    us. We sincerely ask for your prayers on ourbehalf. There is so much to do and so little

    time. We must go forth with great zeal, and

    also with great discernment.

    With the departure of South Ameri-

    can Coordinator Brad White, I have once

    again taken over the responsibilities for the

    Spanish-speaking world. To begin, I will be

    traveling to Peru with my family in order

    to become reacquainted with the workand the missionaries whom we sponsor.

    Needless to say, my entire family is excited

    about the trip and the great possibilities of

    ministry. Please pray for me and my wife

    Charo, who will once again be ministering

    at my side and teaching the wives of pastors

    and missionaries.

    To conclude, I hope that this edition of

    the HeartCry magazine will not only blessyou, but also move you to greater devotion

    to Christ and His cause!

    Your brother,

    Paul David Washer

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    HeartCry Magazine is a quarterly magazine ree

    o charge to all ho request it. The primary

    purpose o our magazine is to share something

    o the great ork that Go is oing in the orl

    through inigenous missions.

    HeartCry is a missionary society ith one great

    an overriing passion: that Go's Name be

    Great among the Nations (Malachi 1:11) an

    that the Lamb receive the ull rear or His

    suering (Revelation 7:9-10).


    (540) 707 1005|www.HEARTCRYMISSIONARY.COM


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    The sTage is seT for possibly The

    greaTesT advancemenT in missions

    ThaT The church has ever knoWn.



  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    b y P A U L W A S H E R

    "...The harvest is more plentiful than ever, thedoor of opportunity is open wider than ever,and the workers are as few as ever."

    of 7 biLLion PEoPLE > 560 MiLLion (8%) EvAngELicALS

    of 16,787 PEoPLE gRoUPS > 6,947 (41%)UnREAcHEd!

    of 7 biLLion PEoPLE > 2.8 biLLion (40%) oUt of RAngE!

    of 7,000 LAngUAgES > 2,000 (29%) WitHoUt ScRiPtURE!

    of 8 biLLion > ? % EvAngELicALS






  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia






  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia



  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    Am th mst utstdmssr plts vr wsths hstrc d rul v-

    tur b whs m strs dchlls t ths d - frdrck Wl-lm Bdkr.

    Dr. f.W. Bdkr ws br grm 1823, but t t r-lus ml. H btd dctr-t phlsph t th Uvrst frbur, d ls srvd thrm. atr th trc dth hsw thr mths, h dcdd tlv grm, d s th wrld;d s 1854, h sld rm e-ld t Tsm, jur tht lst-d vr ur mths. fv rs ltrh rturd t eld, d tk uptch, stll rrlus, d prud hs ubl.

    i th tw whr h lvd, dur1866, Lrd Rdstck hld srs mts. a cqutc vtdBdkr t ttd, whch h ddwth sm rluctc. it ld t hm

    ttd svrl mts. ThLrd Rdstck rqustd prsltrvw wth hm whch dd wthbth m thr ks prr.Bdkr hd bcm chdm d chld gd.

    Ths hhl tltd m, wllductd d lut svrl l-us, ws s ctvl prchChrst. Lrd Rdstck trducd

    hm t sm th blt St.Ptrsbur wh hd b cvrtdthruh hs mstr, d Bdkrlt gds cll t srv Hm thld Russ.

    i 1877, Bdkr d hs sc-d w mvd t St. Ptrsbur d

    std r thr rs wrk mst-l, but t clusvl, s v-lst mst th lr grm cm-mut th rsdt th ct d thr prts th Russ mpr.Hr hw m ts thusds

    m d wm wr prssd pl-sttlmts ll vr Rus-s, but spcll Sbr, h -clmd, oh tht th prss mhtb pd t m!

    H mtd hs dsr t cutss St. Ptrsbur wh ws rd th mprss. Sh thuhtths wuld vr b llwd b thuthrts, but dscussd t wthhr husbd. Sm tm ltr, whshpp St. Ptrsbur, th hp-pd t mt th Drctr Prs-s th strt. Sh skd hm hwuld v prmt t Dr. Bdkrt bl hm t vst prss, tlk tth prsrs, d v thm Bblsr thr sprtul d.

    Th drctr, wh ws rlus

    m, ws vurbl d rd thtBdkr shuld vst hm. Whth mt, th drctr, hlpul v,tld hm but th drt tps prss d pl-sttlmts hshuld vst. H sustd tht B-dkr vst str Sbr, spcllSkl Pl isld, d tht bs Bbls d nw Tstmts brwrdd dvc t vr plc

    h prpsd t vst. H th vhm prmt br th upctdd uqu uthrst, Dr. B-dkr s udr spcl cmmd tvst th Sbr prss d t sup-pl th cvcts wth cps thHl Scrpturs.


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    Rai l : 1090 mi les, R iver : 3388 mi les, Cart : 2282 mi les.

    Immense OppOrtunIty

    Adr pprtut, rtrth h culd hv md,hd b pd b gd r

    Bdkr t mstr t ths whmsct hd rjctd d wshd trt. S b mstr tht wst lst ht rs, d whchrchd t vr crr Russsvst mpr rm Wrsw th wstt Bku th suth d t Skl th r st.

    Br vst Sbr, Bdkrspt w rs d vlstcwrk d dstrbut Scrpturs th prss eurp Russ. Th 1889, h trvlld s r s Tmskt s smth th cdts Sbr prss, d t mk plsr jur s r s Skl ll th ds br th Sbr rlwws bult.

    Bdkr b hs rull,hstrc mss d 67, surrm svr curvtur th spd thr pul hdcps. Hws ccmpd b th ldr Russ evlcl Chrsts, J-hs Krl (1846-1933), s hsud d trprtr. H ws rtu-t t d such ws, dl, dprcd m s hs cmp,d t mtd hs zl d

    hlpulss lttrs hm. Th Rus-s Bbl Sct hlpd Bdkrb sd hd hm lr sup-pls Scrpturs t Prm, ykt-rbur, Tum, Tmsk, irkutsk,d nklvsk. Suppls ls wtb s rm odss r hs wrk Skl.

    Th tw m st ut rm St. P-

    trsbur th 10th M, 1890r Mscw. o thr rrvl thwt drctl t th lr ctrlprs whr th gvrr d hscls, rcz Bdkr rmhs m prvus vsts, v hm wrm wlcm.

    W rrvd t s prt ls, 400 m, wm,d chldr, t t Sbr, l dtrrbl mrch. Thr rbut 3,000 prsrs hrd vr v ds prt sst . a kd-hrtd Ms-cw mrcht vs t chl rubl thr d-prtur, t m, wm, dchld.

    Thr r sm mlswth thr r ur chldrd sm mthrs crrts. it ws sd sht ts thm ll, d kw S-br s i d, i m sur thtm ths dr pplwll d th w, spcllth chldr, d vr rchthr dstt. nt dw sw 800 m chs twhm w wr bl t spk


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    d prst wth nw Tst-mts; th wr ll t Sbr. Krl hs b rt hlp t m, h s bldd spks wthut hst-


    Th tk th ht tr t nzh--nvrd rrv th 14th M th mr. a thwt strht t th lr ctrlprs, whr th vstd th prs-rs, spk t thm prslld dstrbut th 500 nw Ts-

    tmts tht th hd bruht wththm. Tht v th brdd thstmr r Prm, cllct mrScrpturs t Kzh whch th v

    t th mrts rm Kursk thrw t Tmsk. Thr stmr thlt th Vl rvr d prcdd upth Km rvr t Prm whr thrrvd th 19th M:

    W wt t c t th gv-rr d th t th lrprs whch mr th600 prsrs r crwddtthr umrculmr. i d t thk i hvs prs whr whch m r s crwdd

    tthr. Thr r tw mrprss hr, d w wll trt vst thm bth.

    HIs Way Of speakIng


    m wh ws bl t c-cmp Bdkr t prs- hs v ths ccut hs

    mthd spk t prsrs:

    Th prsrs r brlspk t s srs whmgd lvs, d r whmH st Hs S t d. itws vr clr tht Bd-kr lvd thm ll d thsmd th m lst vr t-ttvl. Th prs clswr thusstc hlpBdkr, d ls hlpdth tw prsrs wh wrcrr hu bskt Scrpturs rm cll tth t. i ths prs thr

    wr m rm m dr-t prts th mpr, dBdkr tld thm tht thgspl ws trul tr-tl, r ll rcs m,thruh th bld ChrstsCrss br ssurc justct d trll t ll wh cm t gd

    thruh Hm.

    scenes Of starvatIOn


    h lt Prm b tr, rrv yktrbur M 21std s ws thr custm th

    wt strht t th prs. Thhd ls rrd t mt th e-lsh rprsttv th Brtsh dfr Bbl Sct wh lvd th tw. H rd t ccmpthm rm Tmsk t irkutsk t hlpwth trsprt Scrpturs r tht st thr jur. Th thprcdd b tr t Tum whrth rlw dd, rrv M27th. Th wr shckd t dscvrthusds mrts d prs-rs wh hd rrvd hr br thmd culd trvl urthr s thl ms trsprt wr rvrstmrs trppd b th rz rvr.

    Bdkr wrts:

    n r t stmbts hvb l rz th rvrTur, but th c s w thw-. Th bts wll b rtlcrwdd s s m pss-rs r wt. our trbruht thr 800 m-

    rts. yu ct mth sc! Wm d chl-dr slp wd shds,but thr m slp utsd th rud. W hd mpprtuts hlpthm wth m. Sm


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    thm r lmst strv. ihv vr s such msr

    s hr! Prsrs, d thrwr lmst tw thusd thm, hv bttr lv c-dts th prs w vs-td. Th r put spclbrs d plcd csr thr jur up th rvr.

    Thr stmr lt Tum th

    31st M rrv Tblsk th 2d Ju. Hr th vstdsvrl prss. M th 1,500prsrs th mt wr wt rtrsprtt b br t Tmskwth thr wvs d chldr. Bd-kr sd:

    Th m lstd rl

    t th gspl, d w tkmr tm ch cll. ThWrd ws v d rcvd pwr. W wt thstr d th v.Th prsrs lstd wthrt ttt s dd th -cls. Sm th prsrswh hd rcvd Bbls r

    nw Tstmts rm us lstr cm d shwd thm.Th hd md crdbrdcss t prtct thm. Mgd blss thm!

    atr st lmst tw wks,th lt b stmr r Tmsk, trv-

    ll up th rvrs irtsh d ob drrv thr th 18th Ju.Th wr mt b Mr. Dvds th Brtsh d fr Bbl Sct,wh ws t hlp thm t trsprtmr Scrpturs t irkutsk, d hdbruht tw tarantass (crts) r thspurps; r hmsl d rBdkr d Krl. fr th t

    tw mths, ths prmtv, spr-lss crts wuld b thr hms whch th wuld slp, t, dstr ll thr bls!

    all th Bbls lr pcktswr strd th bttm th crtswth mttrsss d cushs ld tp r th pssrs t l . Thvstd thr prss d Bdkr

    ws plsd t s tht prsrs,t whm h hd v Scrpturs thprvus r, wr shw ss b sprtull lucd b whtth wr rd.

    o th 24th Ju, th st utr Krsrsk, 700 km w. Thrwr twt-sv pst-stts th w whr th wuld b bl t

    ch hrss d bu s, blckbrd, d ht wtr t supplmtth d th crrd wth thm.Bcus th summr ht thrstd dur th d, trvll rmur clck th tr thruh


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    vstd th prss Krsrsk,

    d Mr. Dvds wt hd tirkutsk. Bdkr ws dpl m-prssd b th uspld but llrud hm:


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    w hd p-r mts rth prsrs d prclmdth gspl t thm rl dull. i th v, 400 t500 m rturd rm wrk,d w hd thm rmdt squr. Krl d i,std th crt wth ur

    bks, spk t thm ll. Thcrs ls lstd mst t-ttvl, svrl thm b- dpl mvd.

    Br lv irkutsk th25th Jul, th sd db tMr. Dvds wh hd t rtur tyktrbur. ahd thm ws

    jur 1,500 km b tarantass(crts) t th ctr th rth dd t vst. Crss LkBkl b stmr, th rrvd vds ltr Cht, spk Chrst t Ml vllrs thw. o th 2d auust th r-rvd nrchsk. Bdkr wrts:

    W hv w rchd thvr ctr th Sb-r cvct-prs sstm.W hv rt umbr bks t b tk t thsprss, d w m hv


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    dcult bt uhhrss t crr thm. Smds w wll hv qut crv tarantass dtw cvrd crts ld wthbks.

    Th rchd Srtsk th

    5th auust, d th t d stut r th muts r th Ch-

    s brdr, whr th hrd-lburcrmls wr put t wrk thslvr ms. Dur th t tds, th trvlld 600 km vstsv pl-sttlmts (th ms ur thm c stll b ud th mp Kd, alksdrvskZvd, gr Zrtu d nrch-

    sk Zvd).

    tHe respOnse

    W hd hpp wrk wth u-lmtd lbrt t prch thgspl d t tlk t md wm, sm whmwr dpl mvd. i ths prss hd thrvr b Bbls r nw Ts-tmts v br. Thwr vr thkull rcvd,d th crs wr mstkd. i m s thkul tgd tht w hv b blt vst ths plcs. n hs vr b hr t shw trst th prsrs,mst whm r hrddcrmls d murdrrs . . .it s sd sht t s thppl ths dstrcts;

    thr s sldm sml c. Th lstd vrtttvl t ur prch-; svrl m wpt dm prssd rttud.Sm ll thr ks d

    thkd gd. W hv t lstud crr th wrldwhr th gspl hs vrb hrd br. icludKr, thr r 10,000 crm-

    ls ths plcs, bthm d wm.

    Th rturd t Srtsk, d th 18th auust, st ut rKr trvll strl drc-t th Rvr Shlk r prt th w d th rmdr b crt. iths vr rmt d sltd r,

    pltcl prsrs d rvlutr-s wr kpt. atr vst thm rur ds th rturd t Sr-tsk:

    W hv b t Kr dthr rchd th clm th Sbr prss. Thwrst crmls r kpt

    hr, m d wm whv clm t hv rtthm, m d vrth th pst. is t pssbl?Th r clld Kw th- r Hv rtt vr-


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    th. our wrk th prs-s ws mst chr. Thpr crturs wr s rt-ul r th Wrd spk d

    ls m th crs swll. Th sd, i ur prs-rs culd hr such srms

    tw r thr tms r twuld mk rt dr-c. Thr prsts prctcl-l d th r thm; th

    r lt t thmslvs d tth pwr vl.


  • 7/28/2019 HeartCry 71 - Siberia


    First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions andthanks...