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HEALTHIER BRANDS FOR A HEALTHIER BUSINESS FOOD & DRINK SUMMIT Seminar date : Thursday 17th March. Fosbury Flop. 1968 Olympics. Source of Data. Dedicated to consulting and insights only in consumer health and nutrition both US and global. Based in US and Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HealthFocus Information is attitudinal tohelp understanding of Human Behavior and the Potential opportunity or need to fill.PerceptionsMotivationsBeliefsBehaviors


    What Drives Health?


    How Many of You Are Healthy?State of Mind


    UK Health and Diet

    Personal HealthGlobal 2010UK 2008UK 2010Excellent/Very Good45%41%37%Fair/Poor18%24%25%DietVery Healthy/Healthy85%82%78%Unhealthy/Very Unhealthy15%19%22%


    *Why Are We Healthy?Balanced NutritionUsually eat well and generallyget the nutrients I needPretty knowledgeable aboutwhat to avoidNo major illnesses that arent under controlUsually feel good exceptfor the odd cold or fluPretty active, no trouble moving aroundPretty happy and satisfiedHave family/friends/pets/otherfor support.


    In Defining Wellbeing A lot of the Pieces are Equally ImportantPlease rate the importance of each in creating a feeling of total well-being or fulfillment.Followed by Spirituality for Some

    Physical Condition

    76% (78%)

    Feelings ofContentmentOr Happiness

    78% (78%)

    Family Relationships

    80% (81%)

    Financial Status

    61% (69%)

    Satisfaction With Work orCareer

    53% (63%)

    Social Relationships

    63% (69%)


    25% (47%)Almost equal parts family support, good health, and feelings of satisfactionFollowed by Friends, Money and CareerUK 201018 country global


    So What Does It Mean?Half of shoppers globally are notoriously inconsistent in their diet and health efforts as they move back and forth between other priorities.Strongly agree/agreeBecause achieving health means balancing life.


    Primary Drivers to Eat Healthy

    Primary reason for choosing healthy foods and beveragesUK2003UK2010ChangeGlobal2010To ensure my future good health24%33%+9 pts24%To enhance my daily health22%23%+1 pt22%To meet the health needs of family members14%18%+4 pts15%To lose weight10%9%-1 pt4%To treat or control an existing health problem6%6%0 pts7%To feel good11%5%-6 pts11%To provide extra day-to-day energy and stamina -- an energy boost3%2%-1 pt13%To improve my appearance2%1%-1 pt2%For spiritual or philosophical reasons---1%


    Who is Eating healthy?




    HFI Segments

    DisciplesManagersInvestorsHealersStrugglersUnmotivatedsBelieve diet is very important. Compulsive about their choices.See positive, daily results from better nutrition. Focus on daily health.Make healthy choices to ensure future good health. Focus on long term health.Feel compelled to eat healthier due to health problems.Yo-yo between healthy and unhealthy eating.Dont believe diet impacts health.Include many vegetarians and health food shoppers.Know healthy eating makes them feel better now.Value quality over price. Influenced by environmental and social concerns.Tend to be older. Health interests are often one dimensional.Believe staying healthy is a matter of luck.Tend to be younger and male.High awareness of leading edge nutrition issues.Wont give up taste or convenience for health benefits.Wont give up taste or convenience for health benefits.Compromise taste and convenience for health benefits.Vulnerable to promises of quick fixes.Taste driven. Make weight loss choices, but for vanity, not health.


    Mapping our Segments to the HMT Model...


    *Moms are controlling health for their children NurturerControllerOverwhelmedUninvolvedMotivationAbilityOpportunity


    *Global Gatekeeper Segmentation NurturerControllerOverwhelmedUninvolved18 country totals


    Healthy Innovation


    Three Platforms of Healthy Innovation

    Commitment LoyaltyProfit Margin

    FunctionalMedicalPurityMarket SizeValue, Taste, fit with current lifestyle, segment appropriateand benefit driven


    4 topics every UK Food Manufacturer Should UnderstandWeight SchizophreniaEnergy to everythingPositive AgingImmunity

    HealthFocus International 100 Second Avenue N, Suite 220, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 727. 821.7499

    For more information, please contact: Steven Walton HealthFocus International +1 727 821 7499

    ****What is the right weight? How to become noraml from obese in 1 day? ***Here is what we call the Pillars of Innovation. As you move away from indulgent towards functional and medical, your commitment goes down, but your profit margin goes up, but the market size goes down. Most products wont get to Medical because, for the most part, its a niche market. *


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