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  • 7/27/2019 HALO Fact Sheet


    Tom Bonazza [email protected] www.ewa-gsi.c

    5000 NASA Boulevard Suite 1200 Fairmont WV 26554 703.904.57 2010 EWA Government Systems,

    HALO Networked Remote

    Control Systems, with the ORION Weapon


    The HALO ORION Solution

    Critical facilities and infrastructures needsuperior perimeter protection and reactioncapability. The ORION family of remote weaponplatforms by MacKenzie River Partnersrepresents the future security technology.ORION, networked by EWA GSI HALOcommand and control system, provides ultimateaccess delay solutions, and a comprehensiveand coordinated approach to ensure thesecurity of critical facilities and infrastructures.

    Superior Reaction Capability

    The threats to critical facilities areescalating, and agencies such as the UNuclear Regulatory Commission havebolstered their regulations for facilityprotection. The HALO ORION systemenhances existing reaction teams withmore immediate response to threatswhile keeping human responders out oharms way during initial threatengagements. The system also givesfacility and compound security teams tability to implement remote weaponsystems across large distances andmultiple locations.

    Networking Multiple Weapons Systems

    The HALO ORION system is unique thanks to itsability to network multiple ORION weapon systems.The HALO Network consists of a fiber optic

    architecture that supports ranges over 10km, andcan be integrated with existing video surveillancecameras, ground sensors, motion detectors, andfences. HALO has both redundant and independentvideo and C2I, limiting counter-attack vulnerability.HALO features a supervisor position for resourcemanagement.

  • 7/27/2019 HALO Fact Sheet


    Tom Bonazza [email protected] www.ewa-gsi.c

    5000 NASA Boulevard Suite 1200 Fairmont WV 26554 703.904.57 2010 EWA Government Systems,

    Integrated Threat Cycle with HALO Support

    The HALO system fits into the Integrated Threat Cycle by supporting three major activities: Identify, Assess, and Engage.

    HALO features include:

    Two-person rules of engagement supervisory oversite of multiple weapon operators

    Seamless integration with existing security systems

    External sensor inputs via XML User programmable preset locations

    Supports Orion models 100, 200 & 300

    Supports redundant control locations

    Real-time video (no compression lag)

    Scalable architecture to support multiple Orions, operators and supervisors

    HALO Supervisors User Interface

    From the command and control center of HALO, the HALO ORION system provides essential protection for nuclear facilities,shipyards, airports, and more. HALO includes the flexibility to connect any surveillance or threat system, including varioussensors and video systems.