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half marathon Lefkada

Text of half marathon Lefkada


    Athletic Club of Lefkada FILANDROS 1


    6th May 2016

    15:00 19:00 Receiving Participation Numbers and Bip Numbers of Half-Marathon, Public Health Race of 5 km, Race of 10 km and Race of 1000 m for children.

    Place: Cultural Center of Lefkada (ex Town Hall).

    7th May 2016 (Beach Park)

    08:00 09:00 Preparing of registration number procedure. 09:00 15:00 Receiving Participation Numbers:

    Half-Marathon, Public Health Race of 5km, Race of 10km and Race of 1000m for children. 13:00 15:00 Pasta Party in a place that will be announced in the receiving time of bib numbers. Necessary

    condition is to have with you the coupon that you will receive with your participation number. Every coupon is valid for one person only.

    17:45 Start of 1000m Race for 13-15 years old children (Indoor Gym of Lefkada). 17:50 Start of 1000m Race for 6-12 years old children (Indoor Gym of Lefkada). 18:00 End of 1000m Race.

    18:00 18:30 Clothing bag drop off and pick up. 18:40 18:50 Athletes positioning in starting blocks for the races of half marathon, 10km and 5km. 18:55 Symbolic start of the race by a disable athlete. 19:00 Start of Half-Marathon (Beach Park).

    19:05 Start of 5km and 10km Race (Beach Park). 20:05 End of 5km Public Health Race.

    20:35 End of 10km Race. 21:30 End of Half Marathon Race.

    21:45 22:30 Award Ceremony. 22:30 After-run sponsors and VIP guests ceremony (Restaurant Margarita, near Beach Park).


    Do not forget to put properly your participation number during the race and to step above the special carpets so that your time can be recorded and to be valid.

    In the Half-Marathon there will be pace makers, which will follow a stable rhythm of 5`40``/1000m, 5`/1000m 5`40``/1000m for a final race time of 1.3000, 1.4500 and 2.0000 respectively. Pace makers can be identified by wearing balloons with the race time, green for 1.3000, red for 1.4500, yellow for 2.0000.

    Refreshment stations will be in the following kilometers: 2, 5, 7.5, 10, 13, 15.5 18, while isotonic will be in the 10th kilometer.

    The timing will be recorded electronically in the following check points: - the 3rd and 5th km, for the 5km Race - the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th km, for the 10km Race - the 3rd, 5th, 10th, 13th, 18th and 21.097th km, for the Half Marathon Race.

    Any athlete who will not have recorded time in any of these check points, he/she will be automatically cancelled.

    The whole route is marked in every 1 kilometer. In the day of the race is better for you to have eaten at least 2.5 hours before the beginning of the race. It is

    useful not to consume big quantities of food, to prefer food rich in carbohydrates (bread, honey, margarine, pasta, etc) and to avoid milk products.

    In order not only to keep clean the environment which we will run but also to give to the event the ecological importance that it represents as an ecological race, please try to throw away the garbage (water bottles, isotonic, etc) inside the special garbage bins that you will found in the route.


    Athletic Club of Lefkada FILANDROS 2

    Because of the high temperatures that probably will occur during the period of the race, try to drink often a lot of water and keep yourselves wet during the race.

    Prefer the light colours in your clothes AND use hats and sun cream with a high SPF. Any time you feel dizziness, discomfort or you get injured please inform someone of the volunteers, who

    will be at the refreshments stations and along the whole route as pedestrians, on a bike or on motorbike assistance.

    Right after the finish line you will find the emergency refreshment area, the medals, the finisher diploma and the finisher gift bag.

    In the finish area there will also be a place for physiotherapy and recovery for the half marathon athletes. You can pick up your clothing bag from the same place you drop off before the race. The organizers do not have any responsibility for anything happens during the race referring to health

    problems caused by lack of medical tests by the athlete itself. Medical certificates will not be asked by any participant since everyone will run with his/her exclusive responsibility.

    On 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2016 every athlete can have a discount for two persons in restaurants of Lefkada, by showing the bib number. The list with the contracted restaurants is on the race brochure. This offer does not include the 1000m race participants.

    The photographs and the videos of the event and Races will be uploaded in www.greenhalfmarathon.gr on 29th of May 2016.

    The event on 07/05/2016 will be live in www.greenhalfmarathon.gr the hours 18:30-22:30.


    In every runner will be given a number of participation (see picture), in the back part of it there will be a sticker bar code which is the electronic number of timing for every athlete. Every runner is obliged to put his/her bib number in the front part of his/her t-shirt and set it in all 4 angles without ruining the bar code (no holes, no ruffles, etc). Only in this way the athlete can participate in the race and to be valid in the race results.

    How to set and fasten properly my bib number?