HADLEIGH TM 0279 4220 - Media Uploads .HADLEIGH. TM 0279 4220 . WW1 ... Cpl.) 173rd Prisoner of

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Text of HADLEIGH TM 0279 4220 - Media Uploads .HADLEIGH. TM 0279 4220 . WW1 ... Cpl.) 173rd Prisoner of

  • HADLEIGH TM 0279 4220 WW1 - 112 WW2 - 38 WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish Conflict Date Notes

    Arthur ABBOTT Sergeant 6933 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 31 Hadleigh WW1 13/11/1916 Son of Mrs. Charles Ward; husband of Ellen Arthur William ABBOTT Private 235326 Northumberland Fusiliers 12th/13th Bn. 26 Hadleigh WW1 27/04/1918

    Son of Peter and Annie Abbott; husband of Lottie

    Frederick William Albert

    ALLEN Private 42024 Hertfordshire Regt. 1st Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 23/08/1918 Son of Frederick James and Emily Allen

    Harry Charles ALLEN Private 63665 West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of Wales's Own) 1st/6th Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 30/10/1918 Son of Henry Allen

    John Lionel (Rev) BACON Chaplain -

    Young Men's Christian Association - 36 Hadleigh WW1 01/12/1918

    Son of William and Catherine Bacon

    Albert Charles J. BAKER Private 20306 Suffolk Regt. 1st/7th Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 28/01/1920

    Son of John and Louisa Baker. Buried in Hadleigh cemetery

    Albert Edwin John BAKER Private 206149 Norfolk Regt. "E" Coy. 3rd Bn. 41 Hadleigh WW1 08/07/1918

    Son of John Trudgett and Mary Ann Baker. Buried in Felixstowe cemetery

    James BAKER Private 6668 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 28 Hadleigh WW1 26/08/1914 Son of Harry and Emily Baker; husband of Henrietta William Walter BALHAM Private 6197 Devonshire Regt. 1st Bn. 32 Hadleigh WW1 31/10/1914

    Son of William Thomas and Sarah Ann Balham

    Henry Edwin BARR Corporal 4015 London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles) 9th Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 22/01/1917 Only son of Arthur Edwin and Alice Maria Barr

    Horace BEAUMONT Lance Corporal 46183 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 16th Bn. 22 Hadleigh WW1 21/03/1918

    Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Beaumont

    James Robert BECKETT Private 240464 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 49 Hadleigh WW1 30/08/1918 Husband of Elizabeth Ann Beckett

    Enos Ephraim BEER Lance Corporal 3379 Rifle Brigade 2nd Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 09/05/1915 -

    William Edward BEER Private 31158 York & Lancaster Regt 1st/4th Bn. 37 Hadleigh WW1 19/10/1917

    Son of William and Emily A. Beer

  • Charles Haddon BETTS Private 27224 Royal Warwickshire Regt. 2nd Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 21/10/1917

    Son of John and Elizabeth Frances Betts. Memorial

    John William BETTS Sergeant 8590 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 24 Hadleigh WW1 17/11/1918 Son of John and Elizabeth Frances Betts. Buried in Hadleigh cemetery

    rank Edgar BLOOMFIELD Private 2208 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 Son of Edgar Charles and Annie Elizabeth Bloomfield

    Leonard BLOOMFIELD Private 2400 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 Son of William and Elizabeth Jane Bloomfield

    Bert George BOWERS Private 22134 Suffolk Regt. 7th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 03/07/1916 -

    Frederick Stanley BRANCH Private 51730

    Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry) 3rd Sqdn - Hadleigh WW1 09/06/1917 -

    Bertram Wilfred BROOM Private 290123 Suffolk Regt. 11th Bn. 29 Hadleigh WW1 09/10/1917

    Son of Arthur and Rebecca Broom;husband of Maud Daisy

    Harry BROWN Hadleigh WW1 not found not positively identified

    Edmund BUDD Private 34075 Essex Regt. 9th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 08/10/1917

    Ernest William Stuart

    CARTER Private 53968 West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of Wales's Own) 15th/17th Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 13/08/1918 Son of John William and Elizabeth Carter

    Arthur James CHISNALL Private 320143 Suffolk Regt. 15th Bn. 22 Hadleigh WW1 06/11/1917 Son of William Fredrick and Alice Susannah Chisnall

    Charles James CHISNALL Gunner 47318 Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 23rd Bde. - Hadleigh WW1 26/07/1916 -

    Herbert J. CHISNALL Private 1284 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 -

    Frederick Thomas CLARKE

    Lance Corporal 2236 Suffolk Regt. 1st/5th Bn. 23 Hadleigh WW1 19/03/1916 Son of Thomas F. Clarke

    Leslie Harold COCKSEDGE Private 31669 Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 20/09/1917 Son of Mr. E. Cocksedge

    Charles Henry CODLING Private 201070 Suffolk Regt. 1st/4th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 23/04/1917 Husband of E. Codling

    Sidney John COOK Rifleman R/40827 King's Royal Rifle Corps attd. 1st/11th Bn. London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) - Hadleigh WW1 06/11/1917 -

    Charles Ridgway COOPER Private 168 South African Infantry 2nd Regt. 35 Hadleigh WW1 12/04/1917

    Son of Thomas and Emily Mary Cooper

    William Salisbury COOPER

    DCM MM. Sergeant 19583 Grenadier Guards 4th Bn. 32 Hadleigh WW1 14/05/1918

    Son of Thomas and Emily Mary Cooper

    Ernest Edward CORDER Private 17546 Suffolk Regt. 1st Bn. 30 Hadleigh WW1 12/02/1918

    Frederick Thomas CORDER Bombardier 1736 Australian Field Artillery 3rd A.F.A. Bde. 26 Hadleigh WW1 15/06/1917

    Son of Thomas and Edith Louisa Corder

    Stanley William CORDER Private 23710 Suffolk Regt. 8th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 26/06/1916 -

  • Francis Percy COUSINS Private 41947 Northamptonshire Regt. 5th Bn. 24 Hadleigh WW1 04/10/1918 Son of George W. and Priscilla Cousins

    Walter Thomas DOWDEN Rifleman 552608

    London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)

    1st/16th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 14/04/1917 -

    Leonard DRIVER Private 9300 King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.) 2nd Bn. 25 Hadleigh WW1 08/05/1915 Brother of Charles Driver

    Maurice E. Albert DRIVER Private 27162 East Surrey Regt. 1st Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 18/07/1918 -

    William DUNNETT Private 2221 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. 32 Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 Husband of Mrs K. Dunnett

    Henry Frederick DURRANT Private 2211 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 17/09/1916 -

    Leonard George DURRANT Gunner 208300 Royal Field Artillery 41st Bde. 27 Hadleigh WW1 22/03/1918

    Son of James and Jane Durrant; husband of Florence

    Frederick Charles EIGHTEEN Private 1815 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 10/03/1916

    Son of James and Amelia R. Eighteen. Buried in Hadleigh cemetery.

    Robert James ELMER Private 43982 Suffolk Regt. 9th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 12/10/1916 -

    Bertie Charles EMMERSON Corporal 1287 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. 25 Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Emmerson

    William EMMERSON Driver 60176 Royal Engineers 61st Field Coy. 28 Hadleigh WW1 08/04/1917 Son of William and Elizabeth Emmerson

    Isaac EVERETT Private 3/10283 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 24/09/1918 Brother of Mrs. A. Clarke

    Nelson FARRANT Private 18169 Bedfordshire Regt. 6th Bn. 20 Hadleigh WW1 15/07/1916 Son of Mrs. Annie Farrant

    Harry Frederick FLETCHER Private M2/022021 Army Service Corps

    5th Motor Ambulance Convoy 22 Hadleigh WW1 26/03/1918 Son of Samuel Fletcher

    Edmund George Dawson

    FROMANT Private 246 Royal Army Medical Corps 15th Sanitary Section 21 Hadleigh WW1 16/03/1915 Only son of Harry and Emily Fromant

    Thomas FROST Private 240304 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915 -

    Stanley William GLADWELL Private 3/8087 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 20/07/1916

    Son of Mrs. William Catchpole

    John Alfred William GLEED Private 13124 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. 22 Hadleigh WW1 20/04/1915

    Son of Thomas William Gleed

    Frederick GOODY Private 240465 Suffolk Regt. 1st/5th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 19/04/1917 - Jesse GOODY Corporal 7728 King's Royal Rifle Corps 4th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 05/03/1915 -

    Bertie GOWERS Private 41293 Yorkshire Regt. 9th Bn. 26 Hadleigh WW1 17/07/1917 Son of Henry Joseph and Sarah Gowers; husband of Phyllis Mary

    Frederick John GREEN Private 42945 South Staffordshire Regt. 2nd Bn. 25 Hadleigh WW1 06/05/1918

    Son of Charles and Sarah Green; husband of Agatha Madeline

  • Victor Collins GREEN Private 20178 Essex Regt. 1st Bn. 18 Hadleigh WW1 05/10/1915 Son of the late Joseph Collins

    Harry Stephen GRIGGS Private 2313 Suffolk Regt. 5th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 21/08/1915

    William James GRIMWOOD Private 8168 Bedfordshire Regt. 1st Bn. 29 Hadleigh WW1 13/10/1914 Son of Mrs. Mary Mann

    Bertie Leslie HAMMOND Rifleman 53860 King's Royal Rifle Corps posted to 6th Bn. London Regiment (City of London Rifles)

    18 Hadleigh WW1 09/08/1918 Son of George and Harriett Hammond

    Frederick A. HARVEY Private 6294 Suffolk Regt. 1st Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 24/04/1915 -

    Charles Miller HEARD Second Lieutenant - East Lancashire Regt. 1st Bn. attd. 8th Bn. 24 Hadleigh WW1 10/04/1917 Son of Edwin George and Mary Heard

    John Samuel HILL Private 28675 Grenadier Guards 1st Bn. 19 Hadleigh WW1 01/12/1917 Son of Samuel Arthur and Julia Alice Hill Arthur Herbert HINES Private 3299 Suffolk Regt. "C" Coy. 1st/4th Bn. 32 Hadleigh WW1 28/09/1916

    Son of George and Eliza Hines

    Herbert Daniel HINES Private 8121 Suffolk Regt. "b" Coy. 1st Bn. 25 Hadleigh WW1 08/05/1915

    Son of Thomas and Elizabeth A. Hines

    Frederick Hinton HOCKEY Private 2840

    Honourable Artillery Company - - Hadleigh WW1 24/09/1915 -

    Charles HOLMES Sergeant 10787 King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.) 2nd Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 05/10/1915

    Frank HOPES Private 241153 Suffolk Regt. 1st/5th Bn. 21 Hadleigh WW1 27/11/1917 Son of Robert and Jessie Hopes

    Harry W HYNARD Private 61047 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st/4th Bn. - Hadleigh WW1 25/10/1919

    Ophir Alfred JARVIS Private G/11229 The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt) 7th Bn. 36 Hadleigh WW1 30/11/1916 Husband of Selina

    Sergant JESSUP Private 13150 Suffolk Regt. 2nd Bn. - Hadleigh WW