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<p>Grey Gardens Script</p> <p>Little EdieThis is the best thing to wear for the day. You understand. Because I don't like women in skirts, and the best thing is to wear pantyhose or some pants... under a short skirt, I think. Then you have the pants under the skirt, and then you can pull the stockings up over the pants, underneath the skirt.And you can always take off the skirt and use it as a cape.So I think this is the best costume for the day. (Laughs)I have to think these things up, you know.Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight.Do you think my costume looks all right. This is the revolutionary costume.I never wear this in East Hampton. You know; they can get you in East Hampton for wearing red shoes on a Thursday... and all that sort of thingI don't know whether you know that. You can't be too careful. It's very difficult... to keep the line between the past and the present.It's awfully difficult.</p> <p>Big EdieEdie! What are you doing down there? Just standing there?</p> <p>Little Edie Whiskers!</p> <p>Big EdieWhiskers has disappeared?</p> <p>Little EdieA cat got out. I'm trying to get him in. I don't know how he got out.</p> <p>Big EdieI think he got out in that hole there.I think he got out in that hole. </p> <p>Little EdieHe can jump up there.</p> <p>Big EdieYeah. No, he got out in that hole, Edie</p> <p>Little EdieI put them all out. You told me to.</p> <p>Big EdieNo, dearie, he got out in the hole, babe.</p> <p>Little Edie''Take the cats out; ''you said.</p> <p>Big EdieDid you hear what I said, woman?</p> <p>Little EdieWhat?</p> <p>Big EdieHe got out in this hole here.That was the noise we heard.That raccoon did that to my new wall.Isn't that terrible? They'll have the whole house down soon.</p> <p>Little EdieYeah; we'll be raided again.We'll be raided again by the village of East Hampton..Big EdieThat is a beautiful ocean today; isn't it?What color would you say that was? Sort of sapphire?I've never seen anything like that ocean in the years I've been here... the best in years. Oh Edie,are you around?</p> <p>Little EdieI haven't been out of this goddamn horrible place... in two years.God, if you knew how I felt. I'm ready to kill.</p> <p>Little EdieI locked all the cats away.</p> <p>Big EdieDon't be so mean. They don't wanna be locked away. The poor little kitties. You know kitties adore sun.</p> <p>Little EdieI suppose I won't get out of here till she dies or I die.</p> <p>Big EdieWho's she? The cat?</p> <p>Little EdieI don't know when I'm gonna get out of here.</p> <p>Big EdieWhy do you want to get out? Another place'd be much worse.</p> <p>Little EdieCause I don't like it.</p> <p>Big EdieAny place will be much worse.</p> <p>Little EdieAny place on earth. Yeah, but I like freedom.</p> <p>Big Edie Well, you can't get it, darling. You're being supported. You can't get any freedom when you're being supported. Little EdieYeah; but ... You cant?</p> <p>Big Edie No; you can't.I think you're not free when you're not being supported.</p> <p>Little EdieYou have to toe the mark. It's awful both ways.</p> <p>Big EdieWhen are you gonna learn, Edie?You're in this world, you know. You're not out of the world.</p> <p>Little EdieMother; you don't have enough clothes on. </p> <p>Big EdieWell, I hope I'm gonna get naked in just a minute, so you better watch out.</p> <p>Little EdieThat's what I'm afraid of.</p> <p>Big EdieYeah; for what ? I haven't got any warts on me.</p> <p>Little EdieMother!</p> <p>Big EdieI haven't got any warts on me.</p> <p>Little EdieThat isn't the point, Mother darling. It's very hard to live nowadays. Living is very difficult.</p> <p>Big EdieWell;you know where you got; being like that.No husband; no babies; nothing.(Long pause)</p> <p>Little Edie(Reading from an old book with a spy glass)</p> <p>''The Libra husband is not an easy man to please.The monotony of domesticity is not to his liking, but he is a passionate man and a respecter of tradition.''</p> <p>Thats it, All I have to do is find this Libra man.</p> <p>''The Libra husband is reasonable. He is a born judge, and no other zodiacal type...can... order his life... with so much wisdom.''</p> <p>My God ! That's all I need ... order.That's all I need ... an ordered life. You know, a manager.</p> <p>But he's got to be a Libran.</p> <p>''The Libra husband does not seek divorce..."</p> <p>I don't believe in divorce at all.</p> <p>My father got a, got a fake Mexican divorce, and he... did have, you know, what he called another wife.</p> <p>But we didn't recognize it. It wasn't recognized by the Catholic Church. They don't recognize it, you know.</p> <p>''The Libra husband does not seek divorce... unless the conditions of his life... are not adjustable.''The conditions of life are not adjustable. (Lx change to interior of room)</p> <p> Big Edie Oh, Edie, it's not the best one. This is the worst one of my wedding pictures.</p> <p> Little Edie The others look worse. I think that's terrific.</p> <p> Big Edie I was gonna be a singer you know. A professional singer. When I met Mr. Beale, the jig was up.</p> <p> Little Edie Do you remember this? ( holding up old photograph)</p> <p> Big Edie May I see that, please?</p> <p> Little Edie The villain of the piece.''To my best friend and most delightful comrade, to my only sweetheart and wonderful wife; I tender this likeness of her husband Phelan Beale. </p> <p> Big Edie So we did love each other.</p> <p> Little Edie Did I laugh when I read that?</p> <p> Big Edie Aren't kids terrible?</p> <p> Little Edie I just roared. When people don't speak, they never get divorced.</p> <p> Big Edie I've been a very happy woman all my life.</p> <p> Little Edie Shall we talk about Gould?Gould, Mother's accompanist.</p> <p> Big Edie He was a boogiewoogie composer who had the most terrific style.He was the most brilliant man I've ever met.That's including Mr. Beale and Mr. Bouvier. Completely brilliant.</p> <p> Little Edie This is cute, Mother. I like that very much. (Hands photograph to mother)</p> <p> Big Edie You said Michelle Beale stole this, didn't you, Edie?</p> <p> Little Edie I never did. She'd never do that.</p> <p> Big Edie See how fat I was, Edie? Did I look like a good mother? Was I a good mother?I didn't starve my children, did I? Fed 'em. Fed 'em well.They were very nice children. I enjoyed them tremendously.I'm crazy about my two sons; absolutely mad about them.Well; the boys were; were not hard to handle at all.They were very easy to handle.I saw them every minute; every single minute.</p> <p> Little Edie Oh; they never got any discipline; my brothers.</p> <p> Big Edie They didn't need it. </p> <p> Little Edie They never got any discipline.</p> <p> Big Edie They were absolutely perfect.</p> <p> Little Edie Mother, I'm mad about these pictures of you.</p> <p> Big Edie Oh; no; don't take those.</p> <p> Little Edie We'll just put them right over here. (Starts to snatch the photographs from mother)</p> <p> Big Edie Oh; no; I want those out. Will you give me those; please?</p> <p> Little Edie No, you can't have them.</p> <p> Big Edie I want them; Edie. I will never see them again. Now; I want those pictures.I want those pictures; Edie. No; give me those pictures. I don't want to ask again! Come on.</p> <p> Little Edie You can't expose them to the light in here.</p> <p> Big Edie No, I want... It's my picture.</p> <p>(Photograph tears)</p> <p> Little Edie Look what you made me do. </p> <p> Big Edie Well, you did it! Look what you did.Don't touch that!</p> <p> (Little Edie Laughing )</p> <p> Big Edie I lived alone for years.II didn't mind. You get very independent when you live alone.You get to be a real individual. </p> <p> Little Edie You can't have your cake and eat it too in life? </p> <p> Big Edie Oh yes I did. I did. I had my cake; loved it; masticated it; chewed it... and had everything I wanted.You can't have your cake and eat it too?I had a very, very happy, satisfying life.</p> <p> Little Edie Well, you had a rich husband,you should have stayed with him. Now you might as well face it.</p> <p> Big Edie What ! For money ?</p> <p> Little Edie You were bored.</p> <p> Big Edie Why; I was not. I was a great singer. I had a perfect marriage, beautiful children.Terribly successful marriage. Never had a fight in my life. I never threw anything at Mr. Beale. Never.</p> <p> (Little Edie laughing)</p> <p> Little Edie Threw the bull around, as they say.</p> <p> Big Edie No, I never had any words with Mr. Beale at all.I came down here to live in this, in this house because I did all my singing here.I was so happy. I was happier going out and singing... than anything I've ever done since I was born.I liked it better than anything I ever did.Edie, Edie bring in the...bring in the orchestration... of ''Tea for two"I have to get my voice exactly back the way it was .</p> <p> Little Edie You can't; Mother darling.</p> <p> Big Edie Oh, yes, I can. Oh, yes!</p> <p> Little Edie Something happens; face it.</p> <p> Big Edie I never strained my voice ever in my life.</p> <p> Little Edie Oh; but I strain my voice from yelling and screaming.</p> <p> Big Edie I've never smoked cigarettes.Why; I can get it back in about a month; just about. You know; good hard work.</p> <p> (Singing) When we are together together, hmmmWe belong together We're happy togetherAnd life is a songWhen we are togetherWe know we are where we belongWhen we are togetherLike birds of a featherOf a feather </p> <p>Together we thriveTogether we thrive</p> <p>Little caring whetherLittle caring whetherThe rest of the worldThe rest of the world</p> <p>(Record Sticks)</p> <p> Big Edie Oh, my heart, what happened?</p> <p> Big Edie Oh, that's terrible. Oh; I see. It repeats. Yes, that's very important, that last.That's the ''cazenza,''''cadenza,'' whatever you call it.</p> <p> Little Edie Aren't you mad about your record?</p> <p> Big Edie I was very serious about my singing. Loved it. After you hear that; you realize nothing is...</p> <p> Little Edie Important.</p> <p> Big Edie No; it isn't. Nothing.</p> <p> Little Edie No man could compete against Mrs. Beale and Gould.</p> <p> Big Edie We were pretty good.</p> <p> Little Edie No man in the world.</p> <p> Big EdieWell I worked hard</p> <p> Little Edie Imagine bothering about anything when you have a talent like that ?</p> <p> Big Edie Well, I had to take care of this house. I lived on no money.</p> <p> Little Edie You were able to save the house on account of me.</p> <p> Big Edie Yeah, I think that...</p> <p> Little Edie I didn't want to live in East Hampton but I had to on account of this house.</p> <p> Big Edie Well, now you see why you lived, because you had music all the time.And you went to the beach too.That's what you liked.Well, I think you liked your dancing.You were very good at that.</p> <p> Little Edie That's why. Those are the only things</p> <p>(Phonograph.: ''Tea for Two'')</p> <p> (Big Edie singing)Tea for two, and two for teaAnd me for you, and you for meAlone</p> <p> hear us so see us or hear usNo friends or relations and weekend vacations</p> <p>We won't have it known, dear</p> <p>that we own a telephone, noI'll awake and start to bakeA sugar cake for you to takeMmm, for all the boys to seeWe can raise a familyA girl for you; a boy for meOh, can't you see how happyWe could beTea for two</p> <p>...</p>


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