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  • Green Limousine Project Author : Kishor Kelkar

    Kc square

    18 Churchill Rd East Killara

    NSW 2071 Australia +61294998784,+61412576675

  • Preface

    • Green Limousine Project is a community Project.

    • It is designed and developed using joint effort and participation of very large number of people to achieve certain goals which in the long run would benefit the country and its people in many ways by learning to share resources whose supply is dwindling day by day.(This statement has been made only when I saw a cold response from veteran CEOs/CIOs who kept posing me the same question who is the customer and my answer was there is no customer, we community are customer since we are going to benefit from this project not the big corporations)

    • The project is not controlled by any big corporation who mostly aim at large profiteering to make their investors and executive staff happy at the cost of common man who gets fleeced during broad day light and government always showing helplessness witnessing this phenomenon in all walks of life.

    • When I showed this presentation to learned people, everybody kept asking me similar questions.

  • Preface

    • Who is the customer for whom this presentation is pitched for?

    • Who are the investors in this project?

    • Do you know you are competing with Taxi service controlled by single man who would kill this project.( it made me laugh when I thought that this has nothing to do with Taxi service which does not have any of the idealistic goals this project has).

    • Have you considered legal aspect of this project? ( As if I am trying to some illegal thing, may I am creating a threat ton some existing norms of making money by not working hard enough to deserve it if that is interpreted as illegal. No body likes competition in his own back yard/turf.)

    • Do you know its benefits also cause damage to number of other industries that far outweighs its idealistic benefits?

  • Preface

    • Yes these are valid questions I do not disagree with any of them. Question is whether we have a aim of reducing our carbon foot print or succumb to the notion that economy must grow all the time to keep us employed no matter how much damage we are doing to resource limited planet.

    • I will not exactly agree with the term "resource limited planet", although it is true that fossil fuel resources are dwindling. At the same time there are other infinite resources such as Solar power, water, wind energy, tilde energy, geothermal energy, unused land ( deserts) which have not been fully tapped and these are cleaner resources than fossil fuel.

    • The fear you are mongering that people are going to loose jobs is just a load of bull shit. I would say you are freeing up human resources that can be better utilized to tap these natural resources on which we are showing great reluctance to invest and put our intellectual effort into.

  • I saw this program accidently on ABC

    I thought I may use these two slides to emphasise my argument why “Green Limousine” and “Carpooling assisted by GL cars” are community projects which should be done by donating our skills Pro Bono to formalise the specifications of the project, designing the project, developing necessary hardware and software for the project, encouraging people to invest in a project ( Not a bulk investment but 1 GL unit of investment needed to add just on GL car into the Fleet), encouraging youths to drive these cars, honestly, sincerely and safely without ulterior motive of cheating the project. ( Pro Bono may not be feasible idea if we become serious about the project and there is plenty of money allocated for that in costing for s/w development, h/w infrastructure , maintenance cost, running cost).

  • Please Note

    Presentation which follows is intermingled with so many different ideas, so message may not be very clear in first reading unless it sows a thought worm in your mind in the background.

    Project can be done in stages, starting from last 10 KM area around each suburb well connected by rail/bus/ferry.

    If people like it then it can be expanded to its full blown version.

    We should never pose, we are threat to Taxi service or Bus service whose frequency becomes pathetic during non-peak hours and tyranny of distance in a country like Australia, Canada & USA cannot be avoided.

  • Customer in first stage

    Everyday railway commuters who struggle to find a parking spot in peak hours or some one at home does the job of dropping at station and picking up at the evening.

    School kids whose mums have only benevolent duty during the day to drop them and pick them using giant 4 wheel drives, causing headache to other car drivers.

    Retired people to and from shopping centres.

    School kids afternoon shift.

    Revellers at pubs and restaurants who should not be driving after having a good time.

  • Customers in final stage

    All in first stage,

    Car pooling assisted by GL cars

    General compliment service to taxi service.

    We can handle events like matches and even dispersing airport traffic by segregating travellers at 4 to 5 exit points depending upon their destination so that car pooling is easy. GL customer service at airport can direct these people to go to correct exit point.

  • Introduction

    Green Limousine project provides a transport service to commuters at a reasonable rate ( far less than taxi service , it is ludicrous to even compare it with Taxi service which has no goals of protecting environment and providing transport service at reasonable cost. ) by making use of various advances in technologies in different fields such as

    1) Use of fuel efficient hybrid cars

    2) Use of internet based automation using servers, smart phones and GPS data to link customer and the Green limousine car driver who communicate with the server indicating their GPS data and identification associated with credit card details.

    3) All transactions are automated so no money is exchanged between driver and the customer.

  • Introduction (cont.)

    4) The aim of project is not to make huge profit at the cost of higher tariff to travel, passed on to customers, but to keep service running with a very moderate profit margin ( not more than 5%) on investment.

    5) The aim is to create employment for young people, single mothers and retired people who find it hard to enter job stream and give them breathing space before they find better opportunity.

    6) The salary earned in this job is Government recommended minimum wage rate which keep pace with cpi recommended by government regulation. You cannot expect any pay rise in this job for simple reason, you are supposed to do it only when you cannot find any other job.

  • Introduction(cont.)

    7) We just cannot afford to pay you more than minimum wage rate otherwise we will not be able to offer cheaper transport to commuters. It is my personnel opinion that car driving in modern world is not such an uncommon skill that one can demand a high wage for just being a careful, law abiding, safe driver. You possess so many great skills such as writing, reading, hearing spoken language and understanding the meaning of spoken words and putting your thoughts into written document, but no body pays you only because you possess these skills. These among others, safe car driving is just a common skill for which basic minimum wage is good enough. I also say, I do not expect to drive GL car for life and making life, it is only an alternative option open to anybody if he/she cannot find any other job for any reason and wants to have a breathing space and live with dignity until he/she finds another high paying job. You should drive GL only if you believe in preserving our ECO system by minimising our carbon footprint. If you do not trust in this principle, then you should not participate in this project in any way.

  • Introduction(cont.)

    8) You should not be ashamed to drive a GL car under the assumption that you could not get any other job, on the other hand you should feel pound as you are part of national project to save our environment. 8.1) One of the aim of this project is minimise private car ownership by providing affordable service which makes private ownership redundant. 9) By minimizing number of cars, improve traffic congestion problem, encourage car sharing. 10) Although I have said in the beginning, GL project is not to compete with existing Taxi service, it has far superior goals of projecting environment, creating jobs , minimize number of privately owned cars, mitigate traffic congestion problem, facilitate car sharing and pass on benefit of car sharing back to its customers. It is not any lobby group who is trying to influence government decisions and politicians.

  • Introduction(cont.)

    11) You have to subscribe to GL service by becoming a member of this project, to take advantage of its cheap travel rates. You can help this project by becoming a commuter who uses this service or by becoming a service providing member of this service by sponsoring one GL car in the fleet of GLs. This sponsorship is not a donation to this service, it is in fact an investment in this project. We restrict sponsorship to only one GL car per family. This is to promote the idea that each and every family can invest in this bona fide project just like you shop commodities in super market wi