Graphology- 1st Part

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  • 8/9/2019 Graphology- 1st Part



    1Connecting closely the letters of last words in order to

    completely fit in the line Indicates Economy & Practical mind

    2 Long forceful T dashes, extending far way from TEnergy, Enterprise, Protectiveness, deep thinking & Precision.

    3 Downward SignatureDepreciating own Acheivements, Pessimist, Persevering

    4 No Margin at allEconomy, Misery

    T e German A o Henze was one o

    the famous Graphologist of his time.

    5 Very Wide MarginLiberality, Generousity, tendency to Waste and Extravagance

    6 Very Evenly Kept Marging (Rare cases)Person w o ove care u or er precs on an w o possess great evenness o m n


    8If the left magin begins narrow & grows wider towards

    the bottom of the page

    Writer wishes to control his tendency toward generousity and spending , b ut that this

    tendency will break out sooner or later

    11If the margin on the right hand side of the page is used

    u carefull

    Intermittent economy is indicated

    Weak, helpless and dependent natures, who like to lean upon others for support and


    Very Uneven Margin

    Space being very wide at the top of the page and then

    narrowing down to a very small or almost no margin at

    the bottom of the page

    Such writers are by nature careful and economical; finding themselves in some wayspending more that they ought, they stop to consider, they think matters over and form

    new resolution ; they reform and thus begin to save again and become thrifty.

    Margins small at the top of the page, widening toward

    the centre, and then growing smaller again toward the


    Persons who seem to be unable to write at all, except

    on lined paper, or with a heavily ruled paper


    Writers are likely to play "big" among outsiders . But they are very " small " at home; they

    will spend thousands as " a good fellow" or in liberal charity donations, but they actually

    suffer pain and are grouchy if forced to give a few pennies for their regular household


    Indicates irregularity, unevenness in though and action , carelessness, a changeable

    character and flickerness.

    Sometimes, if extremenly uneven and irregular, we have great nervous unrest; and if such

    exceedingly uneven margins are made usddenly by persons who previously never used

    them, we have signs of a coming nervous breakdown and prostration.






    The Roman Historion Suetonious was

    supposed to be the first writer on

    record who pointed out to the writing

    peculiarity of Roman Emperor

    French- Abbe michon & crepieux

    Jemin for the 1st time developed a

    practicle system relating psychical &

    psychological foundations.

  • 8/9/2019 Graphology- 1st Part


    Possess an independent character which enables them to cut out their own way in life

    14Writers who always write a straight and steady

    horizontal line, even without lined or ruled paper

    Steadfast characters who proceed on their daily way with an equanimity that is not

    disturbed by commonplace events, they are generally trustworthy 7 sincere.

    16Downward movements, in pen strokes, word endings

    and lines

    Psychic 7 physical depression, anguish 7 weariness, discouragement, lack of enterprise,

    laziness 7 cowardice. Many such writers, carry themselves, even when walking on the

    street, in an unsteady, weak way , with body bent forward.

    17Writing upward and downward on the same line,

    causin a " wav " line

    Wavy nes w en accompane y roun , ne or wea pen-stro es n cates wea ness,

    uncertainity and lack of independence.

    18When such wavy lines are written with regular , even

    en strokes

    Cunnng, ypocr sy, p omatc a ty, power o ecept on, ut a so a apta ty,

    smootheness and suavity of sppech and manner

    20 A Large hand

    Characerstics of royal and other personage, the aristocracy, and noble minded men &

    women. Accordingly a large, elegant handwriting is frequently called " Aristocratic"

    21 Extremely Large letters

    Used frequently by Fnatastic Persons, by many poetically inclined natures and by the

    affected and conceited writer whose estimante of himself far exceesd that of his

    acquaintaces and who depends for success in life, rather upon " Luck" or bluff that upon

    real ability.

    Over- educated persons.

    22 A large and at the same time an elegant hand

    Indicates a desire to be someone of consequence or importance, and it is a mark of pride,

    self - consciousness, love of power and glory. Writers who use this style in a natural way

    genraly have a wide and broad horizon, and look at life as a whole unit, never caring much

    We call a writing , or penmanship specimen, " Large " when both the capitals as well as the small letters are broad and long. It is called " small" or "

    fine" whrn both capitals and smallletters are narrow ans short. If the small letters are longer than usual, the specimen may be considered " Large ";

    when not so, it may be considered " Small ".

    Centrifugal movements in writing whenever we make

    upward or rising lines combined with strong well

    marked pen strokes

    Indicated great diligence, confidence, activity, hopefulness, enthusiasm, ambitiion, courage

    & daring.

    We have a character who may have to use great effort to start new undertakings or

    perform duties, but who will surely carry out and fullfill them, no matter a t what cost.

    There is always mich passing interest and enthusiasm shown in matters of labor, enterprise

    love and duty by such writers, but littke real will power and denergy. They always begin

    with great ambition many more enterprises than they are able to cpmplete, so called "

    Hustlers" whoi seem always very busy, but in reality accomplish very little, are in this class

    Even if forced by circustances to use lined or ruled

    paper, do not follow the printed lines but write above,

    between or below them



    20 If the lines form a downword half circle

    If the lines are made in upward curves


  • 8/9/2019 Graphology- 1st Part


    23 Small Writing

    Those who are much preoccupied with details, for example jurists, professor, literary and

    art critics, teachers and others who are habitually segrefated from their fellowmen, often

    write a small hand; as do economical ans parsimonious persons

    24Small writing , when plain and without any loops and

    other fanciful unneccessary decorations

    Simplicity, modesty, preference for family life, economy, little desire for power, a well

    developed faculty of observation, but limited hoeizon. Ladies whose handwriting is of this

    kind , delight in home work, like lacemaking and embridery.

    25If only the capital or first letters of a word are very large

    but others letters very small Vanity, egotism, selfishness and afffectation will be surely found.

    26 Greater the Slope or SlantMore Sensitive, Nervous & Irritable, Intolerance of contradiction , which followed

    by argument & finally ends in Tears.

    27Slantinf accompanied by Strong, regular Heavy

    Pen strokes

    Not only sensitiveness but also strong Passionate nature

    28 Thin, Sharp & Angular Writing, 25 Degree approx. Have no control over

    29 Straight Slant 70 to 80 DegreeAble to keep cool & control their feelings both in business & private affairs,

    Good businees men & Women, cool nature & completely supress sentiments

    30 An even alomost verticle hand, Indicates courtesy & politeness to the strangers & natural good heartedness.

    31 Slant is Backward Deceitfulness, Hypocrisy, untrustworthy, unreliable, cunning, willingness to stabtheir best frined in the back, in business or in love.

    32If the letters of the line or word vary from Back hand,

    straight & Slant Constant conflict b/w heart & brain.

    33 If the Straight letteres are more frequent Reasons & self control are in saddle

    34 If the Slanting letteres are more frequent Passion Anger & Touchy Ir ritability

    35Letters of a word Longer & Larger towards the end like

    Child do

    Persons with samll & backward mind who nevertheless likely to have positive but narrow

    childish views & ideas/ Simple minded persons alos/ Elder

    36 Diminishing Endings Shrewd, Cunning & Smart people

    37 If the words ends with horizontal dash & LinesWriter sensitiveness & ability to disguise real feelings with the mask of outward smile.


    If words ending diminish only slightly with no horizontal


    Prudence & reserve nature, Who never tell what they know at one time & who learn

    quickly through experience

    39 Both Increasing & Dimishing word endings Writer is reserved & secretive as well as Open & conscientious

    40Larger Growing word endings finishing with Heavy

    penstrokes downwardsIndicates Energy & Abmition, also Violence & Passion

    41 Words with letters of Even length or height Good morals & conscience, Trustworthy & upright

    42 Round smoothly flowing hand Jovial, Peace loving, smooth conversational

    43 Angular letters with many sharp corners & points Energetic, serence, stern , cold, Hard hearted


    Handwriting of Rounded & curved letters consist of thin,

    weak pen strokes with the line having downward


    Very weak eazy going lazy person, who possess little or no Physical or Moral courage

  • 8/9/2019 Graphology- 1st Part


    45Sharp or Angular writings that end at each word with

    the last pen stroke forming a right angle Sign of Love for Love & Justice, Sincere , Honest , Good Hearted

    46Angular Handwritings where are edges & corners of the

    various letters looks like Sharp, prickling thorns.

    Cruelty, Brutality & Animal Instincts.

    47Female Sex who habitually writes very Angular letters

    with no round or curved Strokes

    Spinsters, Never a Good wives or mothers, Rarely make friends, must always have the last


    48 Plain writing Strong & powerful intellectuality, clearness, Level Headedness

    49 Intermixed & Interwoven Letters Muddlehead, Cunning or Tricky Mind.

    50Persons who write very plain & pointed capital letters,

    first letter of whose writing is very Plain & pointing

    They see at first only the Beauty & goodness of their environment before even noticing the

    unpleassant side, They rarely care for gor much outward show

    51When one's writing especially of woman shows

    thickning of various down strokes

    They are yearning for someone to Love., more imporatance to outward show, love to

    caress & fondle little childeren & members of opposite sex52 Dirty Handwritings Careless, uncleanly habits,

    53 Specimen which is regular throughoutSteady constant character, whose views , thoughts & ideal are not changed quickly by any

    chance misadventure


    Handwriting where regularity of the letters, margins on

    the left & right, distance b/w lines, space b/w words is

    very systematic

    Writer is Pedantry, fussy, nitpicking, finicky with scarcely any power of adaptability. Having

    his own way in everything.

    Plain writing consist of Letters made without any Un-necessary strokes or Fanciful additions.

    Musicians frequently indicate their profession in their handwriting by unconciousally making letters similar to musical notes