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July 2015

Text of Governor Thomas Johnson High School Newsletter

  • July 2015Volume 9Issue 1

    Patriot ConnectionJuly 2015

    Published Five Times Per YearGovernor Thomas Johnson

    High School1501 N. Market StreetFrederick, MD 21701

    Volume 9Issue 1

    A Publication for the Parents, Students, Staff & Community of Governor Thomas Johnson High School

    Governor Thomas Johnson

    High School

    1501 N. Market St.

    Frederick, MD 21701


    240-236-8201 fax


    Jet Reid

    Assistant Principals

    Stephanie Bittner

    Michelle Gilmore

    Daniel Lippy

    Mark Smith

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    August (forthcoming) 2015 at 7:00 pm.

    GRADUATION 2016 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Seniors are advised that the following dates have been set for graduation related activities. Attendance is required at all of these functions for any senior planning to march in the graduation ceremony.May 25 Practice 11:00 a.m.4:00 p.m.May 26 Senior Awards Ceremony 3:00 p.m (Seniors arrive at 2:00 p.m.)May 27 Practice 11:00 a.m.4:00 p.m.May 31, 2016 Graduation 7:00 p.m. (Knott Arena at the PNC Sports Complex on the

    campus of Mount St. Marys University)

    END OF THE YEAR LOCKER CLEANOUT Students are responsible for clearing their lockers of all personal possessions prior to leaving school on their last day of attendance. After students leave on the last day of school, all lockers are cleaned out and all personal property of students is held in a designated location for approximately one week and then given to a charitable organization. In unusual circumstances, when we have been notified that a student cannot be present on the last day, we obtain the students possessions from the locker and hold them for a parent to pick up at an agreed upon time. However, long term storage is not possible. This procedure applies to all items in lost and found and all unclaimed cell phones, musical players of all kinds, electronic games and calculators. All items will be disposed of on June 30.

    SUMMER SAFE AND SANE MEETINGS The first meeting will be Tuesday, June 9th at 7:00pm at TJ room 1137. Junior parents will need to be at this meeting to take over the information from the recently graduated senior parents. The July meeting will be Tuesday, July 14th at 7:00pm in the dining area of Wegmans; and the August meeting will be Tuesday, August 11th at 7:00pm in the dining area of Wegmans.

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    MISSED PHONE CALLS FROM GTJHS If you have a missed phone call from TJHS, you should receive a voicemail stating specifically which staff member called and their extension, and the purpose of the call. Whenever a parent receives a call from the school it will always originate from the main number (240) 236-8200.

  • VISION STATEMENTThe Governor Thomas Johnson High School

    community educates all students to become caring,

    respectful, responsible citizens and family



    Fostering Self-Assurance Striving for Success


    SUMMER HOURS FCPS observes special hours in the summer-Monday through Thursday, 7:30-5:00. This began the week of June 22nd and ends the week of August 10th. If you need someone in particular, please call ahead to be certain that they will be here on that day. A guidance counselor is available most days (between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.) as well. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

    ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES Students are expected to be in their first block class at 7:30 am and are considered late to school/class any time after 7:30. All exterior doors will be locked at 7:25 am (gym, science, and tech wings). The door at the front of the building (Market Street side) will remain open until 7:30. Teachers will also close classroom doors at 7:30. Any student still in the hallway after 7:30 must report directly to the Attendance office to receive an admit slip (with appropriate note to excuse the absence) or consequences. Students will be permitted to enter class after 7:30 with a signed form (admit slip or consequence form). Consequences range from a warning to Saturday School.

    ATTENDANCE INFORMATION Parents are asked to include your students first and last name (not son or daughter) and to sign the absentee note when asking that your child be excused from school. Notes cannot be accepted without a parents signature. Please note that there is no code for emergency or family emergency. Notes should indicate the nature of the emergency, such as: family illness, pipes burst, loss of power, etc. Thank you for helping us to code absences correctly!

    STUDENT HOURS BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL Please be advised that, in the morning, the building is not open until 7:00AM. Students arriving before that time will be required to remain outside. In the afternoon, students may not remain in the building beyond 2:20 pm unless under the direct supervision of a staff member.

    VISITOR PASSES When you visit the school during the school day, please be sure to sign in and pick up a Visitors Badge. The visitor badges help us to determine who has permission to be in the building. If you want to see a teacher, please let the office staff determine if the teacher is available. We dont want to disrupt instruction. Many thanks for your cooperation in respecting instructional time and helping us to keep our building safe and secure.


    P lease remember tha t teachers are given the courtesy of 48 hours notice for homework requests. Therefore, requests for homework should not be made for absences of less than 5 days.

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    Governor Thomas Johnson High School

    ATTENDANCE OFFICE REMINDERSLate Arrival Any student who arrives to school after the 7:30 a.m. must report directly to the Attendance

    Office for an admit slip. Students must have a note explaining the reason for being tardy. The note must give the students first and last name, the date, the reason for being late, parent/guardian signature and contact phone number.

    In cases where the late arrival is due to a professional or legal appointment, verification from the professional must be presented upon arrival to school.

    Early Dismissal If a student must leave school before the end of the day, a written note for permission to do

    so must be submitted to the Attendance Office by 7:25 a.m. on the day for which the request is made.

    This note must contain the students first and last name, reason for leaving, if they will be returning, parent/guardian signature and contact phone number. If the reason for dismissal is a medical, professional or legal appointment, verification for the appointment must be presented upon return to school.

    If a note for early dismissal is not sent with the student, please call as early as possible in advance. Without advance notice you can expect a 15 minute wait. A note or advance phone call can save you valuable time.

    Absent from School Students absent from school must present a written excuse within two school days from a

    parent/guardian. The note must give the students first and last name, the date and the reason for the absence, parent signature and contact phone number. If there is written verification that a medical professional saw the student in connection with the absence, the parent is encouraged to submit it with written the excuse. The note must be turned into the Attendance Office before 7:25am.

    Vacation/College Visits Absences for family trips or college visits will be excused but only with prior administrative

    approval. Students must bring a note containing the dates of absences and the explanation of a family

    trip or college visit to the attendance office at least 7 days before the absence will occur.

    EARLY DISMISSAL FROM TJHS HEALTH ROOM A student who becomes ill during the day and needs to be assessed should get a pass from his/her teacher to report to the Health Room. It is the responsibility of the student to know the locations of his/her parents and phone numbers where parents can be contacted. When necessary our health technicians will contact a parent to pick up their child.

  • 4TUTORING BUSES Tutoring buses are provided on Tuesday and Thursday most weeks throughout the school year. These buses leave TJ at 3:40 pm and take students to central drop-off points throughout the TJ feeder. This service is free of charge and allows students to remain after school for tutoring only. Every student must present a voucher prior to boarding the bus. Students without a voucher will have to indicate with whom they stayed after school and parents will be contacted if the reason cannot be verified. The Spring schedule is included in this newsletter. For more information and routes, please call the school.

    FCPS COMPUTER POLICIESFCPS policies for student use of computer labs, including the library computer lab, are as follows: Students MUST be supervised by their teacher. Students CANNOT check email. Students CANNOT download anything onto the computer. Students MUST have the signed Acceptable Use Regulation form (in their planner) visible when

    using a computer. Students can use the Internet for teacher-supervised research.

    UNDERAGE DRINKING AND DRUG USE To report an underage party where alcohol or drugs may be served to youth under 21 years of age, please call the Party Tip Hot line at 301-600-1318. Your tip is confidential. You may save the life of a friend or a child you love. This message is part of the Frederick County Teen Safe Driving Initiative and