Google Geo Tools nbsp;· Google Geo Tools Learn more and get training at Google Earth With Google Earth, you can fly anywhere on Earth to view

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<ul><li><p>Google Geo Tools </p><p>Learn more and get training at </p><p>Google Earth </p><p>With Google Earth, you can fly anywhere on Earth to view </p><p>satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and 3D features. You can </p><p>explore rich geographical content, save your favorite places, and </p><p>share with others. To download and install Google Earth on your </p><p>computer, visit </p><p>Google Earth Pro </p><p>Google Earth Pro extends the power of Google Earth with </p><p>additional capabilities, including high-resolution printing, GIS </p><p>data import, and movie making. Find more information and a 7-</p><p>day free trial of Google Earth Pro, visit </p><p> </p><p>Google Earth Enterprise </p><p>Google Earth Enterprise helps organizations with imagery and </p><p>other geospatial data make that information accessible and </p><p>useful to all employees who need access via an intuitive, fast </p><p>application. To learn more, go to </p><p> </p><p>Google Maps </p><p>With Google Maps, you can search for places all over the world. </p><p>View the 2D map in Hybrid mode, Satellite mode or Terrain. We </p><p>are working very hard to expand our coverage in African </p><p>countries. To learn more, go to </p><p>Google My Maps </p><p>Google My Maps allows you to create personalized, annotated, </p><p>customized maps using Google Maps. Try it out at </p><p> </p><p>Google Map Maker </p><p>Google Map Maker allows you to map a neighborhood, a city or </p><p>even an entire country. You can draw roads and landmarks, add </p><p>local businesses, and edit locations added by other map makers. </p><p>Your changes will appear instantly on Google Map Maker for </p><p>everyone to see. Get started at </p><p> </p></li><li><p>More Google Geo Tools </p><p>Learn more and get training at </p><p>Google SketchUp </p><p>With Google SketchUp, you can create, modify and share 3D </p><p>models for free. Interested in learning more? Visit </p><p>, or visit the SketchUp 3D Warehouse </p><p>at </p><p>Google Fusion Tables </p><p>With Google Fusion Tables, you can upload small or large data </p><p>sets from spreadsheets or CSV files, and visualize your data on </p><p>maps, timelines and charts all on the Internet. You can merge </p><p>data from multiple tables. You can pick who can access your </p><p>data, and hide parts of your data if needed. You can discuss your </p><p>data with others, and track any changes and discussions. Get </p><p>started now at </p><p>Open Data Kit </p><p>Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of open-source tools to help </p><p>organizations remotely collect, aggregate and visualize their data. </p><p>Open Data Kit runs on Google Android - the first free, open </p><p>source, and fully customizable mobile platform. Learn more at </p><p> and </p><p> </p><p>Google Geo APIs </p><p>Googles Geo APIs, including the Google Earth Plug-in and its </p><p>JavaScript API, and the Google Maps API, let you build advanced </p><p>and customized websites with Google Earth or Maps. With the </p><p>Earth API, you can embed Google Earth, a true 3D digital globe, </p><p>into your website. The Maps API lets you embed Google Maps in </p><p>your own web pages using JavaScript or Flash. For more </p><p>information, go to and </p><p> </p><p> </p></li></ul>


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