Golden Bell Quiz Show 1. What is the name of this flower? Sunflower ( 해바라기 ) 정답은 ?

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Text of Golden Bell Quiz Show 1. What is the name of this flower? Sunflower ( 해바라기 ) 정답은 ?


Golden BellQuiz Show2013 ! !1. What is the name of this flower?

Sunflower ()?

2. A boy plants the sunflower ( ). He covers the ( ) with dirt.

seed plant flower seed?3. What is it? It can fly. It is beautiful. It likes flower. It has marks on its wings.Butterfly()?

4. A butterfly egg is ( ).

long small big small ?

5. What is it?This is a kind of animal.It has two long ears.It can run fast. Rabbit()? 6. How's the weather? It's Monday. I'm 5 years old. It's sunny. It's sunny.?7. There are many ( ) in the wood.Trees()?

8. What color is the grass?The ( ) grass grows all around.Green()?

9. This is a part of the face. We use this for breathing and smelling things. What is this? arms nose legs 4.eyes

nose?10. A tadpole changes as it grows. A tadpole grows into a ( ). Frog()?

11. I carry a heavy bag full of gifts. I visit your house at night only on Christmas eve. My clothes are red with white fur. Who am I?

Santa Claus()?

12. When we look up, we can see this. There are clouds, the sun, the moon and stars here. What's this?

Sky()?13. one-two-( )-four-fiveWrite the answer in English.three?14. What number do you call in a fire emergency?


15. I'm green outside and red inside. I have stripes. I have black seeds inside. I'm more popular in summer. What am I?


16. I can fly, and I live in Neverland. My best friend is Tinkerbelle. Who am I?

Peter Pan()?17. This is the ( ) that Jack owns.


18. I can float in the ( ). water()?

19. When its rain, you need this. It protect you from the rain, What is it?

umbrella()?20. What is the next month after May?June(6)?21. The cars must stop. What color is the traffic light?red()?22. How many colors are there in a rainbow?seven(7)?23. It is a flying insect that bites your skin to suck your blood. bee fly mosquito

mosquito ?


It is a safe place where you can keep money. You can take your money out again when you need it. bank school library

bank ?25. What day it it today? Tuesday()?