Golden Bell Quiz Show 1. What is the name of this flower? Sunflower ( 해바라기 ) 정답은 ?

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<p> , </p> <p>Golden BellQuiz Show2013 ! !1. What is the name of this flower?</p> <p>Sunflower ()?</p> <p>2. A boy plants the sunflower ( ). He covers the ( ) with dirt. </p> <p> seed plant flower seed?3. What is it? It can fly. It is beautiful. It likes flower. It has marks on its wings.Butterfly()?</p> <p>4. A butterfly egg is ( ). </p> <p> long small big small ?</p> <p>5. What is it?This is a kind of animal.It has two long ears.It can run fast. Rabbit()? 6. How's the weather? It's Monday. I'm 5 years old. It's sunny. It's sunny.?7. There are many ( ) in the wood.Trees()?</p> <p>8. What color is the grass?The ( ) grass grows all around.Green()?</p> <p>9. This is a part of the face. We use this for breathing and smelling things. What is this? arms nose legs 4.eyes</p> <p> nose?10. A tadpole changes as it grows. A tadpole grows into a ( ). Frog()?</p> <p>11. I carry a heavy bag full of gifts. I visit your house at night only on Christmas eve. My clothes are red with white fur. Who am I?</p> <p>Santa Claus()?</p> <p>12. When we look up, we can see this. There are clouds, the sun, the moon and stars here. What's this?</p> <p>Sky()?13. one-two-( )-four-fiveWrite the answer in English.three?14. What number do you call in a fire emergency?</p> <p>119?</p> <p>15. I'm green outside and red inside. I have stripes. I have black seeds inside. I'm more popular in summer. What am I?</p> <p>watermelon()?</p> <p>16. I can fly, and I live in Neverland. My best friend is Tinkerbelle. Who am I?</p> <p>Peter Pan()?17. This is the ( ) that Jack owns.</p> <p>House()?</p> <p>18. I can float in the ( ). water()?</p> <p>19. When its rain, you need this. It protect you from the rain, What is it?</p> <p>umbrella()?20. What is the next month after May?June(6)?21. The cars must stop. What color is the traffic light?red()?22. How many colors are there in a rainbow?seven(7)?23. It is a flying insect that bites your skin to suck your blood. bee fly mosquito </p> <p> mosquito ?</p> <p>24. </p> <p>It is a safe place where you can keep money. You can take your money out again when you need it. bank school library </p> <p> bank ?25. What day it it today? Tuesday()?</p>


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