God Provides Manna and Quail • Lesson 4 Bible Point We can ... 22...God Provides Manna and Quail • Lesson 4. We can trust God to . ... catch a “quail,” and learn that God

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  • 57Hands-On Bible CurriculumPre-K & K, Ages 5 & 6

    Bible Point

    God Provides Manna and Quail Lesson 4

    We can trust God to give us what we need.

    Bible VerseOh, the joys of those who trust the Lord (Psalm 40:4a).

    Growing Closer to JesusChildren will n learn how God provided food for the Israelites, n realize that God meets our needs, n consider the difference between needs and wants, and n celebrate the fact that God takes care of us.

    Teacher EnrichmentBible Basisn God provides manna and quail.

    After three days in the desert without finding water, the Israelites came upon a spring. But the water was bitter and the people complained. Despite the grumbling of the people, God turned the bitter water sweet so they could drink it (see Exodus 15:22-27).

    Apparently the food they had brought with them had also run out, and they began complaining about that, too. But God came through again, with manna. God wanted Israel to know that he was still there, that he was aware of their need, and that he was going to provide for them.

    When the manna appeared the first morning, the Hebrews question, What is it? apparently caught on as its name because manna means What is it? Though some have suggested various possibilities for what manna was, nothing we know of today is a good match for the description given in Exodus 16:31: It was white like coriander seed, and it tasted like honey wafers.

    The miraculous nature of manna is further exhibited in what happened to it over the course of a Sabbath as opposed to a weekday. The Israelites were not to work on the Sabbath, but to keep it as a day for worship. Gathering manna on the Sabbath would have been work, so God simply didnt make it appear. If anyone tried to keep manna from one weekday to the next, it would spoil. However, if anyone kept it from the morning before the Sabbath, it would stay through the Sabbath. God provided just what his people needed, just when they needed it!

    Prayer Read Philippians 4:19. In what way has God supplied your needs today? Pray: Lord, I pray that my students and I will have grateful hearts for all the ways you provide for our needs, such


    Exodus 16:1-35

  • Lesson 4

    58 Hands-On Bible CurriculumPre-K & K, Ages 5 & 6

    This Lesson at a GlanceWhat Children Will Do Classroom Supplies Learning Lab Supplies

    Welcome Time

    Welcome!Receive name tags, and be greeted by the teacher.

    Stone Tablet Name Tags (p. 27), markers, pins or tape

    Lets Get Started

    Direct children to one or more of the optional activities until

    everyone arrives.

    Option 1: Manna MealGather manna flakes, and learn that God provided special food for the Israelites.

    Sweetened cornflakes, two plastic tablecloths, plastic spoons, paper cups

    Option 2: A Flood of FoodCreate a mural of food raining from the sky, and hear that God took care of the Israelites.

    Newsprint, tape, crayons

    Option 3: Quail TagTry to catch a quail, and learn that God sent quail for the Israelites to eat.

    Pick Up Our ToysSing a song as they pick up toys, and gather for Bible Story Time.

    CD player

    Bible Story Time

    Setting the StageCollect needs, and tell what needs God meets.

    CD player, construction paper scraps, bucket or bowl

    Bible Song and Prayer TimeSing a song, bring out the Bible, and pray together.

    Bible, construction paper, scissors, CD player, basket or box

    Hear and Tell the Bible StoryEnjoy manna snacks while they hear a story from Exodus 16:1-35 about Gods provision for the Israelites.

    Bible, manna flakes from Option 1, CD player

    Do the Bible StoryThank God in an action prayer for all he provides.

    Closing Food, Water, and Video GamesHelp Pockets understand the difference between needs and wants.

    Celebrate God!Enjoy a rainstorm of the good things that God provides.

    Bucket of paper scraps from Setting the Stage

    Before the Lessonn Collect the necessary items for the activities you plan to use. Refer to the Classroom Supplies and Learning Lab Supplies

    columns to determine what youll need.n Make photocopies of the Today I Learned handout (at the end of this lesson) to send home with your children.n Pray for the children in your class and for Gods direction in teaching the lesson.

    *See the end of this lesson for extra-time ideas and supplies.

  • God Provides Manna and Quail

    59Hands-On Bible CurriculumPre-K & K, Ages 5 & 6

    Welcome Timen Welcome!SUPPLIES: Stone Tablet Name Tags handouts (p. 27), markers, pins or tape Bend down and make eye contact with children as they arrive. Greet each child individually with an enthusiastic smile. Thank each child for coming to class today. As children arrive, ask them how they put last weeks lesson into practice. Ask

    questions such as When were you afraid this week? and How did you trust God? Say: Today were going to learn that we can trust God to give us what we

    need. Hand out the stone tablet name tags children made in the first lesson, and help

    children attach the name tags to their clothing. If some of the name tags were damaged or if children werent in class that week, have them make new name tags using the photocopiable handout at the end of Lesson 1.

    Direct children to the Lets Get Started activities youve set up.

    Lets Get StartedSet up one or more of the following activities for children to do as they arrive. After

    you greet each child, invite him or her to choose an activity.Circulate among the children to offer help as needed, and direct childrens

    conversation toward todays lesson. Ask questions such as What things do you need the most? or Who gives you the things you need?

    n Option 1: Manna MealSUPPLIES: sweetened cornflakes, two plastic tablecloths, plastic spoons, paper cups

    Before children arrive, spread two large, clean, plastic tablecloths on the floor, and sprinkle sweetened cornflakes on the tablecloths outer edges. Let children walk around the tablecloths edges and gather the manna into paper cups using plastic spoons. Tell children that God gave the Israelites food every day for 40 years. Explain that we can trust God to give us what we need. After each child has gathered a small cupful of manna, set the childrens cups aside until Hear and Tell the Bible Story.

    n Option 2: A Flood of FoodSUPPLIES: newsprint, tape, crayons

    Tape a large sheet of newsprint to a wall, and draw rain clouds at the top of the paper. Set out crayons, and encourage children to draw pictures of their favorite foods raining from the sky. As children draw, explain that God sent a special kind of food from heaven to feed the Israelites while they were in the desert. Remind children that God provides for all our needs, too.

    Its important to say the Bible Point just as its written in each activity. Repeating the Bible Point over and over throughout the lesson will help kids remember it and apply it to their lives.

    If you dont choose Option 1, provide an alternative sweet, crunchy snack to serve during Hear and Tell the Bible Story.

  • Lesson 4

    60 Hands-On Bible CurriculumPre-K & K, Ages 5 & 6

    n Option 3: Quail TagSUPPLIES: none

    Gather children in an open area or outside. Designate half the class to be Quail, and explain that the other children are Israelites. Tell children that when the Israelites were hungry, God sent birds called quail for them to eat. Have the Quail crouch down and waddle around the playing area. The Israelites may chase the Quail by taking heel-to-toe steps. When an Israelite tags a Quail, have the two children exchange roles. As children play, explain that the Israelites had to trust God for all their needs.

    When everyone has arrived and youre ready to move on to the Bible Story Time, encourage the children to finish what theyre doing and get ready to clean up.

    n Pick Up Our ToysSUPPLIES: CD player

    Lead children in singing Pick Up Our Toys (track 2) with the CD to the tune of Skip to My Lou. Encourage the children to sing along as they help clean up the room.

    Youll be using this song each week to alert children to start picking up. At first they may need a little encouragement. But after a few weeks,

    picking up and singing along will become a familiar routine.If you want to include the names of all the children in your class, sing the song

    without the CD and repeat the naming section. If you choose to use the CD, vary the names you use each week.

    We will pick up our toys.We will pick up our toys.We will pick up our toysAnd put them all away.

    Theres [name] picking up toys.Theres [name] picking up toys.Theres [name] picking up toys,Putting them all away.


    Bible Story Timen Setting the StageSUPPLIES: CD player, construction paper scraps, bucket or bowl

    Tell the children youll clap your hands to get their attention. Explain that when you clap, the children are to stop what theyre doing, raise their hands, and focus on you. Encourage children to respond quickly so youll have time for all the fun activities youve planned.

    track 2

    track 8

  • God Provides Manna and Quail

    61Hands-On Bible CurriculumPre-K & K, Ages 5 & 6

    Before this activity, scatter scraps of colored paper on the floor. Gather children in a circle, and then ask:

    What things do you need each day? (Food; clothes; water; shoes.) How do you get those things? (We go to the store; my dad gives them to me;

    my parents give them to me.)Say: Lets pretend that all these scraps of paper are different things we

    need each day. When I start the music, collect as many needs as you can, and then sit back down in our circle. Ready?

    Play Provisio