Getting Undergrad Students to Meditate on Their Own

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  • 1. Getting Undergrad Students toPractice Meditation On Their OwnMaria Molno11/13/
  • 2. why Im an expert in this area done over 500 hours of training in yoga and meditation (YA certied) been practicing yoga since I was 15 - sustained a yoga practice as an undergraduate student been practicing breathing meditation for 3 + years been teaching breathing meditation to students for the last 2.5 years at Stanford background in psychology, behavior sciences, and neuroscience of meditation
  • 3. students I am focusing on WHO: female juniors at Stanford WHAT: a 20 minute set breathing meditation practice WHEN/HOW OFTEN: at least 4 days/week WHERE: in their own dorm room WHY: to help manage the stress
  • 4. what I did first I focused on one of my students, Lina, who is enrolled in a meditation breathing course for academic credit at Stanford I wrote out 20-30 concrete behaviors I would like Lina to do in association with her practice - they ranged in effectiveness and easiness I gured out which of these behaviors were of highest priority by mapping them out ... just like...
  • 5. ...this! Very effective in getting Lina to practice 4 days/ week highest priority behaviors are hereNo way. We cant get Lina to do this Yes! We can get Lina to do this feasibility impact Not effective in getting Lina to practice 4 days/ week
  • 6. here in digital... Very effective in getting Lina to practice 4 days/ week lets make this one our target anchors her practice behavior in another routine sends an email to her behavior she does teacher to conrm she goes to an 4x/week (P) has done her practice for 1 quarter (S) advanced course to deepen her practices a very tests at least 3 congratulates understanding of routinized version different sitting writes in her herself every time of her practice for props for 1 weekNo way. We cant get Lina to do this journal effects of she nishes her 1 week (S) (S) not doing practice Yes! We can get Lina to do this practice (P) choose a list of 3 days/week (P) writes in her tests at least 3 rewards to give writes a plan to different sitting practices with journal any effects attends weekly takes a breathing herself if she scores routinize her postures for 1 another person 4X of her practice follow up group course for 4/4 for the week (D) practice (triggers, week (S) week in her dorm. 4days/week (P) sessions for a academic credit sitting, etc.) (D) (P) quarter (S) for a quarter (S) reads a scientic chooses from a list of article on the options a spot in her benets of dorm she would do it meets and speaks the most (D) to person who breathing (D) originally designed the gets closest choose from a list posts her reason friends to learn of tiny for loving her the same practice celebrations to do practice on her (D) right after her dorm wall (D) gets doormates to feasibility chooses from a list of rewards to learn the same