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Getting started with Meteor - › getting-started-with-meteorjs-sample.pdf · PDF file Getting started with Meteor.js Author: Jacob Clark Created Date: 11/21/2012 12:02:57 AM

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  • Getting started with Meteor.js Meteor.js for the beginner

    Jacob Clark

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    This version was published on 2012-11-21

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  • Contents

    What is Meteor? 1

  • What is Meteor? Here is a quick juicy overview of what Meteor actually is! Note: This book is a work in progress!

    In short Meteor allows you to create dynamic, real time web applications in a fraction of the time and code.

    Meteor uses many JavaScript libraries and frameworks out the box, you may already be familiar with some of these when writing Client Side JavaScript such as Backbone, Underscore and jQuery.

    Infact, code you write for Meteor is entirely JavaScript, so any of that knowledge you have behind you when writing Node or Client Side JavaScript you’re going to be putting into practise when you develop for Meteor, so keep that in mind throughout this book.

    Meteor even comes bundled with MongoDB on every application out the box for persistent database storage. Not quite MongoDB, but MiniMongo, an interface for MongoDB, it’s fairly fully featured but it does lack some of the features you’d expect using Mongos interface, we will come to this shortly!

    Meteor has an emphasis on real time applications and because of this you’re encouraged to use Handlebars. Every Meteor application created is set up to work with Handlebars out the box, so that means we’ll also be looking at this lovely templating engine too, if you’re unfamiliar with it you may want to check it out¹.



    Contents What is Meteor?