Geriatric Nursing

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Geriatric NursingMarlon O. Galamay Carmela V. Velasco BSN IV 5 (King)

Caring for the Filipino Elderly It is when we are older that we become wiser, more sound, and more sure of ourselves, especially in making choices and decisions in lifeDr. Letty G. Kuan Member BON, PRC


Terminologies Geriatric Nursing nursing care of older adults Geriatrics study of old age and the disease that comes with it Gerontology study of aging process and its effects on the older adult biologically, psychologically and socially

Terminologies Senescence progressively deterioration of the body and its process Ageism negative bias against old people Elder Abuse physical or emotional hurting among elderly Polypharmacy taking multiple meds at the same time

Aging Process

Aging Process Intrinsic Aging: Normal aging process Genetically determined Wrinkles as we age

Extrinsic Aging: Factors that accelerates aging Prolonged sun exposure, illness pollution

Signs of Healthy & Developed Psychosocial Status among Elderly

Signs of Healthy & Developed Psychosocial Status among Elderly Smooth interpersonal relationship Sensitive, caring, and ready to anticipate needs of others Open-minded Go out of ourselves to others and go beyond our necessities Better decision makers

Factors that Determine Psychosocial Development

Factors that Determine Psychosocial Development Unwanted or unwelcome pregnancies Deprived childhood needs Neglected and abandoned Bad adult models during early childhood

Socially Healthy Elderly

Socially Healthy Elderly Happy to be growing older and able to manage the aging syndrome with dignity and simplicity Honest about their aches, pains and difficulties Can mix with any group without feeling isolated and dejected

Socially Healthy Elderly Has sense of humor and finds time to laugh at oneself Connects with friends at all time Open to sharing Generous with time Find ways and means to be busy

Socially Healthy Elderly Does not entertain false rumors; refrains from making negative comments on others Shows uprightness of values and stands on principles Makes all opportunity for taking

Socially Unhealthy Elderly

Socially Unhealthy Elderly Cranky and calculating Sensitive and narrow minded Quick to complain about anything and everything Cannot get along well with other person

Socially Unhealthy Elderly Greedy to grab anything you give or offer with critical comments accompanying acceptance Isolates himself during gatherings yet complains that he is neglected Demands respect, attention and recognition at all times

Socially Unhealthy Elderly Neglects personal hygiene and grooming Accumulate things even if they are old and ugly Manifests insecurity and fear of death through words and actions Afraid to be alone yet attests people who come near them

Clinical Concerns in Geriatric Nursing

Clinical Concerns in Geriatric Nursing Multiple disease Multiple medications Adverse Drug Reaction Rate

Meeting the Needs

Physical Needs Keep client ambulatory as long as possible and maintain exercise regimen Maintain optimal nutritional status Maintain bowel and bladder elimination through routine consistent toileting

Physical Needs Provide adequate time for rest and sleep Institute safety measure

Psychosocial Needs Provide cognitive stimuli to enhance memory and orientation Use reality orientation and testing skills Provide regular social interaction Maintain self-esteem through involvement in ADL skills

Psychosocial Needs Maintain structural milieu or social environment Pay particular attention to the use of non-verbal communication techniques as well as verbal cues to maintain effective communication patterns Use behavior modification techniques to modify negative behavior


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