Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters DEUTZ Oil Filters Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of your engine

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<ul><li><p>Genuine DEUTZ</p><p>Oil FiltersOil Filters</p><p>DEUTZ SERVICE | Life Time Support</p></li><li><p>DEUTZ SERVICELife Time Support</p><p>international:</p><p>DEUTZ AGOttostr. 151149 Kln, DeutschlandTel. : +49 (0) 221 822-0Fax : +49 (0) 221 822-3525E-mail :</p><p>DEUTZ Corporation3883 Steve Reynolds Blvd.Norcross, GA 30093, USATel. : +1 770 564 7100Fax : +1 770 564 7222E-mail :</p><p>DEUTZ (Beijing) Engine Co., Ltd.1102 CITIC Building19, Jian Wai DajieBeijing 100004, ChinaTel. : +86 10 65 25 41 86Fax : +86 10 65 12 00 42E-Mail:</p><p>DEUTZ Asia-Pacific (Pte) Ltd.10 Gul CrescentSingapore 629523Tel. : +65 66 72 7800Fax : +65 62 64 1779 / 62 65 3007E-mail :</p><p>Deutz Australia Pty. LtdUnit 4, 13-15 Brough StreetSpringvale, Vic, 3195, AustraliaTel. : +61 3 9549 8400Fax : +61 3 9549 8490E-Mail:</p><p>Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters</p><p>Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of </p><p>your engine. This is why you should rely exclusively on high-quality, genuine </p><p>parts when it comes to replacing the oil filter. Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters pro-</p><p>vide reliable filtration and protect the engine from wearing and damage cau-</p><p>sed by dust, soot and other particles. The best protection for your engine!</p><p> Gasket</p><p> Anti-drain lock</p><p> Filter housing</p><p> Center tube</p><p> Filter medium</p><p> Overflow valve</p><p>The benefits of buying DEUTZ</p><p> Large filter surface and consistently high filtration efficiency High dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance throughout the </p><p>entire service interval</p><p> Precisely opening overflow valve Ensures sufficient supply of oil even when the maximum filter capacity </p><p>is reached and prevents premature opening of the valve - a common </p><p>problem with low-quality filters</p><p> Corrosion resistant housing with high compressive strength and high quality </p><p>seals Safe protection against leakage</p><p> High tear resistance of the filter medium Prevents tearing and entry of unfiltered oil into the engine</p><p> Special coating Protection against water and aggressive chemical components of </p><p>the oil - prevents filter from becoming prematurely brittle or clotted</p><p> Anti-drain lock Prevents the filter from draining when the engine has been switched </p><p>off, thus ensuring sufficient oil is available when restarting.</p><p>Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters ensure that your engine is optimally supplied </p><p>with oil at a all times - for cold starts, frequent restarting, operation at </p><p>low load and at high temperatures. O</p><p>rder</p><p>-No.</p><p> 003</p><p>1 22</p><p>29 /</p><p> 12 </p><p>/ 20</p><p>14 /</p><p> MC</p><p>-M</p></li></ul>