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Generalist, cardiologist collaborative care improves outcomes in HF

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  • PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News 421 - 19 Jul 2003

    Generalist, cardiologistcollaborative care improves

    outcomes in HFCollaborative care by cardiologists and general

    physicians is associated with improved quality andoutcomes of care among patients with heart failure (HF),say US-based researchers.

    They assessed the rate of left ventricular functionevaluation, ACE inhibitor use and 90-day readmissionand mortality among 1075 inpatients with HF whoreceived care from generalists alone (n = 588),cardiologists alone (145) or collaborative care fromgeneralists and cardiologists. Collaborative carerecipients were significantly more likely to undergo leftventricular function evaluation than patients whoreceived care from a generalist, or cardiologist, alone(75% vs 36% and 53% of patients, respectively). Inaddition, receipt of ACE inhibitors upon hospitaldischarge was significantly more likely among patientswho received collaborative care than among those whoreceived generalist or cardiologist care alone.

    Mortality was not associated with care category, andwas 22% overall at 90 days. However, patients whoreceived collaborative care were less likely to have a HF-related hospital readmission within 90 days of dischargethan patients receiving care from a generalist orcardiologist alone.Ahmed A, et al. Association of consultation between generalists and cardiologistswith quality and outcomes of heart failure care. American Heart Journal 145:1086-1093, Jun 2003 800947163


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