GENERAL INFORMATION - USTCE413structuraltheory01 INFORMATION Location: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE Use: Commercial and Residential Use Status: Operational Cost: $12 billion ... The Palm Island, Dubai UAE

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    Palm Islands are a group of man-made islands made up of only sand and rock. Palm

    islands are the largest man-made islands in the world, with Palm Jumeirah being the first ever

    to be constructed. It was found out that by the year 2016, the sources of oil will have run out,

    therefore they need another practical source of income. The crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh

    Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum, envisions Dubai to be the number 1 luxury tourist

    destination. He wants to triple the amount of tourists by putting a man-made island just in

    front of the Dubai shoreline, adding 56 kilometers to Dubais coastline. With the capabilities of

    resisting earthquakes, violent storms, erosion from the sea, the Palm Island is sure to be a

    success once it is complete.


    Location: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

    Use: Commercial and Residential Use

    Status: Operational

    Cost: $12 billion

    Height: 3m above waves

    Floor Area: 600 hectares

    Weight: 94 mil cubic meters of sand and 5.5

    mil cubic meters of rock worth

    Project Teams

    Architectural: Helman Hurley Charvat

    Peacock/Architects, Inc.

    Structural: Nakheel Properties Management: Nakheel Properties

    Construction: Nakheel Properties

    Plumbing: Plumber Dubai

    Utilities: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority


    The Palm Island is consisting currently of Palm

    Jumeirah. Constructions have started in Palm Jebel Ali,

    while there are plans in constructing more, such as Palm

    Deira, The World, The Universe and Dubai Waterfront.

    This world-renowned attraction is one of the few

    attractions that can be seen from the space. Thanks to

    its impeccable geometry that lend unique shape and

    massive scale to the project.

    Engineering aspects.

    I. FOUNDATION & Stability

    Feasibility of a Project in the middle of the Persian Gulf Design of breakwater must

    be 3m high above the waves.

    The desert sand present in Dubai is too fine to be used They dredged sand from

    the Persian Gulf seabed which is a perfect fit for construction.


    Positioning of the Island and its cruves The privately owned Satellite IKONOS was

    utilized to accurately pinpoint the placement of the sand in the reclamation.

    If the team responsible for breakwater progresses too quickly, it cuts off access to

    the team doing the reclamation, if the reclamation team progresses too quickly, it is

    at risk of being washed out by the storms Perfect balance between the progresses

    of the two teams is applied.


    A technique called Rainbowing was used in the reclamation of land, but the sand

    was only sprayed therefore uncompacted and vulnerable to Liquefaction caused by

    earthquakes A process called Vibro Compaction was done, vibrating the land

    around a probe, adding more sand during the process.


    The original design causes water inside to be stagnant Developers created two

    openings connected by bridges, creating space for water to circulate.

    Threats to Marine Life - Contrary to belief, not only does the construction of the

    Palm Islands not affect the marine life below, the breakwater served as a shelter for

    them and it attracts more species in the area.

    The changes in the waves in the beaches of mainland Dubai causes sand to build up

    in certain areas near the corner of the Palm Islands and erodes sand in opposite

    area They regularly dredge sand from where the sand builds up and drop it off

    where the sand have been eroded.


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    Engr. Ryan A. Ramirez

    Group 4 4CEB Palm Islands