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    Gas HandlinG Units

    In recent years, the oil industry has shown a tendency towards complication of well production conditions. It is related to the transition of main oil fields to the late production stage and deepening of well production depth. All that results in downhole temperature rise and solids/GOR increase at the intake of an electric submersible pump.

    Borets offers gas handling units, such as gas handlers, dispersers and gas separators-dispersers that ensure stable operation of submersible centrifugal pumps in gassy wells.

    Gas Handlers

    Gas handlers are designed to ensure stable operation of submersible cen-trifugal pump with gas cut up to 75%.

    Pump gas handlers disperse gas-liquid mixture and compress associated gas due to a special design of stages only or together with dispersing unit.

    The gas handler can be installed above the gas separator to address more complicated well conditions (high GOR at the intake).

    Operating components of gas handlers are made of Ni-resist or powdered materials.

    Technical Specifications of MNFB and Vapro Series Gas HandlersGas Handler series size Nominal Flow Rate, m3/day Max GOR

    30 MNFB 5 15 - 80 25 - 30% (50 - 60 % with gas separator)5 25 - 45

    1.30 MNFB 5 15 - 125 30 - 40% (55 - 65% with gas separator)52.30 MNFB 5 60 - 500 35 - 60% (65 - 80% with gas separator)

    3.30 MNFB 5 80 - 200 50 - 70% (70 - 90% with gas separator)5 125 - 320XV - 40 400 66 - 529 up to 40% (up to 60% with gas separator)XV - 70 400 265 - 861 up to 75% (up to 90% with gas separator)

    Borets ESP fitted with gas handlers can be used for maximizing drawdown to enhance production rates, liquid loading gas wells, and CBM applications.

    MNG Series, Rotary and Vortex Gas Separators

    Gas separators are designed to provide stable operation of submersible cen-trifugal pumps with maximum gas cut of 55% at the intake. For improved gas separation, a tandem gas separator is available (with two separation chambers). Maximum GOR at the gas separator intake will be 68%.

    Gas separators are based on the following principle: the fluid entering the gas separator and running into its vanes is separated into liquid and gas. Separated gas is vented to the annulus and fluid is directed upwards into the pump.


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    MND Series Disperser

    Maximum GOR at the intake is 55%.Dispersers are designed to initially reduce the size of the gas bubbles and then change the distribution of the

    gas into a more homogeneous flow regime for the pump.Depending on the design, disperser can be installed instead of pump intake, above pump intake or above gas


    MNGD Series Gas Separator-Disperser

    Gas separator-disperser is the combination of a gas separator and disperser which are placed on a common shaft. This combination allows the electric submersible pump to operate steadily at the maximum GOR of 68% at the intake.

    Formation fluid enters a separation chamber and is separated into liquid and gas. Separated gas is vented to the annulus, while remaining oil and gas mixture is directed to the dispersing chamber and then transformed into a more homogeneous flow regime for the pump.

    The base and protective liner of gas handling units are made of stainless steel that ensures increased resis-tance to hydro-abrasive wear. The gas handling units use tungsten carbide radial bearings. All joints are provided with rubber rings and fluorpolymer flat gaskets to prevent them from gas leakage and further breaking.

    Technical Specifications of MNG, MND and MNGD Series Gas Handling Units

    Model Design sizeGas Handling Unit Series

    MNG MND MNGDMax Flow Rate, m3/day

    5-04KM 5 200 200 200



    200 200 200

    5-KM 500 500 500

    5.1-KM 1000 1000 1000

    6M 6 1500 1500 1500

    Max GOR at the Intake 55% 55% 68%

    Technical Specifications of Rotary and Vortex Gas SeparatorsGas Separator Series size Max Flow Rate,m3/day

    Max GOR at the Intake

    338 Rotary 338 445


    400 Rotary 400 636

    400 Vortex 400 636

    513 Rotary 513 1113

    538 Vortex 538 1272