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Galileo Galilei. The Father of Modern Science. Galileo Galilei. Galileo Galilei who became the father of the modern science was born in Pisa, Italy on 15 th of February, 1564. My childhood . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo GalileiThe Father of Modern ScienceGalileo GalileiGalileo Galilei who became the father of the modern science was born in Pisa, Italy on 15th of February, 1564. childhood I wanted to be a monk, but my father who could not afford for his son not to have income persuaded to become a doctor.So when I was at age of 17 I started studying medicine in the Pisa university.However when studying medicine, I found out that mathematic has more interest.First DiscoveryWhen I was 19years old I daydreamed and looked at the lamp in Pisa cathedral.I realized that no matter how wide or how narrow the lamp swung the period of the time it took to come back to the dead centre always remained the same.First DiscoveryHowever what I found out was entirely odd to the theory of Aristoteles who was a famous ancient Greek philosopher.According to Aristotles the rate which an object sing is determined by the weight of the object.First DiscoveryI realized the theory of Aristotle was not true.However to prove the false of what was believed, I needed to make evidences by experiments.JobBecause of the success, I became the professor of Pauda University in Venice.In there I made many discoveries which still influence scientists now.The Science InstrumentsIn 1609, I made my own telescope.I was not the first one who made telescope, but I was the first one to look at Universe with telescope.

What I saw through the TelescopeThe moon was believed as perfectly round ball. As I looked I discovered that the moons were also the planet with mountains and craters.

The Jupiter After 7 days of observationI discovered that the Jupiter has 4 moons which goes around Jupiter in particular pattern.

Biggest believeAfter many years I was able to find out that the sun is in the centre of the Earth.However this theory made a huge problem to the The bookWith these information, I made a book called The Starry MessengerThis book influence scientists now and the heliocentric theory. How Galileo influence renaissance Now in modern the world believe the heliocentric theory is the truthWhat made him the father of modern science?I made the Science as how natures are amd throwed away the old theory of how nature should be.