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Gail Gibbons. Author and Illustrator. Gail Gibbons with Wilbur. She lives in Vermont with her husband Kent; her dog Wilbur and two cats named Miles and Davis. Gail Gibbons writes books about:. And also:. She writes Non Fiction Titles. Non Fiction books are TRUE These books have FACTS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gail Gibbons

Gail GibbonsAuthor and Illustrator

Gail Gibbons with Wilbur

She lives in Vermont with her husband Kent; her dog Wilbur and two cats named Miles and Davis.Where is Vermont; show them on a map. She also has 2 grown children who are married and have children. She is now a grandmother.2Gail Gibbons writes books about:

Apples, basketball and penguins.3And also:

Elephants, Snakes and galaxies.4She writes Non Fiction TitlesNon Fiction books are TRUEThese books have FACTSYou can RESEARCH information from these books

Give me some other books that you have read that are NON FICTION.5Gail GibbonsGail has written more than 140 books

Gail Gibbons says:The process for doing most of my books isvery much the same. First I must have an ideathat really interests me. Then I do some writing.

What interests you? If you were Gail Gibbons, what NON FICTION topic would you write about?

Spend time to brainstorm a list.7Gail Gibbons says:I always find an expert on the topic I am writing about to make certain that what I have written is accurate.

What is an expert?

What is another word for accurate?

An Expert is someone who has the knowledge or skill at something; like a professional basketball player would be an expert on basketball. Gail Gibbonss books are particularly accurate because she goes right to the source when researching a topic. She has been on the seventeenth floor of a skyscraper in progress, has spoken with truck drivers about the workings of their rigs, has dismantled every clock in her home. ACCURATE: Correct, exact, truthful8Lets Meet Ms. GibbonsGail Gibbons (How A house Is Built).mp4

Pause at 3:33 when it fades and ask: What does it mean she wants a book to be visually exciting? Where does she get her ideas to write books? Kids, publishers, husbands, school kids. The interview continues for 14 minutes, you may want to stop here.9A Curious Life

At the age of four, Gail Gibbons made little picture books just for fun. At the age of seven, she took an entire clock apart and tried put it back together. As a young girl, Gail Gibbons never stopped asking her parents questions about the world around her.

What are you curious about?10What do we know about Gail GibbonsIs she an Author?Is she an Illustrator ?What did she take apart and put back together when she was a child?Are her books FICTION or NON FICTION?Where does she live now?What pets live with her?1. yes; 2. yes; 3. 140; 4. Non Fiction 5. She lives in Vermont; 6. She has a dog and 2 cats. NOW, lets check out some of her books! Have them partner up and look at her books.11