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  • 1. FURTHER analysis of album artwork: Front covers Back covers Inside sleeve
  • 2. Front cover Back cover tray sleeveInside front cover sleeve
  • 3. FRONT & BACK ALBUM COVER TRAYSLEEVE Artist name & album title Artwork: Front cover: The RadioHead album uses disorientating sketches of landcapes, in the case of the front cover the artist Donwood uses mountain ranges. The artwork is used to reflect the war Kosovo in 1999. Back cover: The back cover illustrates another snowscape with fires raging through fields. The artwork is once again very disorientating to represent the war in 1999.Tracklist Inside front cover sleeve:Barcode This sleeve continues to illustrate the landscape images, creating disorientation.
  • 4. TRAY SLEEVEThis is the front cover of the sleeve. The use of red issignificant in representing anger/death/danger-allin which helps connote the themes of the album.The drawings are claustrophobic and demonic like,also very cartoon-like which is ironic as many ofthe issues noted in this sleeve (such as the politicalreference to Tony Blair) are in fact reality, notcartoon-like. This is significant as it indicatessarcasm and once again implies the audience ofthe albums themes and entices them into listeningto the album. The band use the inside booklet to illustrate the lyrics of their songs. They have made the lyrics claustrophobic and distorted which is similar to how I want my inside booklet to look. They have done this to help the audience understand their genre/theme of the album.
  • 5. TRAYSLEEVEThe use of the demonic version of Tony Blair wasvery controversial after the album release as it wascriticising the current government at the time byusing the lyrics alongside Tony Blairs faceindicating that theyre connected.The inside back cover sleeve includes ademonic portrait of Tony Blair surrounded bywarnings of demagoguery. This is a politicalreference, the artist are illustrating theredisappointment in the government at the timethrough their music.
  • 6. WHAT WILL I DO SIMILAR?I like the claustrophobia of the text as is creates adistorted and eary sort of atmosphere and connotesthe genre of the band and themes of the album.I want to do something similar here as my musicvideo will be very eary and has a creepy sort ofatmosphere.I like the simplicity of the back cover. It stillcontains the sort of claustrophobic atmospherewhich I intend to carry out on my own album, butthe tracklist text is kept small and simple but is stillclear.
  • 7. Front cover Back coverInside sleeve Inside sleeve
  • 8. FRONT & BACK ALBUM COVER Album title Album artwork Front Cover: The band and the artist Stanley Donwood wanted to include a lot of colour in the album front cover as the album is called InArtists name Rainbow. However, he wanted to make it more toxic and was inspired by NASA space photos. Back Cover: The band created the album so that it unfolds, unlike a normal CD box which just Barcode opens up. This is significant as the band wanted to keep this album simple as it was one of the shortest albums they have created. Tracklist The text has been made so it is disorientating and disjointed which connotes the genre of the band and entices the audience. Also they have used colour which reinforces the idea of a rainbow.
  • 9. INSIDE SLEEVEArtwork:The artwork of the sleeve was inspired by NASA photos.Stanley wanted to create the idea of a rainbow but make itmore toxic looking. He did this through using theexaggerated colours in space and digitalise it into making itmore toxic looking. The idea of a toxic rainbow is illustrated best here as the combination of colours look like a rainbow, however by using the space look, it has been made more artificial and toxic looking. The lyrics are very disjointed and disorientating which could create confusion, but mainly connotes the genre of the band and the album. Also within the text there are hints of colour to reinforce the idea of a rainbow.
  • 10. WHAT WILL I DO SIMILAR?I like the simplicity of the texton the front cover of the INrainbows album. However Iwant to avoid using so muchcolour as I want to keep thecolours quite dark to connotethe genre of my band. Alsoinstead of having the toxicrainbow sort of image in thebackground I want topossibly use an image of thecreature or the ballet dancerfrom my music video andanchor the text over the top.
  • 11. Front cover Back coverInside sleeveInside sleeve Inside sleeve
  • 12. FRONT & BACK ALBUM COVER Album name & artist Album atrwork: FRONT COVER: The front cover is kept very simple- illustrating a set of decaying flowers. The simple photography of this image is effective yet ironic as this album consists of the best hits but illustrates a Tracklist decaying flower. A the music started in 1988, the flowers could represent (as they arent dead yet) how the Record label band has lasted over so many years. BACK COVER: The back cover is kept very Contributors simple, using a simple layout and two constant colours-black and white.Barcode
  • 13. The sort of street style look INSIDE SLEEVEappeals to a wider audience-by publishing this image theyare widening there brandreach. ALBUM ARTWORK: The band has simply used photographs of their own artwork over the years. Each piece of artwork has been used as inspiration for the bands music over the years. This is simple but yet effective, it is a selling point to the audience as the album also releases artwork which has inspired them or which they have created which is something keen fans would be interested i. Furthermore as it is a best of album, consisting of music they have created over they years, by using images they have created over the years, they are connecting the idea of a long lasting band together through the artwork and the music. Colours are kept quite neutral, but sometimes consists of tie dye colours which remind me of the 80s-which is when the band formed.
  • 14. WHAT WILL I DO SIMILAR?I like the idea of using your own artwork to illustrate your music. As I amcreative and draw and paint a lot I would like similarly do so on myalbum sleeve. I have sketched and storyboarded my music video so Icould use some of them images, but also I can develop this by paintingmore images which I can take photos of and use for an inside sleeve.
  • 15. Front cover Back coverAlbum artworkInside sleeve
  • 16. FRONT & BACK ALBUM COVER Artist Unique selling pointAlbum title Album Artwork: The colours are kept quite natural (browns/caramels/mustard/grey) The colours, image and style are all used to help identify the brand. The