Fun With Cookie Dough

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  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


    Crazy for CookieDough 6Simple Pleasures 8

    Kids inthe Kitchen 28Novel Ideas 42PartyFun 60

    Holiday Treats 76Basic Recipes 89

    Index 93

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough



    Flip through the pages of thisdelightful magazine and see allthe wonderful ways to usecookie dough. Set aside sometime, perhaps the next rainy dayto do projects with your family.Use the suggestions and photosas a starting point and let yourimagination go wild! Feel free tochange the colors or shapes tosuit your family or party.

    baked. Always leave twoinches between cookies whenplacing them on cookie sheets.Supplies:Some of the recipes in CookieDough Fun call for specialequipment or nonfood items;these are always listed in therecipe under the heading"Supplies." Most of the supplieslisted are available in storescarrying cake decoratingequipment and in supermarkets,Kitchen Equipment:Equipment not listed under"Supplies" are things that arenormally found in a well-equipped kitchen including:mixing bowls, cookie and bakingsheets, rolling pins, small,medium and large saucepans,aluminum foil, waxed paper andcookie cutters.Additional equipment you mayneed that is listed under"Supplies" includes: pastry brush,lollipop sticks, cardboard, pastrybags and decorating tips.

    General Guidelines Measure all the ingredientsand assemble them in theorder called for in the recipe. All cookie dough should be wellchilled before using..Unless therecipe states otherwise, workwith the recommended portionof dough called for andrefrigerate the remaining doughuntil needed. Follow recipe directions andbaking times. Check fordoneness using the test givenin the recipe.

    Most refrigerated cookie doughexpands considerably when

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough



    Special TechniquesMakingPatterns:When a pattern is to be usedonly once, as for theGingerbread Log Cabin, makethe pattern out of waxed paper.Using the diagram(s) and photoas guides, draw the patternpieces on waxed paper. Cut thepieces out and place them onthe tolled-out dough. Cut aroundthe pattern pieces with a sharpknife. Remove the pattern piecesand discard. Continue asdirected in the recipe.For patterns that are used morethan once, make the patternmore durable by using cleanlightweight cardboard or posterboard. Using the diagram(s) andphoto as guides, draw thepattern pieces on the cardboard.Cut the pieces out and lightlyspray one side with nonstickcooking spray. Place the patternpieces, sprayed side down,onthe rolled-out dough and cutaround them with a sharp knife.Reuse the pattern pieces tomake as many cutouts asneeded.Tinting Coconut:Dilute a few drops of food colorwith % teaspoon water in a largeplastic food storage bag. Add 1to 11iJcups flaked coconut.Close the bag and shake welluntil the coconut is evenlycoated. If a deeper color isdesired, add more diluted foodcolor and shake again.

    Melting Ch.ocolate:When melting chocolate be surethe utensils are completely dry.Any drop of moisture makes thechocolate become stiff andgrainy. If this does happen, addY z teaspoon shortening (notbutter) for each ounce ofchocolate and stir until smooth.Chocolate scorches easily, andonce scorched cannot be used.Use one of the following threemethods for successful melting.Double Boiler: Place thechocolate in the top of a doubleboiler or in a heatproof bowl overhot, not boiling water. Stir untilsmooth. (Make sure the waterremains just below a simmer andis one inch below the top pan ..)Be careful that no steam orwater gets into the chocolate.Direct Heat: Place the chocolatein a heavy saucepan and meltover very low heat, stirringconstantly. Remove thechocolate from the heat as soonas it is melted. Be sure to watchthe chocolate carefully since it iseasily scorched with thismethod.Microwave Oven; Place a1-ounce square of chocolate Of1 cup of chocolate chips in asmall microwavable bowl.Microwave at HIGH 1 to 2 .,minutes or until the chocolate isalmost melted, stirring well afterevery minute. Ad.d 10 secondsfor each additional ounce ofchocolate. Be sure to stir themicrowaved chocolate wellbecause it retains its originalshape even when melted.

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough



    "Everything butthe KitchenSink" BarCookies-What you need:

    1 package(18 ounces)refrigeratedchocolate chipcookie dough

    1 jar (7 ounces)marshmallowcreme% cup creamy peanutbutter1% cups toasted corncereal% cup miniaturecandy-coatedchocolate pieces

    1reheat oven to 350F.Grease 13x 9-inch bakingpan. Remove dough fromwrapper according topackage directions.

    2Press dough intoprepared baking pan.Bake 13 minutes.3Remove baking pan fromoven. Drop teaspoonfulsof marshmallow creme andpeanut butter over hot cookiebase.4 Bake 1 minute. Carefullyspread marshmallowcreme and peanut butter overcookie base.SSprinkle cereal andchocolate pieces overmelted marshmallow andpeanut butter mixture.

    6Bake 7 minutes. Coolcompletely on wire rack.

    Cut into 2-inch bars.Makes 3dozen bar cookies

    "Everything but t.he KitchenSink" Bar Cookies

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


    Simple Pleasures

    Sandwich CookiesWhat you need:

    1 package (20 ounces)refrigerated cookiedough, any flavor

    All-purpose flour., (optional)FILLINGS

    Any combination ofcolored frostings,peanut butter or ,assorted ice creams

    DECORATIONSColored sprinkles,chocol ate-coveredraisins, miniaturecandy-coatedchocolate piecesand other assortedsmall candies

    1reheat oven to 350F.Grease cookie sheets.2Remove dough fromwrapper according topackage directions.3Cut dough into 4 equalsections. Reserve1 section; refrigerate remaining3 sections.4 Roll reserved dough toY

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


    Simple Pleasures

    Chocolate MaltedCookiesWhat you need:

    % cup butter ormargarine, softened

    % cup shortening13J4'cupspowdered sugar,divided1 teaspoon vanilla2 cups all-purpose flour1 cup malted milk

    powder, divided% cup unsweetened

    cocoa powder

    1eat butter, shortening,% cup powdered sugar andvanilla in large bowl at highspeed of electric mixer.2Add flour, Y 2 cup maltedmilk powder and cocoa;beat at low speed until wellblended. Refrigerate severalhours or overnight.3Preheat oven to 350FShape slightly moundedteaspoonfuls of dough intoballs.4 Place dough balls about 2inches apart on ungreasedcookie sheets.

    5 Bake 14 to 16 minutes oruntil lightly browned.6Meanwhile, combineremaining 1 cup powderedsugar and % cup malted milkpowder in medium bowl.7Remove cookies to wireracks; cool 5 minutes. Rollcookies in powdered sugarmixture.Makes about 4 dozen cookies

    --------~~r---------Substitute 6 ounces meltedsemisweet chocolate for the 1cuppowdered sugar and:.1 cupmalted milk powder used to rollthe cookies. Instead, dip cookiesin melted chocolate and let dry onwire racks until coating is set.

    Chocolate Malted Cookies

  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


    S:imple Pleasures

    PeanutsWhat you need:

    % cup butter ormargarine, softened% cup shortening

    % cup creamy peanut " butter1cup powdered sugar,sifted

    1egg yolk1 teaspoon vanilla1% cups all-purpose flour'1 cup finely groundhoney-roastedpeanuts, dividedPeanut ButteryFrosting (recipefollows)

    1rease cookie sheets.2Beat butter, shortehing andpeanut butter in large bowlat medium speed of electricmixer, Gradually add powderedsugar, beating until smooth. Addegg yolk and vanilla; beat well.Add flour; mix well. Stir in Y s cupground peanuts, Cover douqh:refrigerate 1 hour.3Prepare Peanut ButteryFrosting. Preheat oven to350F, Shape dough into 1-inchballs. Place 2 balls, side by sideand slightly touching, onprepared cookie sheet. Gentlyflatten balls with fingertips andform into "peanut" shape.Repeat steps with remainingdough.

    4 Bake 16 to 18 minutes oruntil edges are lightlybrowned. Coolon cookie sheets5 minutes. Remove cookies towire racks; cool comp.letely.5 Place remaining % cupground peanuts in shallowdish. Spread about 2 teaspoonsPeanut Buttery Frosting evenlyover top of each cookie. Coatwith ground peanuts.Makes about 2 dozen cookies

    Peanut ButteryFrosting% cup butter or margarine,

    softened% cup creamy peanutbutter

    2 cups powdered sugar,sifted% teaspoon vanilla

    3 to 6 tablespoons milk1eat butter and peanutbutter in medium bowl atmedium speed of electric mixeruntil smooth. Gradually addpowdered sugar and vanilla untilblended but crumbly.

    2Add milk, 1 tablespoon at atime, until smooth.Refrigerate until ready to use.Makes 1% cups frosting


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


  • 8/3/2019 Fun With Cookie Dough


    Simple Pleasures

    Butter PretzelCookiesWhat you need:

    1 recipe Butter CookieDough (page 90)

    TOPPINGSWhite, rainbow orcolored rock orcoarse sugar

    1repare Butter CookieDough. Cover; refrigerateabout 4 hours or until firm.a Preheat oven to 350F.Grease cookie sheets.3Divide dough into 4 equalsections. Reserve1 section; refrigerate remaining3 sections. Divide reserveddough into 4 equal pieces. Rolleach dough piece on lightlyfloured surface to 12-inch rope;sprinkle with rock or coarsesugar.4 Transfer 1 rope at a time toprepared cookie sheets.Form each rope into pretzelshape. Repeat steps withremaining dough pieces.5 Bake 14 to 18 minutes oruntil edges begin to brown.Cool cookies on cookie sheets1 minute. Remove to wire racks;cool completely.Makes 16 cookies

    Chocolate PretzelCookiesWhat you need:

    1 recipe ChocolateCookie Dough(p


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