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  1. 1. Fun PenguinPicturesJean
  2. 2. These slides are pictures of penguins beingpenguins and each one has its own story. Allpictures are Adlie Penguins and were takenin the Ross Sea colonies of Antarctica. Formore pictures or information on AdliePenguins go to our
  3. 3. An aerial view of the Adlie Penguin breeding colony atCape Royds, Antarctica.
  4. 4. At home on an ice floe
  5. 5. Th ese are very inquisitive bir ds, and want to explore any new object (even me) thatcomes into the colony.
  6. 6. Penguins use their mouth to carry rocks back to the nest.
  7. 7. Dry head Wet head
  8. 8. Getting into the water is always dangerous. Leopard sealshide under the ice and wait for the penguins to jump in.There is safety in numbers so usually they go in groups.
  9. 9. To get on the ice, penguins have to swim fast and fly out of the water. Thisice was only 3 ft high and the penguin made the leap easily. We have seenthem leap as high as 6 ft. No they dont always make it, sometimes they hitthe ledge and fall back in the water.
  10. 10. Sometimes white feathers show up in the oddest places.
  11. 11. Adlie Penguins arent always black and white. Weoccasionally see albino chicks. However, I have neverseen an adult albino.
  12. 12. An albino chicknewly hatched.
  13. 13. Another color variation of Adlie Penguin. We callthis one Blondie.
  14. 14. Dark browncolorvariation.
  15. 15. This one we call salt and pepper.
  16. 16. A breeding pair of South Polar Skuas who aretag-teaming an isolated Adlie nest. One Skuawill distract the penguin, the other will snatch theegg. In this case they were successful.
  17. 17. Occasionally the tag-teaming is reversed. In this case thepenguins scared the Skua off its nest and then kept it offuntil another Skua came and stole the egg. Penguins donot eat the eggs of other birds, but we were happy to seethis small pay-back event.
  18. 18. An Adlie Penguinchick just about as bigas they get. The nextstep for this chick is tomolt to its adultplumage.
  19. 19. A chick in theprocess of moltingto the adultplumage.
  20. 20. Every yearadultpenguinsmolt, loosingtheir oldfeathers andgrowing newones. Thisadult AdliePenguin isbeginningthe process.
  21. 21. To get between ice floes, Adlie penguins sometimes leap.Usually they make it, but we have watched many attemptswith the bird landing in the water.
  22. 22. A 3 egg nest. Adlie Penguins lay only 2, one must have rolledin from another nest. None of these eggs hatched as the adultcould not keep them all warm at the same time.
  23. 23. The egg froze tothe feathers of thisbird. It will nothatch as it isexposed to the coldair. A few minutesafter the picturewas taken thepenguin laid downon the rocks andthe egg broke.
  24. 24. The chick isjust beginningto crack theshell. We callthis peeping.
  25. 25. A chick justmomentsafter breakingthe shell.
  26. 26. It doesnt take long and the chick is a fuzzy ball ofwarm downy feathers.
  27. 27. Firstmeal.
  28. 28. Penguin tracks in the snow.
  29. 29. Penguin tracks all over the place. The wide tracks arepenguins who are sliding on their bellies. Called tobogganing,it takes less energy and they can go faster than walking.
  30. 30. Stro ng penguin feet, go od for climbing on rocks and walking on ice.
  31. 31. Adlie Penguin eggs are laid about 2 days apart. This chick is 2weeks old and the second egg is still in the nest, but will nothatch.
  32. 32. When stormshit, theguarding adultwill turn itsback to thewind protectingthe chick fromthe cold andsnow.
  33. 33. Adult penguins create a warm dry place for thechicks during a storm.
  34. 34. Dirty, hungry penguinsleaving the colony headedto the ocean for food.They have been sitting onthe nest for a long time.Clean penguins full offood returning to thecolony to relieve theirmates.
  35. 35. A crack opened up near the breeding colony whichmade finding food a lot easier for these penguins.
  36. 36. Although they can hold their breath for several minutes, AdliePenguins need to come up for air. Notice in this picture theycome out of the water when they swim to breath through theirmouths.
  37. 37. If you just stand still penguins will come up toyou, they are very curious.
  38. 38. Yes, these penguins sleep with their eyes closed.
  39. 39. Adlie Penguins love the ice.
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