Fulfilling the Promise of Coverage

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Fulfilling the Promise of Coverage. CCMU Annual Meeting October 8, 2010 Tricia Brooks. Potential Impact on Coverage in Colorado. 115,000 (Source: CO Health Institute). 166,471 249,208 (Source: KCMU / Holohan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Fulfilling the Promise of Coverage

    CCMU Annual MeetingOctober 8, 2010

    Tricia Brooks

  • Potential Impact on Coverage in Colorado 115,000 (Source: CO Health Institute)166,471 249,208 (Source: KCMU / HolohanIncludes 125,000 likely to enroll in expanded Medicaid funded through the Hospital provider fee) Standard Participation Enhanced Participation 493,900(Source: Families USA / Lewin)Source data differs for each category, thus different assumptions and methodologies were applied in creating these estimates.


    4939000Likely to Be Eligible for Exchange Subsidies (Tax Credits)

    16647182737Likely to Partcipate in ACA Medicaid Expansion

    1150000Children Eligible for Medicaid/CHP+

    Standard Participation

    Enhanced Participation

    Series 3


    Standard ParticipationEnhanced ParticipationSeries 3

    Likely to Be Eligible for Exchange Subsidies (Tax Credits)49390002

    Likely to Partcipate in ACA Medicaid Expansion166471827372

    Children Eligible for Medicaid/CHP+11500003

    Category 44.5249203.55

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  • Maximizing Coverage OptionsLegally residing immigrants can access subsidies through the exchange but will it be affordable?CHIPRA provides option to cover legally residing children and pregnant women with enhanced federal match

  • Boosting Enrollment & RetentionUtilize outreach toolsRefreshed messagingCommunity partnershipsCreate a paperless systemStreamline policiesMaximize use of technologyUse data effectivelyAccelerate 12-month continuous eligibility

  • Avoiding Trap Doors Behind No Wrong DoorMultiple paths to coverage through a system that is:SimplifiedCoordinatedConsumer-friendlyTechnology-enabledConsistent results

  • Reaching Out and Educating the PublicMany people misunderstand or dont know that coverage is available now or how reform will positively impact them

  • Maintaining Strong Advocacy and CollaborationProtect and preserve gainsAdvocate for adequate resources to improve programs, systems and processesDevelop effective loopbackEnsure that needs of children and families are well served as key decisions are made and ACA is implemented

  • For more informationTricia Brookspab62@georgetown.edu202-365-9148

    Our website:http://ccf.georgetown.edu/

    Say Ahhh! Our child health policy blog:http://www.theccfblog.org/

    *Federal spending on health care in Colorado estimated to be $740,000,0000 (almost s a billion dollars)

    An injection in the Colorado Health Care Economy, creating jobs and tax revenue***