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  • J Sci Food A.gric 1991. S4, 495-511

    Review*Recent Advances in Lipid Oxidation

    Edwin N Frankel


    Department of Food Science & Technology, University of California. Davis.California 95616. and Northern Regional Research Center. Agricultural Research Service.

    US Department of Agriculture. Peoria. Illinois 61604. USA

    (Received. 13 May 1990: revised version received 31 August 1990:accepted 1 October 1990)


    In a major parhway ofthe auto.r:idarion ofmethyl lino/enare. peroxyl radicalsof the inrernal hydroperoxides undergo rapid 1,J.

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    .V Frankel

    Oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids is one of the most fundamental reactionsin lipid chemistry. Investigators working with polyunsaturated fatty acids andlipids have to be seriously concerned with their oxidation as the products havebeen implicated in so many vital biological reactions. The revival of the field oflipid oxidation in the last 10-15 years can be attributed in large pan to theaccumulating evidence that free radicals and reactive oxygen species panicipatein tissue injuries and in diseases. However, whether free radical species are thecause or the effect of these diseases is a question that has been very difficult toanswer.

    In the presence of initiatorS, unsaturated lipids (LH) form carbon-

  • Lipid oxidation

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