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franchising - Coffee Planet...Franchising outlet options Franchise Brochure 13-01-2020.indd 12 1/15/2020 9:28:32 AM Why take a Coffee Planet franchise? • High growth category •

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  • Welcome to Coffee Planet

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  • We are on a journey to bring our coffee to the

    world and we are looking for partners to help

    deliver our mission and share in our combined

    success. We hope this book inspires you to want

    to become part of the Coffee Planet family.

    Each recipient of this presentation agrees that all information contained

    herein is confidential, that the recipient will treat the information

    confidentially and that the recipient will not directly or indirectly

    duplicate or disclose this information without the prior written consent

    of Coffee Planet.

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  • According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA),

    ‘specialty’ coffee is coffee that scores 80 points or above

    (out of 100) when it is graded by coffee professionals.

    Specialty coffee is now the fastest growing sector of the

    coffee market as global consumers begin to appreciate

    the taste, depth and complexity of great coffee. Coffee

    roasters, vendors and café owners have the opportunity

    to benefit from this trend which is projected to be the

    fastest growing sector within coffee for the foreseeable


    Specialty coffee

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  • If people wish to have the best watch they choose

    Swiss-made. If they want the best leather goods

    then Italy is top of the list. Why? Because the leading

    brands in these countries combine heritage and skills

    with new processes and techniques to create the

    world’s best.

    At Coffee Planet we roast our 100% Arabica specialty

    coffee in our own roastery on the Arabian Peninsula;

    where Arabica roasting began over 500 years ago.

    The combination of this heritage, the world’s finest

    Arabica beans and our expert know-how, helps us

    create truly unique specialty coffees. We are looking

    for franchise partners to help as many people as

    possible experience and enjoy our 100% Arabica

    specialty coffees; combined with wholesome food in

    unique and inspiring settings.

    We already work with franchise partners in several

    countries across the world and we believe there is a

    huge global opportunity for Coffee Planet.

    Arabica, Coffee Planet& our franchise partners

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  • Our love of coffee and determination didn’t stop there and by 2007, we expanded to offer a complete coffee solution to leading five-star hotels, catering companies, airlines and offices.

    In 2008, we opened our new roastery in Dubai, which meant we had total control of roasting our specialty coffee blends and single origin coffees.

    We then expanded into retail across the UAE and wider GCC region, selling coffee in supermarkets and specialist food stores.

    We first started our coffee venture in 2005, when the local coffee landscape in the UAE was very different andsomewhat ordinary. With the goal to help people experience the finest global Arabica coffee, we set out to look at how coffee was being made, who was growing what and how we could develop our own great-tasting blends.

    Launching Coffee Planet on the Arabian Peninsula made perfect sense to us, since what better place to learn from the past 500 years of Arabica coffee roasting and apply our modern approach?

    Our first task was to improve the quality of coffee sold on-the-go in highway convenience stores. We quickly got to work and signed our first partnership with two major blue-chip fuel companies in the UAE, to serve our freshly-roasted, 100% Arabica coffee with fresh milk.



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  • 2011

    2007 2020 & beyond

    In 2009 we launched our first franchised café concept in the UAE, while 2011 witnessed our global expansion of franchised cafés into other international markets.

    2014 saw our launch into Asia – with a growing network of franchised store concepts across Pakistan building upon success to the present day.

    Coffee Planet is now firmly established as a multimillion-dollar International success story. The summer of 2018 witnessed our first corporate store in the UK, in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff.

    Through our own-brand and private label roasting of coffee for companies around the globe, we continue to innovate and deliver new solutions, including – in 2019 – the doubling of our roasting capacity – by further investment into our roastery facility in Jebel Ali. The same summer saw the launch of our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – in 3 low-calorie and great-tasting flavour variants.

    Our efforts will see us expand our café operations in the UK and the Middle East in 2020, including new concept stores with in-house roasting facilities. We plan to keep growing until everyone in the World has the opportunity to experience and enjoy our 100% Arabica specialty coffee.

    We welcome you in becoming part of our continuing story…

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  • Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest global Arabica coffee, roasted and delivered perfectly every time.

    At Coffee Planet we take great pride in our coffee.

    We want all of our customers to experience the

    joy of a fabulous cup of coffee every time they

    choose Coffee Planet. We hope that we can do our

    bit to help customers around the world demand a

    better-quality coffee experience.

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  • • We directly source 100% Arabica coffee from the world’s best farmers in over 20 countries

    • We roast coffee in our HACCP and UTZ certified UAE-based roastery in Dubai

    • We create freshly-roasted whole beans, ground coffee

    and coffee capsules for retail and foodservice clients

    • We provide and deliver a seamless, 360-degree approach to coffee solutions including:

    ◊ A range of market leading coffee machines and equipment

    ◊ All coffee related consumables

    ◊ Training for staff

    ◊ Machine service and maintenance

    Our business

    • Cafés

    • Kiosks

    • Carts

    • Vending machines

    Franchising outlet options

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  • Why take a Coffee Planetfranchise?

    • High growth category

    • Well-differentiated brand

    • High-quality product

    • Stylish and timeless outlet solutions

    • Competitive franchising charges based on territory size and outlet number commitment

    What we are looking for in ourfranchise partners

    It starts with passion…

    • Passion for coffee

    • Passion for customer service

    • Passion for making money

    We want to work with the best new franchisees…

    • Leaders with vision

    • Proven relevant operational business skills and achievement

    • Brand-driven

    • Ability to invest

    • Great knowledge of their chosen franchise territory

    What we provide ourfranchisees:

    • Site selection support

    • Outlet design support including The Design Manual

    • Contractor selection support

    • Training including how to use The Operations Manual

    • Ability to purchase exclusive coffee roasts at special prices

    • Food and drink recipes with preparation guides

    • Ability to purchase branded service-ware and consumables

    • Marketing support including The Brand & Marketing Manual

    • Outlet opening support

    • Ongoing support

    • Opportunity to apply for financing through our banking partners*

    *subject to terms and conditions

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  • Incorporating a touch of Coffee Planet’s Arabian heritage, the café design features

    a tribute to the UAE’s most iconic buildings while other inspiration has been taken

    from our crop-to-cup ethos with warm, earthy tones, exposed brick, brass, black

    tiling and wood finishes.


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  • The timeless design can be easily scaled to requirements and includes state-of-

    the-art equipment to complete the high-end finish.

    Franchise Brochure 13-01-2020.indd 17 1/15/2020 9:28:39 AM

  • Taking core design elements of the authentic espresso bar and Arabian theme,

    the kiosk is an efficient solution, designed to cater to smaller locations while

    successfully including quality finishes and state-of-the-art equipment.Kiosk

    Franchise Brochure 13-01-2020.indd 18 1/15/2020 9:28:41 AM

  • The durable and mobile Coffee Planet cart captures signature elements of the

    timeless design including brass panels and the iconic cup embellishments. With

    the option to add extensions and drop down counters, the cart includes storage,

    lighting, water units and shelving.


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  • Franchise contract fee

    • This fee is to secure the franchise rights to a defined territory for a specific period of time, typically ten years

    • Amount is based on the size of the territory and the contractual outlet-rollout

    Monthly royalty fees

    • This fee is payable monthly and is a fixed percentage

    of total outlet gross sales

    Outlet opening fee

    • This fee is payable prior to an outlet opening and includes support through the outlet opening process

    • Amount is dependent on outlet size

    Fee structure

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  • Once you have decided that you would like to

    apply to become a Coffee Planet franchise

    partner, please visit the franchise section of Download our application

    form and email the completed form to

    [email protected] One of our

    franchise representatives will then contact

    you to discuss your application.

    Next steps

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  • We look forward to welcoming you to the Coffee Planet family

    Franchise Brochure 13-01-2020.indd 22 1/15/2020 9:28:44 AM

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  • Coffee PlanetOffice M08Commercial Bank of Dubai BuildingSheikh Zayed RoadPO Box 73042DubaiUAE

    Telephone +971 4 341 5537

    [email protected]

    Facebook MyCoffeePlanet

    [email protected]


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