Float Trip – July 2009

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Frontier Days 2009

Text of Float Trip – July 2009

  • 1.Float Trip July 2009 Participants: Tammy, Teresa, Tressa, Mark, Julie

2. The Boat Captains Survey the Area 3. The Raft Heading Towards the Dock: Keep it above the barbed-wire fence! 4. We are ready Where is the food? Dont forget the big sandwich! 5. The 5 thshipmate arrives and prepared with Advil! 6. The Crew and Passengers are ready to go! The weather is nice.I hope it stays that way! 7. The most important tube Beverage Tube! 8. Tressa Basking in the Sun Brrrr the water is cold but at least it is sunny out!! (for now anyway) 9. Multi-Talented - Bathing Beauties/Boat Navigators 10. Gnerers No Need for 85 SPF! 11. Is that a Cumulus Nimbus cloud forming in the background? 12. Beautiful Scenery 13. More beautiful scenery 14. Beautiful Bridge 15. Tammy and Teresa always prepared for any white water rapids! 16. Tressa is very photogenic! 17. Taking off the lens cap is always a good idea! 18. I hope the bridge doesnt collapse! 19. Tressa Loose from the boat in the raging waters! 20. We are so cool guess who needs the SPF 85? Whose foot? 21. Look at those arm muscles work! 22. Quote from Mark The best scenery is behind us! 23. This picture is NOT Photoshop enhanced! 24. First wildlife sighting Deer (I think!) 25. I hope we dont see that horrendous creature that made those teeth marks! 26. 2 ndwildlife sighting Pelicans (not scavenger ducks!) 27. The same pelicans 28. Pelican in flight 29. Mark is trying to escape only to find himself going towards a flock of killer pelicans! 30. The pelicans seem to be forming a barricade 31. False alarm friendly pelicans (not scavenger ducks) 32. Wildlife sighing #3 Can you see it??? 33. I think it is a big sparrow 34. No sparrow an owl! 35. Did you know owls can turn their heads all the way around? 36. I hope he isnt a scavenger duck in disguise! 37. Wildlife sighting #4 Decoy deer 38. Even though he/she turned its head, we are still convinced it is a decoy. 39. Dueling Banjos start playing in my head Deliverance (I hope not!) 40. Friendly natives 41. No Tressa, you cannot join the natives 42. Does anyone notice it seems to be getting darker?? 43. Why is he so happy The Big Sandwich! 44. Teresa, you cant drink the SPF 85 even though it is 95% alcohol! 45. That is NOT Niagara Falls 46. Jefferson County Castle 47. Why is there a goat on the roof and how did he get there? 48. The husband and wife team of Mark and Tammy Gnerer work together to form a plan for navigating the remainder of the trip.How did the smudge get on the camera lens?? 49. After surviving Level 5 white water rapids, the crew sees more natives. 50. The fishing is bad today. Who are those idiots! 51. We could only afford one small snickers bar for the hungry natives 52. Those clouds look like thunder and lightening to me! 53. The eldest Gnerer takes over with the oar. 54. More Natives Hung-over Natives! 55. Whos in that truck? It looks familiar. That lightening doesnt look promising for our faithful travelers. 56. Wildlife sighting #6 Actually, I was too slow with the camera so I Photoshopped in the decoy deer from earlier in the trip. 57. 1 staccident of the day Teresa falls INTO the boat! 58. Save the chips and little Snickers!! 59. Who is this hiding in the shrubbery?The Jungle Boy? 60. No, not the Jungle Boy Just Mark getting shelter from the deadly lightening bolt that brushed Teresas ear. Why are they hogging the shelter?? 61. The travelers had to seek shelter under the raft 62. Why are they so happy??? 63. Is it still raining or is the guy on the hill above throwing rocks at us??? I knew I should've stayed home Whose bright idea was this? It was having a good time until I almost got struck by lightning! I hope the big sandwich can be salvaged! 64. The captain and the one drenched in SPF 85 run for safety. 65. For future reference, dont wear flip flops on a float trip! 66. OKthe lightening is fake but you get the idea! 67. The small native came to the rescue of the travelers. 68. Ron Howser and Larry Feight just happened to be around the next bend to save the travelers. 69. The river and the weather got the best of our thrill seekers. 70. Defeated, the crew gives up and loads up the gear. 71. Dejected and sad, the crew heads home 72. The crew captain makes sure all the passengers are safe and sound in the rescue vehicle. 73. They are putting on a happy face, but all are sad! 74. The rescuers haul the crew back to safety. 75. What is the tractor doing here???Oh, we arent on the river anymore. 76. #1 priority Keep all the gear in the rescue vehicle. 77. Im not sure what is happening in this picture. 78. The adventure never ends Teresa saves the runaway cowboy hat. 79. The hat is not worth getting stuck in the barbed wire fence. 80. Everyone is safe and sound in their vehicles. 81. The End...At least until Frontier Days 2010!!